Hole-in-one stories

Rafael Ortiz

Playing at my favorite course Twin Warriors, on hole #9 which is usually a tough hole for me. Playing a shot 165 yds over a small canyon into the sun with a slight wind in our face. I hit a great shot which landed close to the hole, bounced once and didn't see the ball again. I assumed it would be close to the hole. When we got up to the hole I could not find my ball, I was frustrated thinking I might have rolled off green. My buddy asked if I had looked in the hole, sure enough there was my Pro V1x sitting in the hole. Very excited, just wish I would have been able to see it, but was blinded by sun. Playing 8 years, this was my first hole in one!

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My First Hole in One - Falconhead GC

After playing golf for 46 years, this was my first hole in one. I was beginning to think I would never make one. I had never really come close before. It was a cool windy day in Austin, and we were playing in our normal Monday Senior League event. I hit a pitching wedge on the 105 yard 4th hole at Falconhead Golf Club. It was a high shot which cleared the bunker, hit the green about 15 feet from the hole, took the break and fell into the hole. The best part was actually getting the see the ball fall into the hole. Makes all the time and money spent on this game worth it!

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Husband and Wife get holes in one

I got my first hole in one on 2-12-14 at Jacaranda West Country Club on hole #2 using my 7 wood from 123 yards. Earlier that day, my husband got a hole in one on the same course on hole #13 from 166 yards using his 4 hybrid. What are the odds that a husband and wife would both get a hole in one on the same course on the same day? Both hole in ones were made using Titleist balls. I use the Velocity and husband used a PROV1x.

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An ace to remember

On a gloomy day November 27,2013 I was playing our Lakes course in Timber Pines, FL. We finished the 8th hole and my friend Chuck says to me. I want to be here when you get your first hole in one. The 9th hole is 146 yds. I pulled out a six iron, struck it solid. The ball landed on the green, we could not see the ball roll let alone watch it go in the hole. When we got to the green I fixed my ball mark then proceeded to the back of the green to find my ball. It was not to be seen anywhere, I walked to the hole looked in to find my ProV1 # 3 sitting in the bottom of the cup. I was dumb founded for a minute or to, then it hit me. My first ace after I'm 67 years old and have been playing since I was 20 years old. I've had a lot of close calls. After what Chuck had said to me not 5 minutes before, this is an ace to remember.

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