Hole-in-one stories

My First Hole In One

Was playing practice round for the Randy Erskine Invitational at Barona Creek Golf Club on November 10, 2013. Got up to 16th Hole with Deep Bunkers surrounding entire hole. My Pro, Brent Kish, told me to hit my shot to the left of the flag. So I hit iit 4 feet left and it hit the Green and rolled into the Hole!!! I didn't see it because I am too short, but Brent saw it go and the CELEBRATION started!!

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August 28 at Tanaoan Country Club in Albuquerque my Titleist NXT Tour S #2 found the hole on the 4th hole of ZIA a 207 yard par 3. The club was a Titleist hybrid #3 which I had recently bought after being fitted for irons and the hybrid at the Titleist facility in Oceanside by Dino Antenucci. (The Oceanside fitting experience was excellent). Assists on my ACE go to Dave Babington and James Lehman who saw the ball go in and for making the bets while the ball was in flight, their enthusiasm was as if they were the ones that hit the ball, it was fun!
Thanks to Cathi Donahoo at Titleist for suggesting that I post this on Team Titleist.

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Best Hole in One

By: rayc5

My buddy and I were joined by two friends who caught up with us on a 160 yard par 3 at Moccasin Bend Golf Club in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There immediate comment was that the green didn't hole the ball well and it would roll off the back into a bunker. I explained that the Kmart rocks you were using were too hard and won't hold the green. You need a Pro V1 control ball that will spin, launch a high shot hitting hear the flag, take a hop, and spin back to the pin. One said "Really!" Well, why don't to show us how it's done! I took a seven iron, launched a high draw shot hitting by the pin. It took two hops by and spun back into the hole. I was dumbfounded by the feat but having two other holes-in-one I didn't panic and was trying to quickly think of something I could say. So I turned around, looked at the three guys with their mouths open, and said "Are there any questions?" It was the best hole-in-one I ever made.

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My first hole in one was an albatross

I had a 309 yard par 4 from a raised tee to a really narrow fairway and small green. I hit a good shot and got down to the green but could not find my ball. I was so upset that I dropped a ball and proceeded to chunk it around until I got it on the green, Then Phil who had just joined up with my wife and me on the tee went to pull the flag and said there was a ball in the hole, I thought he was kidding and asked if it had my mark on it. What a thrill

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it was a typical saturday morning playing my brother in law and two buddies at Sterling Hills GC. we came to the 8th hole par 3. Card said 183 but i thought it was playing a bit longer so i hit 5 iron. I felt that I struck it well but on the wrong line. to my disbelief, the balled continued to roll off the hill and back on track to the pin..next thing you know my buddy yells at me to look because my ball was going in the hole!! As i walked onto the green i did'nt find my ball until i looked in the cup and there it was in the bottom. i bought drinks and the course gave me a flag. i play with a Titleist Pro V1x and Titleist CB's. Unreal..hope to get another one some day.

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