Hole-in-one stories

Early Bird Gets the Ace

August 9, 2013 Broadlands Golf Course in Broomfield, CO

I recently started a habit of walking 9 holes at the crack of dawn. I can get around the back 9 in an hour 15 minutes and still get to work on time. Normally, there is no one in sight. On this day, it just so happened that the greenskeeper was mowing the green on number 14, when I walked to the tee box, 117 yards from the pin. He pulled over to the side to watch me take aim with my wedge at the back left pin, just behind the sand and bump on the front. I lost sight of the ball as it landed over the bump, only to hear the greenskeeper let out a whoop and jump from his mower. His high five greeting at the hole sealed a perfect start to the day.

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My 1st on my Birthday

By: kimg11

Today I turned 62 and have one more day of radiation for cancer. My friend Lewis took me golfing to cheer the old man up. My round was rather nondescript until number 12 @ Western Skies Golf Course in Gilbert, Az. # 12 is the # 2 handicap hole playing 213 yards which is a shot I don't have that often but put down my trusty NXT and choked down on my utility club, landed it in front and watched the NXT disappear. Of course I didn't let my self believe it until I took it out of the hole.
What a great Birthday present!

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An August Ace To Remember

I was playing with 3 friends at Coosaw Creek Country Club
in North Charleston SC where we all work when I got my first hole in one since I began about 56 years ago.
I hit first to the 150yard 15th hole par 3 with an 8iron.
My friend Bob who has had 5 aces at this club said I had my first one when the ball was hit. It never left the pin and rolled a short distance into the hole.
I have had 5 Eagles on par 4's, but this was so sweet and I had to get to the hole first and see for myself that it was really in. Yes I'm excited for all those that have waited a long time and get one.

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2 Aces in a Week

For 12 years I had been a golfer with one lonely hole in one. Within the last 6 days I have become a 3 hole in one golfer! Two aces in the last week.

First one was in the second round of the PGA Player Ability Test at Quail Run Golf Course in Banks, OR. My hole in one on the 16th hole was a HUGE part of my easily passing the test. 9 iron, 125 yards, and into a strong 20 mph wind. With a Titleist ProV1x of course!

Second Ace was at the Nicklaus Course at Pronghorn in Central Oregon six days later. Just a fun round with some of my coworkers. 7th hole, 9 iron from 150 yards. Again, and of course, with a Titleist ProV1x!

Pretty amazing week of golf! Hope to have another one real soon (is that being greedy?)

Thanks Titleist!

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My first

By: kennr2

I was visiting my son in Connecticut on Sunday Aug. 25, 2013 and we went to Rockledge Golf Course to play 9 holes in the afternoon. On the 176 yard par 3 fifth hole, the magic happened. My shot landed, bounced once or twice in front of the green, rolled to the pin and disappeared into the hole. It was my first round with an NXT Tour that my son gave me a sleeve of. Needless to say, they will always be in my bag from here on in.

K. Reynolds

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