Hole-in-one stories

My first Hole in One

On Sept 11 Hooded a 8 iron 130 yards on the signature hole at Grand View Lodge The Pines course using my ProV1 At first I could not believe it after 35 years of playing hoping next one comes sooner

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Hole in One

My first hole in one. Played on Good Friday. Wasn't playing well but, hit the shot of my life. A foursome on the next hole got to see it role in.
great round.. Didn't play well after that shot.
Hope to get another one this year

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First Hole in One

I just scored my first hole in one at the 162 yard par 3 at the Wildhawk Golf Club in Sacramento, CA. I used a Titleist NXT Tour S, optic yellow. It was a nice draw into the hole with a couple of bounces before trundling in the cup. Hooray!

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I am right handed and decided to play a draw with my ProV1x. The hole was playing 184 yards with the pin in the middle, slightly downhill. I swung and executed the draw. The ball bounced once on the green, then the second bounce disappeared. I looked back at the other members of my foursome and asked, "Did that go in?" Nobody knew for sure, but but we all knew it was possible. When we arrived at the green, two members of the foursome walked to the hole and tried to deceive me by saying, "It's not in the hole." I told them I didn't trust them and I looked for myself. The ball was in the hole! It was a fantastic feeling!

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Isaac Zirtzman

I am 11 yrs old. I just got my first hole in one. I was with my Dad at Hartridge Golf course in Manchester IA. I only use Titleist ProV1 golf balls.

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