Hole-in-one stories

The Miracle of the Hole in One

My wife just had surgery, had just come home and was miserable. I thought I should stay home and help her, but she was so miserable, she wanted me out! She said go play golf! So, at the last minute I called the club and signed up for a tournament on a Saturday morning. I made the turn and was just playing average. On number 14, we get on the tee and I asked one of the guys what he thought I should hit, 5 iron or 6 iron. Normally, I would hit a six or seven, but there was a wind that day. I grabbed the 5, went to the tee, said no, went back and got the six and was still unsure. I hit it and hit it good! I knew is would be close and then all of sudden I couldn't see my ball! I turned and said, "where is it?" They said Jim, it went in! I said, "it did?!" Of course then, I realized I had my first hole-in-one. The best part was that it was a Titleist 1 with my black dot on it. I felt so good and best of all, it took that "no hole-in-one monkey off my back!
Then, three months later, same hole, 6 iron, back pin this time, and I got another one! This time with a Titleist 4 with my black dot.
My father played golf for over 50 years, was an 8 handicapper and never got a hole-in-one. So, I feel that I have accomplished the rare feat of not only one hole-in-one, but now have two.
But, one thing is certain, I still hope for more and the thrill of a hole-in-0ne is the same every time!! And doing it with a Titleist makes mine the best!!!!

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2 aces in 6 days

I hit my 2nd ace in 6 days for a total of 7. What a great way to start new year

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4th Hole in One

Had my 4th Hole in One on Sunday 1/4/15. I hit a 4 iron 156 yards into a 15-25 MPH wind. The ball hit on the green and started rolling toward the hole and went in.

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Birthday Hole In One

By: liamb3

On Jan 2, 2015, 1 day after my 17th birthday, I made my 4th hole in one. The ball went straight at the pin. I knew it was gonna be close, but I had no idea it was going to be that close.

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My first hole in one

By: alexp8

I was playing with my dad on hole 8 at GCC with a 4 wood, titleist 2 nxt tour s. I hit the ball 161 yards in the hole for my first hole in 1 at 11 years old.!

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