Hole-in-one stories

First Hole in One

I strategically played my tee shot short, hoping to get a forward bounce towards the pin. The ball shot forward right and rolled straight into the cup. Screaming and jumping then commenced.

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My First Hole In One

I have been golfing since I was 13. I am 49 now and finally got my first Hole In One. Got it done before I was 50!!! It was 73 degrees in Minnesota on October 16th, so my son and I had to go golfing, it might snow the next day, don't you know. We got to hole 15 and it was a 170 yard par three. That's where it happened. It was a 170 yard shot with my 5 Iron. The coolest thing was my son Josh was there to witness it. I ask Josh, did you see where that ended up and he said dad I think it went in. I said no way and he said no I think it went in. He said let's get down there because I pretty sure it went it. Sure enough it was in the hole!!!!

Mark LaDuke from St. Michael MN

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My First Ace

I started playing golf in The Villages, Florida about 4 1/2 years ago. We have over 30 executive courses and I play a couple of random times a week and a regular Sunday morning group. Today I got my first hole in one using my seven iron and a Pro V1 ball.

After witnessing my husband get seven aces I finally got to experience the thrill of victory myself. It is sweet. Fireball shot for everyone.


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Hole to remember always

Long downhill par 3 with everything running left to right, hit the ball on the left edge and it rolled all the way to the right back pin. Playing with three good Friends. One friend, Harry Ameral, hit his shot about four feet from the pin and wanted to show me that the only way I could beat him on that hole was to make a hole in one. Unfortunately, a month later, Harry had a heart attach and passed away. I always think of him every time I play the hole.

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First ACE

On September 5, 2014 while playing a nine hole golf course Paint Branch in college park MD had a standard first round of golf bogies and double bogies,started to play the course again, First hole par four bogie it, second hole is a shot par 3 110 yards step up decided to use a 56 degree club because pitching wedge was too much club the first round. So i tee it up took a full swing the ball landed on the green one hopped and drop into the hole golf buddies were happy you know why,beverages are on me,Oh and by the way i was testing a new Titleist golf ball sent to me in the mail by Titleist maybe i have been using the wrong golf balls all these years.

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