Hole-in-one stories

5 and Counting

So where do I start.... My first hole in one happened when I was in 9th grade playing in a varsity high school match. I skulled my tee shot with a 5iron off the 175 yard fifth hole and my HVC Soft Feel smacked the flag stick and dropped in for an ace. My team went on to win the match by one shot with my score counting. My second hole in one was with a 58 degree wedge to a 112 yard par3. I watched my ProV1X spin backwards from the back of the green into the cup during a leisure round of golf with my dad. My third hole might be the most special because it was an albatross. It was during the semi-finals of the club championship at my country club. On the 4th hole, which is a blind tee shot. I hit a 245 yard 3wood right at the green. The fouresome and I searched for the ball for a few mins, but had no luck. Untill, my competitor spotted a ball mark 3 feet shy of the cup. He shouted to me, reached his hand in the cup and pulled out my ProV1X. The fourth hole in one was at my home course again. This time it was on the third hole, which was a 225 yard par 3. I hit a butter cut 3wood right on the screws towards the green. The ProV1X landed pin high, went up a slope, and rolled backwards into the cup as me, my father, and a fourseome from the fourth tee watched. My most recent hole in one was little more than a year ago. It happend during the fall season of my d2 collegiate golf career. I hit a 165 yard 8 iron with a little draw right at the flag. Again the ProV1X found the bottom of the cup after it landed, took two bounces, and rolled in on my second hole of the tournament. I consider my self very lucky. I have only been playing golf for ten years and already have 5 hole in ones, with one being a albatross. Each and every hole in one has been priceless, and each time it has been a titliest golf ball thats been right there with me to celebrate. Thank you Titliest for being part of my 5 hole in ones, and I hope theres going to be some more.

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Hole in one

I've been playing golf for 16 months and have falling in love with this awesome game.

March 24th was a special day I got my first hole in one.
I love this game!!

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Kim W Suchy LaGrange Country Club

By: kims17

It was "Hard Pin Day" at LaGrange Country Club in LaGrange, Il. on a beautiful Saturday, October 3, 2013. The pin was placed on the left edge of the 8th green on the par three 175 yard hole which leans into a deep swale we have affectionately labeled "The Consuelo".

On this day I pulled my Titleist CB 710 5 iron from my bag and let loose. The ball landed 2 feet to the front and right of the pin and rolled with the swale and into the cup. I could not see the ball go into the cup but each of my foursome did. Yes, the hole in one was a special moment for me but the most moving part was that my foursome consisted of two good friends Jeff Grimes and Tom Hill but also my son, Brett Suchy. While I may never get another hole in one again, it was very special that I was with my son.

It is moments like this that make golf such a great game!

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My Hole in One Experience

My Hole in Once experience occurred during the annual Two Rivers Country Club Public Safety Appreciation tournament. The club holds the event in honor of the Williamsburg Firefighters and police officers. We had a three man team and it was best ball. I am a firefighter and far from a scratch golfer, But we started out on the 16th hole with a par. Next up was the 17th; The hole is was 150 from the white tees and we had a headwind of 3-5mph. I was third in to tee off on this hole with the first guy coming up short of the green and the second in our group posted up on the green 14(give or take) feet from the pin. Finally I tee up, choosing my 7 iron, the ball felt good off my club and was in line with the flag stick. The ball hits the green 6 feet from the pin and rolls up a slight grade and drops in the cup. My teammates and I look at each other with disbelief. The Hole in One came early in our round and we unfortunately didn't win first flight, but I took something away from that round that was a hole lot more memorable than winning the event. Thanks Titleist for the opportunity to share my story and Keep making Great golf Balls(DT solo yellow)!

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Number Two

When I teed it up on the first hole the thought ran through my head that someone was going to get one today. 3 of my good friends in the same group in our Saturday morning game. My buddy Scott made one 3 months earlier and my buddy Matt a few weeks before when I visited him in Florida. We got the the 8th hole and I had the honor. I usually hit 6 but the five felt right as the ball wasn't flying like normal. The ranger pulled up by the green right as I pulled the trigger. He jumped out of his cart only to scream its in the hole. No better group of guys to enjoy it with.

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