Hole-in-one stories

Deja Vu

Well I played this morning and played horrible. Like really bad. I stayed around after I was done and decided to play with my friends David, Ben, and Ben's dad. I was playing pretty good with them... then we got to the 11th hole. Ben shot the yardage and it came up 129 yards. David started talking about his first hole in one was on a 131 yard hole. We joked around for a few minutes about getting on then we started teeing off. Ben went first and pulled it way left. I stepped up and hit my tee shot...right off the toe. It felt horrible and I turned away in disgust. I looked back when ben and David started saying how good it looked. As soon as I looked back the ball landed and disappeared. Needless to say we were flipping out. When we got up to the green and I got the ball out of the hole I saw that it flew 128 1/2 yards. It was the biggest adrenaline rush I have ever experienced and I'm glad I got it with my custom NXT Tour S school golf balls.

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2 Hole in Ones in July

On July 20th I hit a second hole-in-one this month! Every club in my bag is a Titleist from my irons, driver to my wedges. Best clubs I've ever owned. Titleist knows what there doing! I've got a good feeling number 3 is right around the corner. Keep up the good work.

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Pleasure My first Hole In 1

Hole # 8 The Ridge Golf Club, Sioux Center, IA

Used a Titleist 690 CB 7 Iron with a "Fore Pleasure" personalized #3 PROV1X from 196 yards to a back left pin that was set behind a front green side bunker and down a slope. The Shot was hit a little skinny, but we new it was at the flag. When we got near the green, my partner, Brian Deboer, started getting excited and told me to bring my phone to the green. Since we couldn't see the hole from the Tee, I didn't get to see it go in, but that didn't stop us from enjoying the moment! $396.00 bar tab, not bad since I've told my wife many times that when it happens I'd cap the tab at $1,000! As me and my golf buddies say, it's great to be off the list!
Thank you Titleist for great products.
Mike Plasier

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Hole in one Even Par for 9

Just got married on July 12th, first time golfing since I been married. Never thought I would ace a hole. Couldn't see it go in but we knew it was close. Sure enough it was at the bottom of the cup. My knees were shaking on the next hole but I ended up with a birdie on the next hole which was a part 4. Sunk about a 20-25' putt. It was during league play and I ended up shooting even par on that 9. I have never shot even or under par on 9 holes either! So I would say it was a great round!!!!!!

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Hole In One Number Six

This Hole in One completes the circuit by having a Hole in One on all of the four par Three's at Hobbits Glen Golf Club located in Columbia, MD.

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