Hole-in-one stories

Windy day lucky shot

Straight ahead 135 yards, swirling wind at 15 mph, "winter rules", i.e., extra club for clothing. Hit on the green halfway to the hole and drove right in. Pin was leaning back which helped the ball drop. Missed a 5 foot put on the next hole. Proved once again, a hole-in-one is a lucky event to say the least.

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Finally my first hole in one

I have been playing golf for 45 yrs. I had never had a hole in one. I hit a 7iron 145 yards into a slight breeze. I saw it land on the green and one of my playing partners said "it's going in". I saw it diappear but I still didn't believe it until I got to the green and looked in the hole. Sure enough it was at the bottom of the cup. It took a long time but it was worth the wait. I have never enjoyed buying drinks as much as I did when our group of nine got back to the club house. The ball I made the hole in one with was one of a dozen I got personalized with my beagle's name "spike the tiger". That just made it even more unbelievable.

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I Just Laughed Hole in One

I was 2 over after 3 holes and needed to regroup. My friends and I pulled up to number four, and I shot it with the range finder and it read 186 yards. This hole has always been tough to me, but knowing I was two over already made it even more challenging. I was up third and was dreading it too. I took out my TM R11 7 iron just to be sure I got there, and took a couple of practice swings to get comfortable. I stepped up and made a good solid swing. I watched the ball go straight for the flag and then bounce behind it. Thinking I was off the back of the green, my friends and I looked for my ball for half a hour. I finally called it, and told my friends I would take a double and for them just to finish out. Aaron, who was off the fringe, made it When he went to get his ball out of the hole he said," someone left their ball in the hole." Joking around, I asked what kind it was, and Aaron said it was a Pro V1 with a three black dots. My eyes lit up , and I grabbed it out of Aaron's hand. Seeing that it was mine, I looked at my buddies and just laughed. The ball landed three foot from the hole, and spun back and dropped into the hole. My confidence level was off the wall the rest of my round.

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Second one just as sweet

Played 18 with a member of my club in the morning at a local municipal course named Dubsdread GC in Orlando, FL.
I didn't have a good round and wanted to get some more work in. Since it was 11am, I thought I had some time to get in another 9 for sure before my teaching clinic.

Played the first 6 holes solo cruising along. Joined a twoball on the 7th tee and picked up a fourth a friend of mine on 10 tee. My buddy likes to talk all day. A couple birds shut him down some but winning the 14th with his bogey net par he was feeling particularly chipper on the 15th tee, a par 3 playing 157 to the pin this day. He hit a good shot about 12 feet, so the pressure is on with his 6 a side stroke advantage.. Didn't think anything in particular except short and sweet through the ball due to wind conditions.. As i struck the shot it heeded right of the pin with a small draw.. bounce and roll....plunk... in she goes.. Buggar almost made his birdie for the push...atleast he didn't tarnish the hole in one.

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the Big Game at the Palms

Everyday we have the "Pro Game" at the club at 10:30am. It has been participated by the likes of FC, AK, PM, MB, Mike Weir, JJ, GM, even AP, who happened to be at our club this same weekend!!! It is a blind draw, 4 man team, 2 best balls, 3 on 9 and 18 for a score ranging from over par to 14 under, depending on the course setup. This day the greens were a 13.5 on the stimpmeter. The 16th hole is a long par 3 212 yds, hdcp 10 on the scorecard. Pin on the front lower tier on this very difficult green, A 2 had already been registered and that is usually a skin on that hole. I scoped the pin a 210 yds , and chose a 5 iron. I made a good pass at the ball and it was a frozen rope to the pin, it bounced directly in front of the green margin, and tracked toward the hole. The usual banter of a good shot was made, it usually goes past and up the hill and back down toward the hole. But this time, the white hue of the ball disappeared!!!! We went nuts, I was in shock. Such an improbable hole for a hole in one!!! it was a big payout in the game, which made it that much sweeter.

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