Hole-in-one stories

Number 3

I have been golfing for over 45 years now. I switched to Titleist balls back about 8 years ago. Prior to that I had many close calls with lip outs, hit the pin etc. Well back in 2010 I got my first hole in one in league. It was a closest to the pin hole and a buddy hit it to about a foot in the group before me. I got up and hit it 3 inches from the cup and it bounced in. He heard the noise from the next tee and said I bet Dave just did it to me!

Well the very next year I was playing in a memorial outing named after my uncle. Sure enough I got a hole in one there. I went to move the flag for what I thought would be a closest to the pin and a big prize only to find that it was a longest putt hole??

Well last Tuesday July 22, 2014 on the same hole as 2010 and my same friend in the group in front of me I hit another hole in one. Funny thing is late last year the course redid the green and layout. I took out a Titleist Pro V with the number 2 on it. It was a slam dunk straight into the hole with no damage to the cup. I am thinking that the next time I play this hole I will use a number 3, could it happen again?

Makes me wonder why I did not start using Titleist balls sooner. Great ball, flight, and control.

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My First Hole in One

It was Saturday morning we are on the 7th hole a beautiful par 3 over water. My first two friends hit their balls in the water. Took a breath, all I wanted to do was hit the green. The prefect swing, hit the green and the ball rolled towards the hole. It was ~7AM with the sun just coming up and casting a few shadow's. Two yelled 'It's in the hole', I was like are you sure........so we rounded the bend to get to the green, my thought was no, it must have rolled off. Together we all round the corner, there is no ball by the flag, I ran up and look in the hole and there it was my Ball. What a great feeling was jumping up and down. What a great day, could not stop smiling.

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First Hole In One Wins a Car

My first ever hole-in-one happened while I was golfing in the New Ulm/Sleepy Eye Hockey golf tournament on Friday, July 18, 2014 at the New Ulm Country Club. My first ever hole-in-one became even more memorable because it came on the hole that was sponsored by Jensen Motors and the prize was a 2014 Buick Verano. The hole was #2 and it was playing 175 yards with the pin positioned in the back right corner of the green. I teed up my ProV1 and hit my 8 iron directly at the pin. The ball landed about 6 feet past the hole with just enough spin on it to get it rolling back towards the hole. Once we saw the ball rolling back towards the hole we started to get a little excited. All I remember saying to the ball was "disappear, disappear." When the ball did disappear things turned into a blur. I remember yelling really loud, I threw my hat in the air, my club in the air, I ran around and hugged and high-fived all the guys on my team and the two people who were on the hole to verify any hole-in-ones. I almost couldn't believe that I actually hit a hole-in-one but then to win a car, that was just unbelievable. It was easily the greatest moment in my golf career. I even got my picture on the front page on the local newspaper. http://www.nujournal.com/page/content.detail/id/551102/

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Charity Hole in One

By: shawa1

Playing golf 30+ years and never had a hole in one. Traveled with my dad, brother (1 cap), uncle to Ireland, England, Scotland for golf and none of us ever had a hole in one before.
155 yard 7 iron @ Sandridge Golf Club in Chardon Ohio. Won some great prizes and was able to donate $5k to the North Coast Community Housing providing housing and services for the mentally retarded to live in comfort of a home.

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1st Ace

On Friday, June 27, got invited to play Medinah #3 with a member and his son. Weather was terrific, but little did I know it turn even better. The second hole was playing 172 yards. I placed my Pro V1 on the tee. Took my Titleist AP2 4 iron and hit a good shot over the water and onto the green. I thought at least I'm dancing. The pin was in the back of the green, and only saw the ball roll towards the back. We got to the green and no ball was on the green. I thought then it went into the rough. Looked around and could not find a ball. The forecaddie then said " I think it's in the hole". I said " get out of here, no way". We looked, and it was in the hole. Turned out to an outstanding day.

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