Hole-in-one stories

First hole in one

My friend and I have made a real commitment to the sport this year. We have been hitting the links and swinging the sticks religiously at the local par 3 and Executive course that offers "All you can Golf" on Fridays for a nice budget price. We golfed many places around us, but on Fridays, we do our budget course from breakfast til dinner time.
So, like many Fridays this season, we each start out with a bucket of balls at the course range and get warm. The par 3 side was a little crowded so we started with the Executive half. Started out with a nice par on my first hole of the day, the 10th hole, one of only two par fours in the whole course.
I had honors on 11, with calm conditions. 119 yards to the pin so an easy 9 iron was all I was hitting. The ball went high and straight. She came down within four feet of the cup to the front left of it. My golf partner said something, probably "Nice shot." We watched it roll in, looked at each other and exploded in celebration.
I putted very poorly for the next hour at least!

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What a day of Golf

I was hitting the ball the best I have hit it since I began playing only a year and a half ago. I was in a practice round before my Thursday night league play and I stepped up to the tee on the 4th hole of Trigg golf coarse. I took a nice smooth practice swing and then let it rip!! Wow that ball is tracking at the pin!! One my buddies yells that it's in the hole!! I thought to my self no way!! It was 185 yards up hill and you can't see the hole. As we approached I was stunned not to see my ball! I assumed it rolled through the green and got caught in the rough. Josh yells to me go get your ball in the hole! I said no its not in the hole! He responded I am a ball indicator and that is in the hole!! Ok, I walked up and there it was nestled in the hole with the Titleist 2 logo staring at me!! The bag dropped and party began!!! One of the best moments in my Life!!

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Birthday magic

After 45 years of golfing, had my first hole in one 3 years ago on my 63rd birthday. Yesterday I had my second hole in one 3 days before my 66th birthday. Think some birthday magic is going on for this old fart. :-)

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First hole in one a great memory

Hit it nice and smooth over water and right at the pin. One hop close to the flag and right in the hole. Beautiful.

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No Time to Revel in the Glory

We have a neighborhood Sunday morning standing tee time at 6:05am, so we can play a quick nine holes and still make it to church on time. Typically anywhere from 4-8 people show up to play. This particular Sunday it looked like I would be the only one playing. I headed out to the first tee box, hit my drive, and started walking to my ball. Then I heard a voice calling my name, turned and saw the tardy neighbor asking me to wait for him. His name was Ken and he very rarely comes out to play with us Sunday mornings. Needless to say it was very fortuitous that Ken decided to show up that day, for little did we know what was about to transpire on the 7th hole. As we approached the 7th tee, I noticed that both the tees and pin placement were back making the hole a bit longer than usual at 195 yards. I stepped up and hit an easy 3 iron to the downhill green below. The ball bounced once in front of the green and after one final bounce on the green, rolled, curved and fell into the bottom of the cup. We yelled and cheered like a couple of school girls. I was sure thankful that Ken decided to come out that morning. There would be nothing worse in golf than to hit a hole-in-one without a witness and try to convince your friends for the rest of your life that you truly did attain that amazing feat. As we walked off the ninth green I looked at my watch and noticed that I had to rush off to church, as I was assisting minister that Sunday and could not be late. Needless to say I could not stay and revel in my rare accomplishment, nor could I even buy Ken a beer or coffee. In fact I didn't have time to let the golf course know what had happened, and it was the last time that I golfed those Sunday mornings at that course. Still, it was one of those most special moments in my life that I will remember forever.

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