Hole-in-one stories

my story

I was playing golf on a nice saturday morning with my friend and I was playing a good round. So we get up to the 17th hole which is about 140 yards so I used my 9 iron and the next thing I know it takes one hop and goes right in the hole at the mainlands golf course which i learned how to play golf at.

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I was playing with my good friend Rick and 2 other guys we met at the first tee.
On the 8th hole (162 yards), I stroke a pure 4Hybrid and the ball flew toward the green.
The shot had a slight draw, hit the front of the green, rolled to the hole and then disappeared into the cup. This was my first hole in one and was a transcendent experience for me. The bar tab was a little over one hundred dollars but worth every penny.

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Ryan Gardner

Hit this ball on a gorgeous sunny day in Phoenix amongst great colleagues. Hole 3, 169 yards, Par 3... the ball landed approximately 12 inches from the hole and rolled back into the cup. Thrill of a lifetime!

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Hole In One - Bethpage Red

On Friday, November 8, 2013, I was playing a round with my buddies at Bethpage State Park on the Red Course. I am very familiar with this fantastic facility on Long Island in New York. Over the past twenty plus years I have played each of the five courses many, many times, ps - I live five minutes away. Well on this day which was cold and windy, temps in the mid to low forties and winds gusting to twenty five miles per hour. We arrived at the 17th hole. My range finder told me that the pin was 144 yards away, normally an 8 iron. Hitting straight into the wind, I guessed that with the cold and the wind to deal with, I would try a 5 iron. Well that was a great guess. A solid hit and in it went. Yahoo!!!

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my first ace

I made a hole in one!

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