Hole-in-one stories

First hole in one

Finally after 20 years of chasing the elusive hole in one, it happened! I was playing with 10 other guys at a course in Scottsdale,Az . A 140 yard shot to a blind hole behind a bunker under ideal conditions. We walked up and found it in the hole, what a rush! Thank you Titleist, love the DT Solo.

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Hole In One almost two in a row

By: John K

Two buddies of mine and I were playing 18 holes of Par 3s. Come the 111 yard 17 th hole with a little head wind, I pulled my 56 deg sand wedge and hit a straight shot towards the white flag past 6 feet and spun back towards the hole and In!!! I swear by ProV's. Great ball and best ever. The next hole 18 th. 145y, hit a my pitching wedge that drew into a back blue flag landed 3 feet before hole and rolled towards hole which stopped 5 inches short of it!!! What are the chances of back to back hole in one. Woulda been sweeter but one is already an achievement.

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I Never Thought It Would Happen

I started playing golf in 1988 and I am now 50 years old. I play Pro V1 golf balls and hit AP1 irons. I was on the second hole of my local club, Oak Hills Golf Club in Eden, NC. The shot was 157 yards and I hit a 6 iron. The shot was straight at the pin that was on the front of the green. The ball hit and bounced toward the hole then went out of sight. I turned to my partner (Dan Wyatt) and asked "did that go in the hole". He said "I think so". I said to him "no, it must have rolled up behind the pin where we can't see it". We got in the cart and started toward the green. When we pulled up beside it I could see there was no ball in sight. At that point I knew it was in the hole. Bam, my first ace.

Rick Humphries
Pelham, NC

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Slam dunk

Front pin 169 slam dunk

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My Hole In One

We were playing in a 4-ball tournament held by the FSGA at Old Corkscrew Golf Club in Estero FL. Great track. My teamate Richard Dougherty is leading me around since this was my first time at the course. We are 2 under net going into 17. Slight cross breeze right to left. Pin was in the middle at 143 from the Blue tees of a green sloped severely from back to front, so I want to be in front of the hole. Choose the 9 iron which is my 145 club thinking even if I miss, I'm on the front with an uphill putt. I hit it good it should be pin high. When I hit the shot I didn't think I hit it solid. Wind took it a little left towards the hole and my only thought was "be enough to get on". Low and behold it hit about a yard behind the hole and backed up into it. Guess I hit it better than I thought. First one (after a lot of close calls). Put us 4 under for the side. Good feeling all around.

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