Aced it

By: Michael E
Posted: August 31, 2013

In my 21 years in my golf league, there were only two hole in one's before mine, which occurred at about 6:00 PM EDST on August 14th, 2013. I used a Titleist Pro V1 and my 4 iron on the 178 yard 14th hole at Hickory Hollow in Macomb, Michigan.

This was my first hole in one, my first eagle, and only the second time I landed this green this season. The ball hit a few feet in front of the pin and disappeared. We thought it had rolled off the back of the green as it usually does on this hole. When we drove up to the green and didn't see a ball, I started to think I may have actually made a hole in one. Sure enough, when I checked the hole, my ball was there!

Hope I get to experience this feeling again!

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