Hole-in-one stories

My Second Hole In One

By: mattn3

On a recent trip to Maui, my Uncle Mike and brother Geoff were able to witness my second hole-in-one (They were there for the first, as well). This was almost 4 years to the day of my first hole-in-one. It was a beautiful Maui day and was a great shot. By brother Geoff had hit his sand wedge, and came up a bit short. I decided to try one more club. The ball landed on the green, bounced, rolled, and then disappeared! What an awesome feeling! The cap to a great day of Hawaii golf!

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First Hole in One

Had the greatest golf moment of my life on October 20, 2014 playing at Champions Jack Rabbit Course in Houston, TX!

Been playing since early teens, and at age 57 it finally happened! Been so close so many times, and finally on Hole #7 Par 3 118 yds, pin located middle left, hit a soft wedge with my Titleist NXT Tour #1 (only ball I use), hit front left slightly above sand trap with nice trajectory, and thought it would be close. Drove up to green, noticed no ball on the green and proceeded to run to the hole!! BOOOM!!! There that little white ball sat at the bottom of the cup....very surreal moment!

Another bucket list item scratched off!!

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First Hole In One

Having a good round through 7 holes. Got to the 8th tee and using my laser measured 142 yards and pulled the 8 iron. The wind was helping a bit so I made a good easy swing.

My partners hit good shots as well but the pin was tucked left front behind the bunker so we couldn't see the results. So on the walk we were joking about who would be closest. When we got to the green we could only see 3 balls - none were mine.

After a brief look in the bunker and to the left, my partner saw the ball in the hole. He said he didn't want to touch it so I didn't believe him at first. Sure enough - it was at the bottom of the cup.

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Jim Beckham

On October 15, 2014 I had my fourth hole in one on hole number 9 at Wenderemere golf club, Columbia (Blythewood) South Carolina I hit a Pro v1 ball with a pitching wedge. The hole is 110 yards long. I was playing in a tournament with Miller Deaton,Ron Fleming and Earl Turner. I LOVE THE PROV1. Appreciate anything you can send me to remember this feat. Thanks, Jim Beckham, 1993 Hickory Drive, Lancaster, South Carolina 29720

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My Birthday Ace

On my 50th birthday, I got my 2nd ace. 25 years to the month after my first ace, I finally got a second ace. On a windy, rainy day on a muddy track, I hit a 5 iron on a 169 yard par 3. The ball was well struck with a slight left to right movement. My NXT Tour landed, taking a large divot, and released to the hole. A celebration ensued. Good times. I wonder if I'll have to wait another 25 years for another ace...

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