Hole-in-one stories

Finally - Black Bear GC

Playing Black Bear GC with my two brothers-in-law and their friend. Hole 13 was 142yd par 3. Selected a 7 iron but with the wind, it was too much club. Teed up two club lengths behind tee blocks. Hit a nice little draw that hit about two feet in front of pin and rolled right into the cup!!! Made my day!
Started playing golf in 1960...been close many times, but this was my first.

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William Red Gilbert

Took my 3 sons to Eagle Haven Golf Course on Saturday 22 Feb 2014. It was my middle son's Eric's birthday. All 3 boys were beating me pretty badly. My oldest son Ryan had just eagled the 14th par 4 fom 89 yards out. Myself and Eric were now down 2 on a 2.00 Nassau (Ryan and my youngest Tyler were teamed up). Dad goes to the white tees on number 15 a 153 yard par 3 island green, stripes a 6 iron into the wind and BAM! hits 3 yards from the flag and looks like it rolls up close. When we got to the green, the ball was trapped between the sick and the hole, half the ball under the plane of the lip. Pull flag....Dad and Eric down 1 on the bet up 1 on the press. Hitting a Velocity # 22. Not a great round scoring, but a great experience for the boys seeing the "old man" ace no. 15!

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First Hole in One - Par-3 Course

On February 16th, I thought I would work on my short game during the late afternoon at my local par-3 course. I was on the 5th hole and there are bunkers to the right and left of the hole, and a very short hole as well (96 yards).

Placed the ball down, and began my regular routine of standing behind the ball and lining up where I wanted the ball to go, took a practice swing, and lined up to the golf ball. The swing felt good and also sounded good off the face as I heard the ball fizzing. The sun was in my eyes, but I could see the ball land onto the green. As I walk up to the hole, the ball was no where to be found, I initially thought the ball went toward the back of the green since it slopes down. I look around the rough, and no where to be found. I'm thinking to myself it couldn't have gone too far since I only used my gap wedge, so I look into the hole and my there's my ProV1x!

Definitely made my weekend since I was just there to work on my short game and all to prepare for an upcoming tournament, but didn't expect a hole in one!

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Long 180yd par 3 uphill two tier green. I hit badly with little hook, but fortunately the ball hit the hill from right side bunker and bounced to the green. I couldn't see my ball got into the hole because of elevated green. When I got up to the green, I looked for the ball and cannot find it. After 1-2 minutes, the other player said "check the hole," and I found my ball. First eagle and first hole in one in my life.

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A Windy Solo Day

Had my 3 times a year dental cleaning at 1:00 pm, knowing darn full right I'd sprint for a late lunch and then BOLT to the course! Saw a GOLF NOW green fee at 3:04 for $16, and thought sweet deal! So when my dentist makes his cursory visit to scrape on my teeth so he can post a "visit" on the Insurance Invoice he asks his standard question he's asked me three times a year for at least the last ten years.... "So..... Anything new going on?" Nope, I respond, same ole, same ole. (Not true, but you know how those interactions go. I wolf down the chicken sandwich and get to the course just in time. No ones there.... My man Hector scans my card and knows when I load up my bag that I will tell him a famous player and he has to match the players number with the cart key. "Tom Brady", he knows that's an easy one and throws me key #12. No Range Balls, no nothing. Burn rubber to the first tee and off I go. A sweet birdie on 1, routine pars on 2 and 3 lead me to the par 3,4th hole. It's playing about as far as it can, tees back, pins all the way back left. Wind blowing very steady, straight down wind. Have to carry a bunker and don't a want to hit it over. It's 169 pin. So I grab 7. It's really prob a 160 yard shot with the wind. So anyways I just NUT it! It's just one of those shots that u just pure! It's going right at it and going to carry the bunker with ease. It lands, skips just a tad right, and trickles into the hole!!!! POOF!!! Disappears! It's just a rush!! No one saw it.... But me and the big guy above. Bummer it wasn't a shared experience, but haven't we all spent many hours on a course alone, as well as with Pals? One with a pal, and 21 years later one alone. What a treat!

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