Hole-in-one stories

My first Albatross

By: reidb5

This happened 7/15/2014 at Conly's Resort in Butler PA. Hole #11 is a 90 degree dog leg left par 4. From the blue tees I cut the corner with a 3 wood. Thinking the ball was too far left I reteed with a provisional! The group ahead of us was putting out when the first the ball came boucning onto the green and rolled softly into the hole. My father was in the group ahead and recognized that it was my ball. As I drove up to the green to ask if anyone heard a ball come in, my father jokingly said "If you ever hit into us again it's coming back!" A full evening celebration ensued.

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Par 3 Sherwood CC Westlake Village CA
Ball struck well but pushed right from tee box. After hitting a tree branch, it dropped onto the hill and rolled onto the green striking the pin and dropping into the cup. Ugly but I'll take it.

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Nine year old hole in one

By: coyb3

I started golfing this year with my dad and have been having a lot of fun I am 9 years old. I go with him and his friends as much as I can. on July 14, 2014 we were golfing with two of my dads friends and we were on a 96 yard par three I was using my Hybrid club and hit a shot that my dad says I might never be able to do again after I hit it bounced three times and rolled right in the hole, they started jumping up and down and my dad gave me a big huge it was really cool.

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First ace

I was teeing off on the first hole on one of the nines at my home course Shelby oaks pull out my 7 iron and swing the ball took two bounces and rolled in the hole I saw it all I am 14 years old and I have been playing golf for 3 years I was using a prov1x it was one of the most exciting things I have every experienced thank u Titleist for making such a great ball

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First witnessed Hole in One

107 yards straight uphill into the setting sun - Eric his 2nd but no one could see his ball land as the sun was behind the green. After the other 3 golfers locate their ball we begin to search for Eric's ball as it looked to be the best shot off of the Tee. Justin then pulled the flag and asked Eric what ball was he playing he Identified it as a Titleist with a 3 and a General Electric Logo -
Hole in One Yes!!!

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