Hole-in-one stories

My 2nd Hole In One - Oahu CC

What an awesome feeling to sense from the time contact was made; your buddies are saying"It's Got A Chance of Going In". Then seconds later you see it hit the green and start to role toward the cup. Then it disappears! PRICELESS !!

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Brian Glen

I'm 66 years old and have been playing golf off and on for the past 50+ years. My amateur playing career was interrupted many times during my working career however now that I'm no longer employed I play usually twice a week with the Hampton Men's Senior Group located in Cumming, Georgia. I can still move the ball pretty well for my age, height (5' 9") and weight (155 lbs.). Still have great club head speed for a guy who's had 3 back surgeries in the past 10 years. (Disc fusions...L3 through S1)!!

Playing with the Hampton Golf Club Men's Senior group (managed/run by William Carter) on Monday, February 17th I used a 9 iron on our Par 3 17th hole, playing about 130 yards. The shot was gorgeous to watch. A high arching, slight power fade, (similar to how Bubba Watson hits his power fade shots :-) in the cool, (only about 42 degrees with the wind blowing) morning air, landed about 8-10 feet short of the pin and rolled slowly into the cup! At least we thought it rolled into the cup from the tee. We (the other three members of my foursome) were not exactly sure if it rolled into the cup or ended up just behind the pin. Once we arrived at the green and looked into the cup, there it was, quite a beautiful thing to see. I then let out a very loud cheer heard many holes away and proceeded to run around the green, screaming and yelling like a wild man! Looking for someone to HI Five like Hale Irwin did way back in the U.S. Open!

I ended up having to buy the beer for the entire men's senior group who were playing that morning however the cost of the beer was well worth the thrill of making my first hole-in-one.

Hope it doesn't take me another 66 years to make my second hole-in-one!

Best Regards,
Brian Glen

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Waited 50 years for an ace Got it

Started playing when 12 years old with my father. On September 22,2013, we were playing Earlywine South and I teed up my Titleist Pro Vx on the 130 yard par 3 6th. Thought I should flight the ball low and choose a 9 iron. When I contacted the ball it felt good and saw the flight start low but we all lost it in the sun. We all heard a noise and thought the ball hit the flag and bounced into the creek. When I approached the green I thought of checking the hole and sure enough, to my suprise and delight the ball was lodged at the bottom of the cup. This will be placed in a shadow box along with my card and ball that I made a double eagle years ago.

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Special Hole In One

I have been lucky enough that I have had 18 holes in one. Each has been very special but one of the best I have ever witnessed was my Grandson's first. We were playing with 2 friends of mine when Nate hit a pure shot heading right for the flag. All of us thought the ball went into the hole but in a stroke of genius by 3 old guys we pretended that we had not seen what happened. Nate was beside himself with joy and was telling us that it went in the hole but we took a large amount of time hitting our shots, backing off and resetting and just generally messing around to delay him confirming it. Finally, we finished and slowly started walking toward the hole but Nate could not wait and absolutely sprinted the 148 yards at full tilt. By this time we were laughing so hard so that when we finally got to the hole he realized we had been playing with him and he jumped into my arms and hugged me and slapped high fives to the other guys. It really was one of the best and most joyful things I've ever done with one of my best friends and he and I still laugh about my little joke on him. Thanks, Nate.

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Rainy Day in Honolulu

My round started of pretty horrible, taking a double bogey on the first hole. The next three holes I saved par with a chip-in on the fourth hole for par. Missed the green on the next hole, pin high, and made my putt for birdie. Next hole, two putted for par. Hole #7 I had 86 yards to the pin off my tee and stuck it to 5 feet and made my birdie putt. Next hole was 138 yards to the pin, par 3. We had the road for the Great Aloha Run in the background, with a band playing "Eye of the Tiger". I swung my pitching wedge and landed about 10 feet past the hole, and it spun back. There was a sand trap in between us and the green so seeing the ball go in the hole was almost impossible, but it was tracking. We got up to the green and sure enough, in the cup, for and ace! Next hole I birdied, to shoot 33 on the front nine. Back nine wasn't great, shot a 40. Ended up shooting 73 so not a horrible round of golf, but could have been a lot better. 4 birdies and a hole-in-one on a rainy day in Honolulu!

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