Hole-in-one stories

An amazing thing happened

We were a little bit tired because of the hot sun in San Diego. I went up the tee box of the 16th hole (115 yards) at Carmel Highland Golf Resort. I hit my ball lightly and my ball was dropped on near the right side of the flagpole. One of the guys said "Your ball seemed to have gone beyond the hole." When we all arrived at the green I couldn't look for it. Another guy asked to me. "Did it go in the hole?" He had recorded 'Hole-in-One' 2 weeks ago. I looked inside the hole, my ball was in there. Oh my goodness! I couldn't believe it! I got the Hole-in-One!! Yes! It was my first Hole-in-One twelve years after I started playing golf! We all took commemorative photos and celebrated the fabulous achievement.

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My Eighth Hole in One

Another great day in Southern California. I just got my eighth hole in one and each and everyone has been with a Pro V1. I am sure that these are the only balls that you can make a hole in one with.

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At 66

By: donj31

On 1/12/2014 I was playing # 4 (120 yard par 3) at The Links at Stoney Point in Greenwood S.C. I hit a sweet 8 iron it hit 8 foot in front of the pin, one bounce in the hole. My playing pardners were Mike Rutland Bill Hinson Tucker Nelson and Gary Nelson

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After 43 years

After 43 years of playing golf, I finally got my first hole-in-one on January 1st, 2014. I was playing Arrowhead Country Club in Molalla, OR, with my regular group. Before we tee'd off that morning one of my playing partners said jokingly that this was going to be the best round of the year being January 1st and all. We approached the number 12 tee, my partner and I were up numerous strokes over the other team and they had already pressed the bet, so the two opponents double pressed the bet. As I walked to the tee I said to them that I was due and were they sure they wanted to do that, they, of course, laughed. I was first to hit and got up to the tee and hit my Titleist AP1 PW. The hole was playing 137yds that day. It was flying towards the pin, I said, it's going to be close...The ball hit about a foot behind the hole then sucked back into it. I was getting high 5's from all. I just couldn't believe it! And neither could they! When we got to the hole, I looked in and pulled out my Titleist #8 PRO V1. The hole was worth $36 per person. Unbelievable!

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My first ace and albatross

Picture a rainy day and a new driver in the bag. You've played quite well, bogey on the first hole due to a three put, then all pars until the sixth hole: an eagle! You drive was beyond far and the approach you hit was well within 8 feet. Then you walk up to the seventh to see the greenkeeper working on the wintergreen: you'll have to wait and then play a wintergreen... You decide to skip it. Walk to the eight and another par. Life is treating you very well today!

On the ninth hole, at 265 yards a short par4 you decide to take out the driver. Normally it's a long iron or a hybrid so you'll have a nice approach into the green. Not today, you grab the driver and a ProV1x you've used for a while. It has scuffmarks and looks a bit brownish, you've had it in the bag for a while and it must have seen a bunch of fairways and bunkers by the looks of it. You figure "if I lose it, it was just his time". Tee it up, go and stand behind the ball, envision the flight and think "must really bomb this drive, I want to be on that green".

The time comes, you line up, do your routine and just hammer it. It starts a little left of the flag, but you see it coming back. At some point you start thinking: "will it come back enough? It looks like it will!" and then you think "Oh my, hope it makes the green, that would be so awesome!". You see the ball land just left of the flag, you see it hop and because the hole can't bee seen from the teebox it's out of sight.
Hoping the ball actually made it to the green you put the driver in it's cover, put the club in the bag, grab your bag and fling it on your shoulders. Let's start walking to the green!

Halfway there: nothing to be seen... Heart starts beating a little faster: might be on the green! Then when you're about 50-60 yards out you can see the green, but where's the ball? I can't see it. Your heart sinks to your shoes: no ball, it's not on the green. Must have gotten stuck in the apron, it's wet there, mushy, nasty, could easily be embedded and still out of sight. But nothing to be found in the apron.. Maybe it was further in front of the green, maybe in this bunker.. Not there! Where's my ball? I saw it fly, I saw it hop, where could it be? It's not over the green.. Not next to it, not in front of it, not in the bunker. Maybe, just maybe it's in the hole. Your heart skips a beat: It can't be in there, but well maybe it is. Just maybe you hit the perfect drive!

And it's in the hole! HOLY SMACKERS you shout and do a little stupid dance. People start looking at you. You grab your phone, make a picture and then finally the little ProV1x is released from the hole, resting in your pocket. Almost glowing.

This was an awesome day!

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