Hole-in-one stories

2nd Hole in One

I recoreded my 2nd hole in one at the Greens CC in Oklahoma City, OK. It was on #2, 193 yard par 3. Hit with a 5 iron and a 2014 Pro V1.

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After playing a good round on Sat 4/26 during the opening day tournament I was all for going out with my wife and playing again on Sunday 4/27.

Started off par, par and missed the put for bogey on #3.

On #4 at my home course, Tavistock CC, where I have been playing for 20+ yrs, the pin was mid green at 140 yards.
The wind had kicked up a bit and was at my back, probably 10 mph. My idea was to hit a high pitching wedge and let the breeze help the shot to the front of the pin. Hoping for the best I took my Titleist AP1 wedge and hit it solid.
It felt very smooth and straight like one of those shots that you know is going to be close. My wife and I watched as it landed 4ft from the pin and disappeared. We both looked at each other and said "I think that went in"!

Arriving at the green, I knew it wasn't short and I didn't see it hiding behind the pin but you still never know until you take the plunge and look in the bottom of the hole. Yep, it was an ace. My first and hopefully not last.

Memorable to say the least.

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Ace In The Hole

My one and only Ace happened back in 2001. I was the 8th and final member to make the cut on my high school golf team. I didn't really play golf all that much but I figured I'd try out anyway since I thought golf was kind of fun. Somehow I made it. On a day that we were having a practice round at our schools home course I was playing with my coach, my best friend at the time and two guys that were the sons of former PGA tour winner Woody Blackburn. It would be an understatement to say that I was outmatched by these guys. Anyway, it was the second hole that measured 167 yards to the center with a green sloping up away from the tee box. I pulled a 6-iron from my bag of hand-me-down Powerbilt Blades that my Dad gave to me and the ball, a Strata (sorry Titleist). I stepped up took a nice good swing at it and once it took flight i knew it was going to be safe. I bent over to pick up my tee and when I looked up to the green my ball was nowhere in sight. It was IN THE HOLE, BABY! I still have that ball to this day.

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Spring Club Scramble

12 the hole hit a 8 iron . Ball landed on the green and disappeared in the hole. Pretty awesome to watch.

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My Hole in One


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