Hole-in-one stories

Almost Back to back Aces

David Leonardis of Bear Creek, PA Member of Jack Frost National JFN had his first Hole in One Ace at Hole 8 at JFN on September 28, 2014. He used Mzuno MP4 5 Iron and Titlest PROV1X to achieve this amazing shot. Billy Dessoye of Mountain Top, PA, Member of JFN was on the edge of the cup for almost back to back Aces shown in attached picture. This was truly amazing. Other members to witness were Joe Ranieli, Jerry Ranieli, Bernie Girman, Jim Smitreski, Tony Rostock, Mike Dieniniger, Ron Pie, and Leo Thompson.

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First Hole in One Primer Hoyo en Uno

Par 3 165 yards uphill and over water... Same hole as my uncle had a hole in one many years ago... Very memorable day and the celebration was amazing with family and friends!

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First hole in one

I've been playing golf for 8 years, this is my first hole in one and it came during a tournament to raise money for muscular dystrophy.

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2holes in one week

By: abek4

I had 2 holes in one in one week on 6/27/2014and on 6/30/2014

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After 50 years of playing this game got my first Hole in Hole and then my second in the same round.

The first one hit the flag the flag stick and dropped straight down. Heard it hit the stick but I didn't see it drop but my son in law did and I didn't believe him until driving up to the green and not seeing my ball until I checked the hole and saw the Titleist 4 staring at me in the cup.

Then later in the round walking up the tee box my son in law mentioned would it be something if you were to knock this one in too. The pin was a bit hidden behind a mound in front of the green and when I hit my shot it appeared to be left of the hole and told him not this time. Driving up to the green saw my mark on the green where the ball had hit, but no ball. So grabbed my putter and wedge and started walking to the back of the green and not finding the ball walked back to the cup and there is my Titleist 2.

What are the chances of this ever happening, first and second Hole in One's ever and both in the same round of golf?

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