Hole-in-one stories

Mr Thomas Nace

I just got my second hole in one after playing this game for over 50 years. Both of my hole in ones have come with Titleist balls.

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1st Hole out WAR EAGLE

With my father on a annual golf trip with a lot of buddy's in AUBURN ALABAMA (au club & home of Jason Duffner)
hole #5, 8 iron, 149 yards, hit er thin a bit (ha) so it cut in there, bounced once a disappeared. I was in a foursome with some good friends so it made it special. my Pro V1 had my sons baseball # on it #2 and an Auburn Logo....so special. thanks Titleist!!

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Double Eagle

Played today at Riverwood Golf Course in Clayton N.C. Shot a 42 on the front 9, then went to Riverview course for the back. The first hole is a 490 yard downhill par 5 with a pond surrounding the green on the left. Hit a driver down the middle about 310, leaving 190 to the flag. I hit a 7 iron flush onto the front of the green that rolled over a ridge and curled into the cup for a DOUBLE EAGLE!
I have had two hole in one's, both with Titleist balls, and can't wait to get this Titleist framed into a trophy case to mount on the wall between them!
Thanks Titleist!

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Back to Back Hole in Ones

By: lees61

On 7-22-13, I was playing in a foursome at Tullymore Golf resort. This was the opening round of a 4 day golf trip in northern Michigan. We came to the 164 yard par 3 #5 and my friend Matt hit his first ace! After we finished celebrating, I sarcastically said "the only thing that can beat that for the rest of this trip is a double eagle". Still overcome with excitement for my friend, I came to the #6 331 yard dogleg par 4 tee box. This was my first time playing the course so I was unfamiliar with where the ideal tee shot should land. After studying the layout of the hole I decided to hit a slight fade over the top of a tree that stood on the far end of a marsh. I made solid contact with my shot and it had a bit more of a fade than I intended but still would suffice. We drove over to the other side of the marsh and I was dumbfounded when I couldn't find my tee shot. Eventually I decided to take a drop and hit a pitch shot onto the green. Once all players were on the green ready to putt, I was the one to walk over and remove the pin. It was then that I saw a Pro V1 inside the cup with my blue highlighter mark. My first hole in one!
To this day, I still can not wrap my mind around the fact that back to back hole in ones occurred within my foursome with one being on a par 4. Now whenever I am planning to hit a shot and I think it seems impossible I just think to myself "crazier things have happened".

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My first hole in one - 73722

My first hole in one was today, July 25, 2013. I am 67 years old. Hole 14 at Kings Mountain Country Club is 260 yards. I hit a driver. The hole is a blind tee shot. We looked for a few minutes and I gave up on the ball. Played a provisional and found my original ball in the hole.

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