Hole-in-one stories

Where is my Ball

On 09/03/2014 had a hole-in-one on hole #13, Par 3, 146 yrds at Wallinwood Springs Golf Club, Jenison, Michigan, during our last league game for the season. I had a little wind on my face and decided to use 8 Iron (Tim Wishon) for little low shot. The pin’s bottom was behind an undulated green, but was in front. I errored in my shot and hit a smidge “fat” shot in the process to keep it low but the ball (Titleist Velocity) reached the green as intended had one bounce and then just disappeared behind an undulated greens. All other foursome team members were either short or long on the green. When we reached the green we couldn’t find my ball, but looking at the ball mark, the ball shouldn’t have left the green. Karthik, one of team member said “I saw it bounced on the green, where can it go?” My league partner Dabesh Khattoi just thought of taking a peak in the cup (I was still looking back of the green) and he yelled, “hey Hash there is your ball in here!” We all rushed to see if it was mine and boy, it was in the cup! We all cheered each other and my other team member Adam Pietrafesa was excited and said “I never saw a live hole in one before!”
The back nine at Wallingwood is really tough. We carry many extra balls as there are natural hazards left, right, front, back, you name it and it is almost everywhere. I am Michigander, handicap 16. and looking forward to play more golf!!!

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Little Bit of Luck

I was playing with my buddy, and was hitting my irons pretty straight that day. I normally hit a fade so on this par 3 I decided to go straight at the pin. The ball hit the ground hot, and my friend said I think that went... I replied.. No, it was too hot, probably bounced off the green. To my surprise I found the ball at the bottom of the cup when we got there.

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Bucket List Cross Off

I was playing in a two day, two person scramble with my friend John. I was not playing that well but was really enjoying the competition and the the people that we were paired with. It was a the par3 5th hole playing about 157 yards and John put his shot about five feet from the hole. He looked over and gave me a smile and said,"Ok put yours inside of that" I pulled my 7 Iron and flew the ball right in the hole. We heard the flag stick get hit and then one of the players from the other team say "That went in!" It was the most unbelievable experiences I've ever had on the course. You could play golf your entire life and not have this happen...This was something on my "Bucket List" that I wanted to accomplish. I'm glad that it finally happen and I'm glad that my friend was there to share it with me...I used a Velocity ball and the Titleist 7 iron.

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Third Hole in One

I was playing with 3 good friends, we approached the 8 hole on Bullcreek West course in Midland, GA, it plays about 160 slightly uphill and the there was a slight breeze, I chose my 5 hybrid, I made a point to tee up about a club length behind the markers and hit a nice smooth shot, the shot hit about 1 inch passed the hole and the Pro V1x spun back into the hole. What a great feeling. The feeling is the same even though this is not my first.

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Joe Margay Hole in One

Low 60's bright sunny day in Easton, PA. I selected a 8 iron and made a shot with a 10 foot roll to attain my first hole in one!
Exhilarating is all I can say. Attested by 2 George Karpus, John Fiero, and Steve Vroman.

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