Hole-in-one stories

sucked it back

I was playing golf with my men's group and we were on an uphill par three playing that day 138. I was in a threesome and one of the guys said, " you should play it past the flag an suck it back!" I said, "I like that"
I played a pw back in my stance and 3/4rd it 4ft behind the pin and then it sucked back to the lip of the cup, hesitated and the plopped in! We went crazy. My First hole in one!

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Second Ace

This was my second ace. It came a dozen years after my first. The first time around I kept playing the ball and hit it OB two holes later, never to be seen again. This time I put the ball in my pocket to save forever.

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The First Ace

One day I went out to golf with my dad and uncle. I was hoping I would get a hole in one because it was a pretty short course. So I was on hole 2 at Holland Meadows golf course and I played a draw right into the green. I watched the ball roll into the hole, so I started jumping up and down. It was the greatest experience of my life.

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Best Balls Around

Over the 40 years i have played this game the Titleist ProV1x has been the best ball that has improved this game we call golf more than anything i have used.

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After a double bogie on hole number 1 and a birdie on hole number 2, I was challenged by a short down hill 125 Yd par three on a windy day. Decided to play the shot in the back of my stand to stay under the wind. Made good contact, ball landed just short of the green, bounce left and rolled in to the hole located on the left lower quadrant of the small green.

The ball was a Titleist NXT

I will turn 65 in May, I am a single handicapper and have been playing golf less than 8 years.

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