Hole-in-one stories

First Ace - Pro V1

I just switched balls to the Pro V1 from TM  and I'm so happy I did!

On my 2nd round using the Pro VI made my first ace!

Thank you Titleist for making such a superior product!

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This time with witnesses

A couple years ago our club's last day open for the season was Nov 2. It was unseasonably warm, mid-50's for Wisconsin and I decided to get in one last round for the year. Playing alone, I come to our Par 3 9th hole. 145 yards, with a strong left to right cross breeze. I hit a knockdown draw 7 iron. Hit it flush, right at the pin. It lands a little short of the hole, one bounce, spins back and rolls into the hole. Not one other person around. Going into the clubhouse, our pro, his wife and two of our staff are watching the Packer game in the bar. I tell him about the shot and he says "Now I know you're lying. No way you spun a shot back on these greens". So I've been living with having done it, but not official.

Playing a Saturday morning round with a couple buddies, 12th hole. 115 yards into the wind. I hit a little knockdown draw 9 iron this time. It lands 6" short and right of the hole, bounces, spins back and trickles into the hole. I just raised my arms in disbelief. My buddies did the cheering for me. Now I did it with witnesses. Fun stuff, but it's almost like "Did that really happen" when you see it go in.

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Hole In One - After 30 Years

Teed up close to the marker as far right as possible to avoid hitting the tree on the left of fairway close to the tee box.
Ive hit that tree countless times.
took my friends advice. keep your head down and follow thru.
After thirty years of playing you would have thought i knew but to keep him happy i always said "will try"
This time i did not look at the green or flight of the ball.
After the strike i picked up the tee and then heard my caddie who was waiting next to the green shout.
It was only then i realised that i had hit a hole in one.
What an amazing feeling it only really sank in after about two hours
I wish every true golfer experiences this feeling.

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On 02/08/14 at Pueblo El Mirage Golf Resort in El Mirage,Az I struck a cleve Launcher 460 with 10.5 degree loft 312 yards to record my first hole in one on a par 4. As my group headed to our last hole #17 (started on #18 shotgun) My partner and I were one down. The rest of the group decided to play safe and go around the lake that lay ahead. Being one down, I decided to "GO FOR IT". We all saw the ball head straight at the green, but were unsure of results due to the distance. As we approached the green there was not a ball visible. I looked over the green possibly OB. The other players looked short of the green possibly plugged in a trap or in the water. After a few minutes of looking, I was about to head back to the Tee when one member asked if anyone had checked the hole. I walked over to the pin and looked down in the hole and there was a golf ball at the bottom of the cup. Still in dis-belief I reached in, took one look at the Titleist Prov1 with one black dot under each #3 and knew it was mine. I looked again at the ball, then back at the tee box and was Speechless. What an awesome experience "I LOVE THIS GAME."

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Hole In One 312 yards - Pueblo El Mirage

I was at Pueblo El Mirage Golf Resort 02/08/14 in a weekly local club (Players Club)tournament. I ( Sean Colebrook ) was playing with my Brother James Colebrook, Craig Mills and Bernard Winters. My brother and I took on Craig and Bernard, all of us single digit handicaps. We were one down, my brother and I, going into our last hole #17 at Pueblo El Mirage Golf Resort in El Mirage,AZ a par 4 312 yards over water and a postage stamp green. All three others decided to play safe and go around the water. Being one down I decided to GO FOR IT!!!

In flight we all knew it should be on the green, but as we got closer there was not a ball on the green. I looked over the green, possibly out of bounds in a backyard. Craig looked short of the green possibly buried in a trap. My brother looked just right of the green possibly in the water. Frustrated that I could not find it after striking it so well, I started to head back to the tee box. Craig asked if anyone had checked the hole, so I headed to the pin to see a ball in the cup. Still not convinced that it was mine, I pulled the ball out of the cup to see MY Titleist Prov1 with two black dots. I just looked at the ball and looked back at the Tee Box and was totally speechless at what had just took place. What an awesome experience to share with my brother, Retired Master Sergeant Craig Mills, Bernard Winters and all the Player's Club members. " I LOVE THIS GAME "

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