Hole-in-one stories

My first hole in one

By: benr55

I got my first hole in one on October 28th.The ball I was using was a Titleist test ball.
Would love to know which one it was.
Ben R.

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Spooky Hole In One

Playing in our birdie group outing today I made my first hole in one ever. The strange thing to me was it was on Friday the 13th on hole number 6 and my cart number for the day was #36. It was great moment for me, nothing evil at all.

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Waited 45 years for the first one

A round with buddies (Three 4-somes) turned exciting on the 3rd hole When my Titleist NXT went in the hole 119 yards away from my 9 iron. Got even more exciting (and expensive) in the lounge after the game. I'm 78 now and probably won't see another one but I'll keep trying.

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After 48 years of trying, it finally happened. I've watched as the ball has hit the flagstick and rolled away,rimmed the cup and stayed out, and stopped within a breath of dropping, but no ace.

Just another night of league play, par 3, 122 yards, the flag is deep on the green and on the right side downslope. Pulled out my 48 degree Vokey and let the Titleist fly. Headed toward the stick, been there before, the ball hits, checks up and rolls toward the flag. The ball goes out of site, I think it rolled of the back, but one of our foresome said it went in the cup.

Well he is 6 inches taller than I, maybe he's correct. It takes forever to get to the green, the ball is not in sight, I look in the cup and who would believe it. There is my NXT, with my signature green mark, looking right at me, wow! Best golf day this year, love this game.

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A funny game

I have been playing pretty well, but having trouble between 80 and 120 yards...spraying the ball everywhere. I am a 9 handicap. So, I took a lesson and have played worse than ever. Today, I lost 11 balls in the water and had 9 holes with double or more. Well... we pulled up to hole 13 at Black Bear Golf Course in Longs, SC. I pulled out the seven iron. It was 137 yards into the wind. I told the boys that it was my day to win the pin. Sure enough... A trusty DtSolo, yellow found the bottom of the cup with one swing. Still shot 94, however, it was a day to remember.

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