Hole-in-one stories

My first hole in one

I have been playing golf since I was 8 years old, I am now 59 1/2 years young. On Friday February 27, 2015 I was playing at Encanto Golf Course in Phoenix, AZ and on the 7th Hole a Par 3 110 yard hole using a 9 iiron and mt Titleist Velocity golf ball I had by first and hopefuly not my last Hole in One. I want to thank Titleist for have such great product it certainly help. This was something I never thought would happen in my life and especially at 59 1/2 years of age.

Tim Seibold

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My Hole in One

Several months ago I met Nick Staub, 11 year old super kid, role model sportsman, and child prodigy golfer, who has 6 hole one's up to now.

After meeting Nick, hearing more about his 6 hole in one's ,and his enthusiasm for playing golf, I was even more psyched to keeping enthusiastic about playing more rounds of golf and striving for my own hole in one.

My wife Harriet , last year had her first hole in one, so this is great as well.

Marty & Harriet Ross

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First One

I knew the shot was right toward the hole but refused to believe it was in until I saw it sitting at the bottom of the cup. My 3 companions all claimed to see it go in the hole, the group behind were hooping and hollering but I was in shock. 64 years old, love to golf and I have been close. It was there at the bottom of the hole. A Pro VI #13.

Lucky 13.

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Fathers Day Special

Been golfing for over 25 years. Have come close many times and really really close 2 other times. Talking miimeters from the hole!

I was playing Avila Beach on Fathers Day in 2013 with my son Donovan and my brother Jake. I was playing pretty well and when I got up to the Par 4, 5th hole, I birdied it. It's not that tough of a hole but it's tough to birdie because you can't see the green from below. I stuck it within a foot and birdied it.

Then I got up to the next hole, beautiful hole. Downhill over the water, with the mountain and sun in the back drop the pin was middle back and I hit an 8 iron 163 yards. Bounced once, rolled a short bit and plop. It dropped!

We jumped up and down and screamed for a sec. Guys behind us heard and it was quite a loud celebration with everyone.

I went on to par the next hole and played well that day. Being -3 under in a span of 2 holes was the best I've ever done but the most memorable was the fact that I got my first hole in one with my son and my brother on Father's day.

I believe it would've been different had it not been on that day and without them two by my side.


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Unlucky day

Playing in our Monday scramble at Scotland Yards golf course in Dade City Florida. We had our largest turnout of the year. 65 guys showed up on this beautiful sunny winter day. We shot gunned off the 17th hole. We had a pretty good round going, we were 9 under going into the 16th hole, our final hole of the day. The hole was playing 143 yards into a slight breeze. I teed off first with an 8 iron, hit it pure and lost site of it. The next thing I hear is one of my playing partners yelling it's in the hole. I put my head in my hands and said,"65 people to buy beer for, of all the luck." I went to the hole and pulled out my Titleist Pro V1, head to the clubhouse and handed my credit card to the bar tender and set up the beer. STUPID HOLE IN ONE.

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