Hole-in-one stories

the Big Game at the Palms

Everyday we have the "Pro Game" at the club at 10:30am. It has been participated by the likes of FC, AK, PM, MB, Mike Weir, JJ, GM, even AP, who happened to be at our club this same weekend!!! It is a blind draw, 4 man team, 2 best balls, 3 on 9 and 18 for a score ranging from over par to 14 under, depending on the course setup. This day the greens were a 13.5 on the stimpmeter. The 16th hole is a long par 3 212 yds, hdcp 10 on the scorecard. Pin on the front lower tier on this very difficult green, A 2 had already been registered and that is usually a skin on that hole. I scoped the pin a 210 yds , and chose a 5 iron. I made a good pass at the ball and it was a frozen rope to the pin, it bounced directly in front of the green margin, and tracked toward the hole. The usual banter of a good shot was made, it usually goes past and up the hill and back down toward the hole. But this time, the white hue of the ball disappeared!!!! We went nuts, I was in shock. Such an improbable hole for a hole in one!!! it was a big payout in the game, which made it that much sweeter.

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My First Ace

Every year, in or near winter, I make my Ad Hoc Golf Tour trip. I drive 3 hours, find a hotel, find a course, stay and play, and then repeat until I reach southern climes before returning. This year I brought my brother, Chuck, with me, and along the way we stopped at the 10th most difficult course on Golf Digest
s toughest courses list, the Tobacco Road Golf Club. It is a very tough course, and my brother enjoyed it so much that we decided to play it again after our 10 days on Hilton Head. So, we headed back to Tobacco Road on December the 10th, 2014. It was about 40 degrees with a steady strong wind. I did not play the first hole very well, but managed to scramble a bogey on the second.

On the third tee facing into the 14 mph wind, I had 104 yards to the pin. I took out my "Magic Wand," a Titleist AP1 "W" wedge and made a fine stroke, high and straight at the flag. My brother said, "That looks like it might go in." Our view of the hole was blocked by bunker protecting the green, and I replied, "Yeah, but I've seen too many that looked that way. I'm not looking in the hole, I'll be checking the bunker first."

When we got to the green, I headed to the bunker. Behind me my brother asked, "Did you check the hole?" I said, "No, I know better." He replied, "Well, it's in there."

No description can possibly match the actual feeling of making my first hole-in-one at one of the most difficult courses in America. I am still walking on air. Fortunately, there was no one in the clubhouse but the pro when I went in to post my round, so it did not cost me a fortune in drinks. The club gave me a nice plaque to commemorate the event, and I am still basking in the glow.

Thanks to Titleist for the fitting that made this possible!

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2nd Time Around

On January 2015, playing the 16th hole at Laurel Oak Country Club in the Mixed Club Championship, my husband Dennis and I were down by 3 strokes in the final round of the event, playing alternate shot (AKA Divorce Open)

Harvey, our male opponent, who up until this point was hitting any shot within 185 yards to 6 - 8 feet all day.
Harvey hit his tee ball on the 142 yard par 3 in the water!

Dennis stepped up and hit a Velocity with a 7 iron into the hole! An ace!

Next shot Harvey's wife... who hit is short but safe.... they made we made 1 and were now even... we lost by 1 but the interesting part of this story is that this is Dennis's second HOLE IN ONE ---both with Titelist Balls and both in Mixed Club CHampionship...

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First hole in one

By: teds56

At Tradition golf course in Laquinta CA, 163 yards, 23 degree rescue, pro v 1x ball, drew in, ball was tracking and while I did not see it go in, but I did not see it go by the cup.
I was pretty sure though and as I got closer I didn't see it!

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Scratch That Off My Bucket List

By: dalep3

Was playing in the men's league on February 3rd 2015, as we were standing on the Par 3 11th the tees were up and the yardage was 135, I used my Ap-2 PW and hit a pretty good shot and I saw the ball hit the green rolling towards the flag. I didn't think it had enough to go in as they love sanding the greens here. At least I thought I'd make birdie and might get a skin. As we got to the green, I saw 3 balls on the green, but didn't see mine. I thought geez did I go over? The guy I was riding with said he thought he heard the ball hit the flag stick. I walked to the hole and there it was. Thought I was going to have a heart attack right there. The guy's were laughing as we were standing on the prior Par 3, I was saying if Robyn (My Beautiful wife & better golfer than me)gets an Ace before me She'll never let it go. As she broke 80 before me. The first call I made was to Robyn and she said "No Way" I said yes and bring the credit card to the Bar Drinks are on me. By the way I got the skin on that hole.

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