Hole-in-one stories

First ever hole in one - 29211

While playing the Rich Maiden Golf Course on 7/24/13 as part of the Redner's Market Golf Event, I stepped up to Hole 8 with my 8 iron in hand as the yardage marker showed 130 yards. However, a laser range finder showed the flag to be only 109 yards from the tee, so I returned for my 9 iron. After a smooth and easy swing, I watched as the ball disappeared behind a mound that sat in front of the green and covered the hole from view. My playing partners commented on how nice of a shot that was, but as we drove up to the green there was no ball in sight. After a few disbelieving remarks, we walked to the flag and found the ball nestled in the cup beside the pin and the celebration began! Hole 8 happened to be the closest to the pin hole at this course and it was a thrill to write my name on the card with "hole-in-one 0" beside it!
Thanks, Titleist, for being part of this memory forever!

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My First at age 65

I made my very first Hole-in-One on a course that I had never played before. Course is very hilly and the 6th hole was a downhill shot of 101 yds and had a drop of approx. 50 ft. Picked my pitching wedge and hit it to 6 feet, it took one bounce and landed in the hole. I was very fortunate to be playing with my son Chris who was visiting from Hawaii and have him witness this moment.

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My first hole in one

After 36 years of golf, I had my first hole in one on Congressional's Blue #10. Classic shot in the Member-Member tournament with a Pro V1x hit behind the hole and spun back in. First time any of the golfers in the foursome had ever seen an ace!!!

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Almost 13

Out for the annual Greenlaub/Pitts outing the competition was just starting to heat up after hole #1. As I approached Hole #2 I asked my teammate Jay what club he thought I should use? He said "5 iron" . I said " I think the six iron is the way to go". I grabbed the 6 and swung tee less. Seconds later I realized I had made an amazing shot that looked like it rolled in the hole. Stan and Mitch (the opponents)were yelling "ITS IN THE HOLE!" "ITS IN THE HOLE". I dropped my club and ran endlessly in circles. I couldn't believe it! We got up to the hole and sure enough it was in. Ironically, my 13th birthday was in less than 12 hours from the time of the Ace. What a great 13th birthday present. On cloud nine ever since. Thank You Titleist.

Ryan Laub

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first Hole in One ever

I was playing at Fort Lee, Virginia Golf Course. I was playing on the Red Course hole number 2 145 yards. I hit my pitching wedge and made a SLAM DUNK HOLE IN ONE!

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