Hole-in-one stories

Early Close Call - Largo Municipal

While we were playing the 3rd hole, on this same round, I hit to within 2 inches of the cup. Leslie said that has to be the closest you ever came to a hole-in-one. I told her no, because I had gotten to within 1 inch a few years ago at Largo Municipal. Little did I know that 2 holes later, I'd actually get my very first hole-in-one.

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My wife and I were playing in the 2013 Bay Oaks Country Club Couples Championship on January 11, 2014. I had already hit my tee shot in the water on Hole 12 and so my wife had to get her drive in play. She hit her 3 wood from 120 yards into a stiff breeze and the ball went dove into the hole for her very first ace.
We ended up wining the Couples Club Championship by one shot.
Bob Kaczmarek

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Cyrus Sprinkle

My first ace. Playing our game with my four friends, one had hit par 3 #17th green in reg. It was playing 167 yds.  i pull my 6 iron Titleist Pro-V-1x ball hit a little draw and stole his greenie. He was mad but happy for me.It took me ten years of playing to git my first.

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My Third Hole in One - Gary S.

It was not too hard for a golfing buddy to talk me into leaving North Dakota when the temperature was 20 below zero for a week long golfing endurance trip in the Palm Springs CA area. On the last day, 11 Jan. 14, of golfing 36 holes each day we were scheduled to play both courses at the Golf Club at Terra Lago. On the second 18 hole round for the day, hole number 15 on the North course is a 152 yard par 3 with an island green with a hole name titled “Got Balls?”. The pin was way in the back making it over 160 yards, I spanked my Titliest Pro V1 golf ball with my 6 iron and the ball started out a little right of the pin then drew back to it and softly landed 6 feet short of the pin bounced one time and rolled into the cup for my third hole-in-one of my life. What an awesome way to end a fantastic golfing vacation. Thank you Titleist for making the Pro V1 such a great golf ball, love the performance, feel and touch.
Gary Stefanovsky

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My second Ace in 16 months

By: jbc2

Just after noon, on a cleary sky yet windy 70 degree MLK Day, I had the box on #2. From the men's tees, into a 12-mph wind moving slight left to right, I started my shot 5 yards left of the pin that was at the far back of the green and playing 188 yards out. I watched it being push back in exactly like I intended to play it. After the first bounce I realize this has a chance to go in, as begin to roll towards the pin I shout, "GET IN!" . Unfortunately,  it stops right there and I wait... And I wait... Then I curse! As my buddy Larry approaches the box he laughs saying, "Don't get all mad just cause you didn't make a hole-in-on." We all laugh and I retreat to my cart. Larry lines up his shot and takes a practice swing, I take one last look and at that exact moment I watch my ball disappear. I ask, "Did that just fall?" I shout: "DID THAT JUST FALL!?!" "IT DID, IT DID!" The force of the wind had caused the flag to lean and block my ball from dropping but as the wind died, the pin stood up and my ball fell in.

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