Hole-in-one stories

Miracle Muni

Had 183 yards to the green center. Hit a Titleist ProV1x with a 6 iron to the front of the green. A few hops and the ball disappeared. My buddy immediately thought it was an ace. I told him I'm sure it rolled over the green and that's why it disappeared. We drove up to the green and he jumped off the cart to look. Sure enough, he reached down and pulled the ball out of the cup. I threw up my arms and started high-fiving the rest of our foursome. A day to remember for sure. My first hole in one!!

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Where Did the Ball Go?

It was 175 yards to the hole. I used a 5 iron. The ball landed about 5 yards short and to the left of the hole. No one in our group had had a hole in one, so the first thing we said after the ball rolled in..."Where did the ball go?"

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Now There's Five

Having scored my most recent fifth hole-in-one, I marked the ball used to place with the other four. Sadly, it was at that moment when I realized that all five of the hole-in-one's have been made with a Titleist golf ball.

The first was in 1990 with a Titleist Balata, the second was in 1995 with a Titleist Professional 90, the third was in 2005 with a Titleist Pro 90, the fourth was 2013 with a Velocity, and number five just last week with a 2014 Pro V1.

Hard to believe that for over twenty years and now five hole-in-ones, that none have occurred unless a Titleist golf ball was struck and seeking the hole. Thanks for the quality products throughout the years.

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Closest To the Hole - Exxon Club

July 26, 1986, I was playing in an Exxon Club tournament with three of my best golfing buddies, Dennis Brantly, Harry Turner, and Joe Stephenson. We were on the Par 3 148 yard number 2 hole. It happened to be the hole designated for the closest to the hole prize. Dennis had already hit his ball to the right side of the green and was looking for his ball when I hit my Titleist 9 iron. We saw the ball land on the front of the green and thought it might be close. All of the sudden Dennis started shouting "It's in the hole". I couldn't believe it, but it was. A Hole-In-One winner of the prize. I purchased a pitching wedge from the pro shop with my winnings. It was a really fun day. My other golfing buddy, Joe McCrory raced back from the 3rd hole to find out what all the shouting was about, He couldn't believe it.

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On a 65 yard, fake green (the real green was closed), I hit a perfect baby cut 5 iron that landed 5 feet right of the hole, took a LUCKY hop right into the hole for an alley-oop!!!!!!!!!!!! Even better, it was from the ladies tees on an executive course!! As soon as it went in, I shouted WOOHOO, took off my shirt, ran to pick it up, and threw it into the spectators!!

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