Hole-in-one stories

Shooting your age

martin story. age 70 born march 14 1944.
at shoal creek golf course Kansas city mo.
from the senior tees on 7/21/14 I shot a 67
same course and tees on 9/23/14 I shot a 69
what a feeling. you just have to be old to shoot your age

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My hole in One

By: janej4

Just an ordinary day in January, a bit chilly but the sun was shining and we were having a good day. On the 5th hole, I stepped up to the tee box and put my ball down. The next thing I know, my girlfriend is saying "it went in the hole". I didn't think so, but when we got to the hole, there it was. We both started screaming. I had never had a Hole in One.

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My 4th Ace

This is my 4th Hole In One, my 2nd with a Titleist ball, the new
Pro V1. Due to a medical problem in 2005 I could only use the cheap soft balls but when Titleist changed the Pro V1 in 2013 I found a great ball to play.

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While playing with my seven poker buddies during our annual golf trip I was fortunate to register my first hole in one on the 15th hole at the Flamingo Golf Course in Naples, Florida. I was the last to hit off the tee on the 121 yard par 3 and one of my foursome announced that he thought my ball hit the flag pole but since there was a small mound just in front of the green it was impossible to see surface of the green directly beneath the pin location. When we drove the carts adjacent to the green we didn't see any balls on the green so I assumed that my ball got caught up in the high grass on the mound just in front of the green so I took pulled a wedge out along with my putter before approaching the green. My friend who thought my shot might have hit the pin bypassed his ball just off the green and walked directly to the hole and when he got there he said "You're in the hole!" I replied "Sure" and then my other two buddies went to look in the hole as well and confirmed that my ball was indeed in the hole. I was the last one of my foursome to actually see my Titleist Pro V1 laying in the bottom of the hole!
Although I didn't get the thrill of actually seeing it go in the hole I was thrilled just the same with my first hole in one.

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First Hole In One

Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Michigan
Hole: 2
Par: 3
Yardage: 175
Ball: NXT Tour S - Yellow
Club: Titleist 913H 21 degree 4 Hybrid
Witnesses: Robert Chatman, John Marchek, Terry W. Mulawa

Comments: The temperature 42 degrees F Wind Chill 39 degrees F. Pin placement was left side middle. Wind direction NW 18 mph gusting to 25 mph. Hole #2 faces West to North West and Hole #2 tee box looks right at the air plane run ways which means the wind get's clipping when blowing in this direction. The Titleist NXT Tour S and 913H performed extremely well under some fierce chilly windy conditions. Luck was on my side but confidence prevailed because of the Titleist equipment. Thank You Team Titleist for allowing me to achieve a life time goal.

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