Hole-in-one stories

Posted: Sunday, March 23, 2014 12:00 am


Chuck Smith, 155-yard 17th hole at The Country Club at the Highlands, 7-iron, playing with Johnny Bennett, Mike Brown and Randy Hodges.

The 17 hole at the Highlands plays longer than the yardage as the green is elevated about 30 feet and on this day, was playing into approx. 20 mile an hr. wind.
I normally hit 8 iron for a back pin placement but the tee area was on the far left side of the tee box and it was at least a one club wind. I played the ball back in my stance and set up for a soft draw, as the pin was tucked in the back left corner of the green...from the angle of the tee box, the ball needed to travel over the corner of the bunker protecting the left side of the green. The green elevation is enough where only the 1st half of the green is visible from the tee box, so no....I didn't get to see the ball roll into the hole. I hit the shot exactly a I envisioned it, a soft draw that started about 10 yards right of the pin and when it landed was about 3 yards right... and I told my playing partners that if the wind didn't take too much off the shot, it should be pretty darn close....they all agreed it looked good in the air and on the ground, until it went out of sight toward the pin When we arrived at the green, there was no ball any where near the cup so one of my playing partners peaked in the cup and pointed down and said..."here it is"....I was hoping that was going to be the case but didn't want to get my hopes up...As soon as Johnny Bennett pointed down, I let out a shout and started the celebration.

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Four Aces

I am a charter member of my club, Whispering Springs Golf Club in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. I've had the unique (most would say, luck) honor of getting a hole-in-one on each of the 4 par 3's at our course, with my last coming in August of 2013.

Our group has one-in-one 'insurance' by which each person in the hole-in-one player's group must cough up $100 each to that ace player '19th hole fund'.

I've had a couple of aces in five-somes so celebrating has been very easy on the wallet.

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Rich P Ace

I have been playing golf for over 50 years and today was my FIRST hole-in-one. It was a beautiful Spring morning on Silverado Resort North Course #2 which is 148 yards long. I pulled out a 4 hybrid, wearing my favorite Titleist white hat, and hit a perfect swing and watched the ball heading straight towards the flag stick. When we arrived at the green I couldn't find my ball and my partners said, "why don't you look in the cup" and there was my Pro V1 staring up at me! Thank you Titleist!

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On 3-13-2014, I came down from snowy West Virginia to Myrtle Beach play some golf with friends. I made a hole in one on Tidewater number 9. It's name is the Swamp Fox and it's a 162 par 3 that brings you back to the clubhouse. I used a Taylor Made 2.0 6 iron and a Titleist HXT Tour. This was my first hole in one.

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Redgate golf course is the best close place for twilight play for most caddies from congressional country club. My fellow caddies and I were playing skins when my approach to hole 8( par4) landed in a bunker. It took us 10 minutes looking for it till my pal( kg) saw a broken egg , inside was my titleist ball. Tough guys wanted me to play it as it lies to save the skins. Few weeks after, playing an assistant pro for the course( David. ) , I birdied 4 of the first 5 holes. A windy day(35m/h) turned to joyous one with a hole in one on the sixth hole. Drinks to all. Sad to me because the pro is yet to get me the flag. Is there any way I can preserve the ball?

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