Hole-in-one stories

The First Ace

One day I went out to golf with my dad and uncle. I was hoping I would get a hole in one because it was a pretty short course. So I was on hole 2 at Holland Meadows golf course and I played a draw right into the green. I watched the ball roll into the hole, so I started jumping up and down. It was the greatest experience of my life.

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Best Balls Around

Over the 40 years i have played this game the Titleist ProV1x has been the best ball that has improved this game we call golf more than anything i have used.

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After a double bogie on hole number 1 and a birdie on hole number 2, I was challenged by a short down hill 125 Yd par three on a windy day. Decided to play the shot in the back of my stand to stay under the wind. Made good contact, ball landed just short of the green, bounce left and rolled in to the hole located on the left lower quadrant of the small green.

The ball was a Titleist NXT

I will turn 65 in May, I am a single handicapper and have been playing golf less than 8 years.

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one hopper

I have played golf for 30 years, been a 3 handicap for at least 10 years. Finally my friends will stop laughing at me for never having an ace!!!! 170 yds into the wind and one hopped it in there!!!

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I have seen my share of Aces, but had never been blessed with one myself. I had a pretty good round going, striking the ball well. We got to the tee box on No. 14 at the Old North State Club, a beautiful elevated par 3 overlooking Badin Lake. The distance was 163 yards, down hill, with about a 5 MPH breeze in my face. The pin was in the back left corner of the green, close to a green side bunker, and not much room behind the pin. I choose my 165 yard club, a 7 iron. The contact was perfect, and the ball flew high and straight. I could tell the wind was affecting the ball slightly. The ball hit approximately 3 feet in front of the pin, checked immediately, then trickled into the hole. You can clearly see from the picture I was using a Titleist golf ball with my signature red dot. Witnessing the shot was Ken Lambert, Carl Tucker, and Mike Mayer.

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