Hole-in-one stories

I celebrated my 46th birthday on Friday January 10 and my friend Josh asked me if I want to play golf on Sunday morning. Since it was already late to reserve a tee time, we walked in Los Lagos Golf Course, San Jose, California early Sunday 1/12/2014 morning and planned play the back 9. When Josh and I checked in at the golf shop, we asked if we can play all 18 holes. Luckily, there was an available slot so they put us on the second group. Another the single, his name is Mark, joined me and Josh. Our tee time was 7:15am on a warm winter day in Northern California.
It was the 7th hole, 87 yards par 3 middle pin. At first I chose the pitching wedge but changed my mind and switched to the 52 degree wedge. I hit it high and straight to the flag. I saw the ball landed close to the flag but never thought it was going to drop in, so I looked down to pick up my tee. That when I heard my friend Josh and Mark shouted out loud “it went in, it went in. Hole-in-one !”. We were so happy, jumping up and down, high-fiving each other. I walked up to the green and saw my ball’s mark about 3fts from the pin and the ball was in the cup. It was the best moment of my six years playing golf, a special gift for my birthday, and…. I will never forget that.

Lan Ho

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My First Hole in One

Just started using the ProV1 reconditioned ball recently to get away from using what ever I had in the bag. Only ball in the bag now is the ProV1. Ironically within a few rounds my first hole in one shows up. I'm blaming it on the ball. Took me 13 years,

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Hole in one during a tournament

By: joeh73

This was the Alamo City Golf Trail Tournament Series in San Antonio. 185 yd par 3, tough pin location, back right corner. Green was elevated about 10 ft so I didn't actually see in go in.
Used my 6 iron, 712 AP2. Set up for a slight fade and hit a pure shot. The group I was playing with said "I think I saw the flag rattle", I thought he was joking, and when I didn't see the ball on the green, I assumed I went over. We walked up, looked in the hole, and well...the rest is history.

I golf so much by myself that I was terrified that my first Ace would be when I didn't have any witnesses. I'm glad I was able to do it during actual tournament play. Officials said it was the first in tour history.

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Eston Lee

11 years old and first hole in one.

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Hole in one

This is my 4th hole in one. It came during a skins match. My "ace" won all the skins and the hole in one pot - it was all about the ball used! Thank you Titleist NXT Tour!

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