Hole-in-one stories

First Ace after 35 years

By: buckw3

On #5, the toughest par three on Rocky River Golf course (Concord, NC). The green is 34 yards deep, and only 18 yards wide. With wetlands just two yards right of the green, wetlands 5 yards left of the green, dense woods 2 yards behind the green, the only "bail-out" area is the bunker guarding the right front of the right green or the small 5 yard wide drop zone 5 yards short of the left half of the green. The tees were back in the tee box at 156 yards. I teed it up and used my 6 hybrid to loft the ball high into the air. It dropped 6 feet short and left, then rolled down the slope right into the hole. (first hole-in-one after 35 years of golfing). It was not only witnessed by my playing partners, Bill Zearley and Larry Coggins, but also by two course workers spreading mulch near the #5 tee marker monument. Huge grin on my face...

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I recently scored an ace on a nine hole course .was playing with some friends had a 125 yrd shot took out 8 iron there seemed to be a favoring wind that day so I chose to hit my 9 iron instead and glad I did the ball flew to the edge of the green hit then shot across the green and presto it was in.what a great feeling to go pick my dt solo out of the hole which I hit with my ap2 titleist irons they r awesome irons nice to get an ace with ace gear . thank you titleist

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What an exciting hole in one with a Titleist Pro V1X stamped "Margaritaville". Hit an 8 iron, last in 4 person group, very first shot of the day. Playing in a scramble and set the tone for the day, "right off the bat" with a 1 on the scorecard.
Won a Ford Fushion from the local Ford dealership sponsoring the hole.

To say the least, we had a Great Day and it's been an amazing story ever since. Always have and Always will hit the Titleist Pro V1X.

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Aces Run in the Family

I married into a family of golfers. Father-in-law, brother-in-law, nephew, husband and mother-in-law all had holes-in-one. Mother-in-law had her second hole in one at the age of 73! I always thought there was hope for me. Finally, after 20+ years of playing the game I got my first one!

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Lucky 7

Our junior varsity golf team has 12 players on it. The day before each match coach chooses 8 players to compete. I was chosen to play the Mohawk Golf Club on Wednesday. The Mohawk is a very hard course that I had played once previously. Coach placed me in the 7th position for our match. On the first hole I made a double bogey 6. On the 185 yard 2nd hole, I hit my 7th shot into the hole using a 7 wood. Forgot to mention, I'm in the 7th grade.

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