Hole-in-one stories

Jim Provenzon

I was playing with my wife and another couple at Masonboro CC in Wilmington, NC. on Dec.4, 2013. I'm 63 and never thought I'd ever get a hole in 1. The hole played 147 yds. I bought a set of Titleiest AP1-712 irons last year. I used a 7 iron and also a white NXT Tour-S ball. We all thought it went in the hold but weren't sure if it rolled off the back. I took my putter with me just in case. When we got there sure enough it was in the hole. The picture shows me taking the ball out of the cup. I even had my Titleist hat on. I got a lot of ribbing because of the putter in the picture. What a great set of clubs and a great ball. Thanks Titleist !

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Found the hole at 66

By: robp49

My second hole in one with Titleist Pro VIx. 138 yard at Hidden Falls Golf Course, Meadowlakes, TX. Not bad for a 66 year old duffer.

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My first hole in one

I was supposed to be home repainting the sun room, but my wife was out of town and the weather was nice, so played golf instead. Glad I did.

Didn’t play well, but got a hole-in-one on the third hole at Magellan Golf Course in Hot Springs Village. It is a par 3, slightly uphill, 140 yard hole, and there was a 10-15 mph headwind. Hit my 7-wood. The ball took off right at the pin with a slight draw. Ball hit the raised front edge of the green, bounced right and towards the pin, then disappeared behind the false front. Went up to the green and found ball in the cup. Didn’t actually see it roll in and the other guys were talking and not paying attention, so didn’t see it either, but they did find my Titlest NXT Tour ball in the cup.

I had a feeling that it went in, but didn’t say anything for fear of making a fool of myself if it had run way on past the hole.

It was a great day to play hooky and go to the golf course. Still playing hooky at 67 years of age. :-)

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2 hole in ones in 9 days

It's pretty simple, I've had three hole in ones in the past three years, 2 most recent in 9 days!

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Hole in one at the Ridge at Manitou

First time playing the course, got to 17th hole with 3 others and course marshal waiting for us to tee off. I was last to hit. Used a 7 iron for 131 yards, wind against, green surrounded by traps with a center pin location. Ball bounced once and kicked right, into the hole! Couldn't believe my eyes and I wasn't convinced until I saw the Pro V1x in the hole! Whoopie! Lots of high fives and then went on to birdie the signature 18th hole! Received a HIO certificate from the nice people at the course. My second career HIO.

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