Hole-in-one stories

My Hole in One

We had just joined the club last week and it was me and my son Nicholas, the 2nd time we played the course and hit the 4 iron it never left the stick hit front edge took 2 bounces and rolled in! and my son said it's gone!! Daddy. He ran up to the hole and pulled out the ball, he was happier than I was. PRICELESS!!!

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Good luck rubbing off

On a flight from NY to home in Atlanta. I told my wife that my friend Al Whiten had a hole in one last week and I was playing with him in the morning. She said to rub his stomach for good luck.the next morning I went to the clubhouse and the only people eating breakfast were my foursome including Big Al. I told him of my wife's recommendation and he said sure. I did.
It worked , I got my first hole in one.

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My first hole in one

I was playing from the white tees at Windy Harbor Golf Club in Atlantic Beach, Florida at The Mayport Naval Base. I hit my 5 hybrid 143yards in to the hole!!! All of my foursome saw it roll in! We all celebrated like crazy! Even though I saw it roll in the hole, I was still in disbelief until I saw it in the hole!! My signature palm tree mark on my Titleist 3 DT Solo ball was face up!!

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15 years in between

on memorial day, i almost did not play. it was the last day of my vacation.but i commited, and my wife told me to go and enjoy my last day.started off ok,3 pars and a doublebogey.on#5 my partner hit on top of a hill and rolled down to the hole,nearly making a ace.so i hit a high cut on top of the hill and the fringe slowed the ball down and it just rolled down the hill slowly down to the hole for my second ace.i shot a 78 after all the excitement,and being a non drinker it cost me 5-pitchers of beer.but thats ok.it was a great way to end a 10-day vacation.

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Quest complete

Dream come true.

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