Hole-in-one stories

First hole in one after 55 yrs of golf

I made my first hole in one after playing golf for 55 years..4th hole at Cedar Hammock in Naples, FL. I used a 6 iron on 136 yd hole with brisk breeze in my face. One bounce in front of the pin and 3 ft roll in. Another bucket list item marked off…I used a forged 6 iron and my favorite ball Titleist prove vx 5...

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John Lilly

Hole number 8 at Crescent Hill Gold Course, a 127 yard step uphill blind hole. I had commented to my partners that I had gotten a hole in one here 7 years ago and had not gotten close since. I hit a high shot in hopes of holding the green. Quite a surprise and thrill when my partner found my ball in the hole

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chris malet

don,t have any vidio but two whitnesses at abita golf course on hole 16 i hit a hole in one using your ball great ob on balls thank u

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Hole in one

I got my first hole-in-one after years of playing.Unfortunately I was playing alone.So I did not report to my club.

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My hole in one

I was playing the west nine with the kids from the junior camp. They were new to the game, and were fooling around trying to make me mess up. I was able to not let it get to me until the par 4th 5th hole. I hit two tee shots out of bounds and it just spit balled from there. I finished the hole with a 10! So of course i wasn't very happy. I played the six hole not to bad making a bogey. But by now they were just making fun of me for messing up so bad. But when i got up to the seventh tee everything changed. It was a back left pin tucked behind a bunker. I naturally hit a draw so i aimed about 5 yards right of the bunker. Honestly i hit the ball thin but the ball flight was good, it was coming across the green from right to left. I couldn't see the hole, i had thought it went to far. one of the junior camp kids said it had went in, but they were messing with me the hole round so of course i didn't believe them. The junior camp counselor, who was about 19, heard him say it had gone in and went up to the hole to check it out himself. He then walked up to me has i was walking to the green and said "I hate you right now" because he never got a hole in one yet. I then quickly ran up to the hole and there it was sitting right in the hole. I remember being in so much shock that on the 9th tee i gave everyone a high five saying "i just got a hole in one". When i finished my round i walked up to the other counselor that i get along with very well, he asked how i played and i said "Well... i got a eagle on a par 3!" He was almost happier than i was, it was great!

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