Hole-in-one stories

First Hole in One

Used a 7 wood from 141 yards. The ball hit the green took a hard bounce to the right rolled a bit, hit the pin loud enough to hear it then fell in.

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Early Birthday Gift

I was playing Sanctuary Lake Golf course with 3 of my best friends a few days prior to my 49th Birthday. I have been golfing since I was 16 years old and was wondering if the magical ace would ever show up. We were on an elevated tee box and the hole was 188 yards away with a slight downwind. I teed up my Titleist Pro V1 and hit a perfect 4 iron. The ball tracked on a straight line towards the pin, bounced once, and rolled into the cup. It was something special.

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50 Years

I started golfing in 1964 at the age of 17.. I had been witness to several hole in ones but never had one myself until this 4th of July. It was a 170 yard hole, I hit a 5 iron dead at the hole and it appeared to disappear. I didn't believe it until I got to the green and didn't see my ball so I knew it was in the hole. About 6 weeks later,different hole, I hit a 7 iron to a 150 yard pin placement. It hit on the fringe and trickle down to the hole and disappeared into the hole. Both shots were made with Titleist number 3 NXT Tour balls.i always use " new" balls on par 3s in case I do get a hole in one.maybe the theory of 3 will come into play and I'll be writing you again soon.

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hole 16 at Swope in KC with Coreslab

By: jimj76

Watching the ball roll in with friends is one of the greatest feelings I will ever have! Thanks to Coreslab for letting me play! and thanks to Titleist for the prov1x!

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A Special Day of Firsts

I've been playing golf since I learned how to walk. Growing up my dad taught me to play in Arkansas, and I continued playing during my time in high school in Huntsville, Texas. My grandfather cheered for me from afar, since they live in Virginia he was unable to come to Texas to watch me play. In college I chose to not play competitively, but I continued to play for fun when time would allow. I am now 25 years old, and until this past month my grandfather had never seen me play in person, he had only been cheering from Virginia. Visits to my grandparents were usually around Christmas, which meant it was way too cold for a golf outing. However, this past summer we made the trip up to Virginia before I began my graduate program. For the first time I got to play golf with my granddad. I was absolutely ecstatic to let him see how hard I have been working all these years, and to share with him the game that I truly love. Sharing a round with my granddad for the first time was truly the highlight of my day, however when we got to the 14th hole I got another special "first". Teeing off on the short par 3 I was worried about going into the water on the right, or the sand to the left. Water has always been a tough mental obstacle for me. All I wanted was to land on the green, so I could make my granddad proud. After I teed off and the ball flew through the air I was so excited to see it moving in the direction of the green. I thought for sure I could 2-putt and make par. When the ball landed and rolled toward the pin, I never even considered that I could make my first hole-in-one. When the ball disappeared into that little cup I was shocked. I turned to face my granddad, and my mother who was also playing with us, and they both were speechless too. The smile on my granddad's face that lasted for the rest of the day make that moment absolutely priceless. The hole-in-one was a great accomplishment, however playing golf with my granddad for the first time was truly a special event that I will never forget.

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