Hole-in-one stories


I am 75 years old and have been playing golf for most of 60 years.

Friday nigh, August 23, 2013 I was playing as a sub in a mixed doubles league we used to belong to. (The Dirty Dozen)

The Golf Course is Eldorado in Mason, Michigan

I was not playing particularly well, but not that poorly either.

We came to the 6th hole, a par three 130 yard hole over a pond.

I selected a 6 iron. (you loose distance as you age)

The sun was behind the green so we could not see the entire shot.

The shot was on line with the pin and we did see it hit in front of the pin.

When we arrived at the green I assumed that my ball was the one at the back of the green. I stood by that ball, lining up my putt. Our opponent said "that is my ball, I think you should look in the hole for yours."

My ball was in the hold, just as he suggested.

A very great feeling.

D. Gary Wilcox, Mason, Michigan

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It Took 45 Years

I am a 62 year old man that has been playing golf for 45 years, but never had a hole in one. On Sunday August 25, 2013, while playing with three friends at Richmond Golf Course in Rhode Island, my luck changed. The 17th hole was playing 167 yards, slightly uphill and into a gentle breeze. I pulled a Titleist AP1 seven iron from my Titleist bag and placed a Titleist NXT Tour ball onto the tee. After putting on a Titleist golf glove I hit the ball towards the green. The flag was in the center of the green and the ball landed short and a little left of the pin. After hitting the green the ball kicked a little right and rolled up to the flag disappeared into the hole. Good thing I had my lucky Titleist hat on - yes I am a loyal Titleist customer.

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skins game

4- players:beautiful day. 1st hole in one in 25 years. 140 yards over water

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skins game

4-players: wind at our back,beautiful day 140 yards over water,using a pitching wedge

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I'm 59 and started playing when I was around 9. I had to give golf up for 10 years due to an injury I had in a Steel mill. I lost most of my right hand-amputated fingers and most of my thumb. At the time of my accident I was a 7 handicap. When I started playing again I was a 18-20 handicap but worked it down to 11 in Arizona this past winter. I've had many close calls on Par 3's but until August 5th had never had one go in. I was thinking I would never get one but I finally did and it was a beautiful shot that deserved to find the bottom of the cup. Now my quest for my 2d one has started and I'm very optimistic.

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