Hole-in-one stories

Long Time in Coming

I've been playing golf for 45 years, but I only got real serious about it after I retired. I play 6 days a week, walking at least 9 holes a day, so I get to hit a lot of shots. I've been close a couple of times, but never got it just right. I was playing in our weekly game, with 3 other guys I've played with many times. The 3rd hole at our club is a par 3, one of the other guys came close, and the conversation turned to aces, and how many each of us had. Turns out I was the only one without one. We played on, and reached the other par 3, the 8th, a downhill target, with a elevated profile, I hit first, it was on line, but I never thought it would go in. Imagine my surprise when it hit in front the pin, and hopped right in the hole, like it had eyes. I really believe the other guys were more excited for me, than I was, after all you have to show some cool. It was a fabulous feeling, and I don't think I will ever forget that day.

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Girl gets hole in one

By: patk20

While playing with my boyfriend at Cortland Country Club for the first time we came up to the 6th hole par 3. The club house terrace looks over this green. As I approached the tee box I said to myself please don't duff this in front of the men sitting on the terrace. I took my five hybrid and just the ball, fingers crossed. The ball went up the left side of the green and rolled back down towards the front of the green. I could not see the hole from the tee box, but the men on the terrace yelled she got it in!!! I was so excited I could not believe it. What an experience.

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At 64 years old I finally have the right to say I have had a hole in one. Golfing at my home course on Amelia Island with three good golf buddies. Using my 5 wood on the 7th hole at Amelia River. My 194 yard par 3 drive started to go right, but held the line and slowly disappeared in the hole. I started jumping up and down yelling I got a hole in one, I got a hole in one. It was the best golf experience to date.

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First Ace

Just wanted to pass along that I was able to record my first hole in one December 1st! I have been playing a long time and didn't think it would ever happen. Wow

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My Second Hole In One

I have been playing golf for over 60 years and had never made a hole in one until October 1, 2013 and now I another one on December 5, 2013. Both were made at Southwood Golf Course Tallahassee, Florida. I was playing Titleist 714 AP1 irons and a Pro V1X ball. Life is good.

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