Hole-in-one stories

My First

I was playing with a good friend, our yardages are about the same, I shot the pin to be 146 yards. I pulled out my 8-iron, as I watched my friend hit a perfect distance shot I asked him what club he hit, as he replied a seven. So I then put the eight up and grabbed the seven. I took two practice swings, then as I started my back swing his phone goes off, I proceeded to hit the ball anyways. As soon as the ball took off he says, that must have been good luck to you, eh? We watched the ball soar at the hole, it landed rolled forward about a foot then backed up the six inches into the hole! As soon as it went in, we both went crazy! As it was my first, but he has already had three, he's 13...

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30 years later

Nice hot 94 degree day here in central Illinois. Teed off at noon so as not to miss the hottest part of the day. Walked off of the 5th hole +2 (not bad for me at hncp 11). 9th hole usually plays 190-200 and i rarely do the GIR thing. Today's shot hit right in front of the green, hopped onto the green, one hop to hit the pin and dropped into the hole! After 30 years of playing and witnessing half a dozen aces, I FINALLY got one of my own.Followed with birdie, par, bogey and my best front this year - 36.
If I can get one every 30 years, my next one will come from the black tees hitting my driver to a 150 yard par 3!
BUT I'll never forget this one.

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Mad Draw

By: wess20

It was another beautiful evening in Northern California as I met up at a local course with my buddy from work. I was +1 walking up to the 5th tee, feeling good. We analyzed the 185 yard down hill par 3. It was a straight shot to the pin, no wind, center placement, opportunity. I grabbed my 5 iron, which I tend to hit with a consistent draw, and let it rip. Being left-handed, I aimed a little left as I lined up my shot. The ball started way left, but quickly swooped towards the green, then towards the pin, gorgeous shot. It hit the front of the green, took one bounce, and disappeared. NO WAY! I look at my buddy and we start jogging down the fairway. As we get closer to the green we see no ball. I drop my bag and sprint to the hole, look in the cup, and there she is. My first hole in.

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First but not last

I was playing with a couple of buddies on Aug. 28th at Baileyton golf course. On hole number 10(par 3- 160yards)I used my 7 iron and hit the ball hit green one time then hit the flag. First hole in one in forty years of playing. What a great feeling. I love my Titleist Pro V1x
golf ball

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sandbaggers hole in one

Every wednesday we have a group of friends that get together and golf nine holes at Barvarian Hills golf course. On Wednesday August 21, 2013 would be a Wednesday that I will never forget. We start by drawing cards to see who our 4 foursomes would be. My foursome was steve skok, sam breniman, and matt spangler. I started the round going bogey bogey on the first two holes, which was not a good start for myself. After starting bad, I got back in the cart and looked to my partner and said; well now I have to birdie the next hole to get this round going in the right direction. As we tee off on hole number 3, steve went first followed by sam and matt which would put me last. They proceed to tee off and when it came my turn I knew I wanted to put a good swing on it to get myself rolling. When I hit the ball I knew I struck it well and when I looked and saw the ball was heading slightly right of the pin. As the ball was in the air I hear sam yell "get in the hole" which then I knew I put a very nice swing on the ball. As the ball lands on the green I had lost sight of it but I knew it was a good shot and I proceeded to the cart, which is when I saw everyone still staring at the green. What felt like 5 minutes, was only a couple seconds I see everyone start to cheer saying it went in the hole. They proceed to give me high fives and and saying congradulations, when I looked at everyone and said quit messing with me bucause I never saw the ball roll. As we proceed to drive to the green I help steve look for his ball which was to the left of the cart path. After finding his ball sam and matt were walking to the green asking is it in. Which the kind of person I am, I still dont believe them and I grab my putter and walk to the green. When I hit the crest of the hill I start to look for my ball and couldnt find it on the green. Now the first thought through my head is did it really go in the hole. As I walk to the hole I look down and see my Titleist prov1x sitting at the bottom of the cup. I start cheering knowing now that I had just hit a hole in one. After everyone chips and putts out they starting high fiving and congradulating me again. As we get into our carts and my partner turns to me and asks me a very serious question. Do you know what the hardest shot in golf is? As I look at him confused like, I think about it and respond, no I dont what is it? He proceeds to tell me that the hardest shot in golf is the tee shot on the next hole. We both laugh and carry on and we pull up to the tee box, everyone gets ready to hit and the turn to me and say your tee box ace. As I tee up still in shock from my hole in one, I take a big swing at the ball and pull hook my ball onto another fairway. I turn to my partner and say you were right that was the hardest shot in golf.

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