Hole-in-one stories

We were playing The Mines Golf Course in Grand Rapids for the first time. My grandpa and I were paired up with two other guys from the local college. That round was not going very well, as I was not striking the ball like have had my previous rounds that week. Until we came to the 131 yard par 3 #7. The tee box is raised above the green so I used my sand wedge and finally hit a solid shot. The ball was on a line to the hole right from the start. It landed about a foot behind the hole and spun back for my first hole in one. Then I almost had 2 in one round. One the par 3 #15. This time a up hill shot from 115 yards. Again with my sand wedge, my shot landed about a foot and a half behind the hole and came back to less than a inch from rolling in. Just too bad the rest of my shots from that round could not have been like those two shots.

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My First Hole In One

After purchasing a new set of golf clubs three days prior I had be chomping at the bit to use them on the course rather than just the driving range. My son is preparing for HS try-outs so I decided to take the opportunity after work to help on his course management allowing me the chance to play a round of golf. With not much time left in the day we decided to just play just the back nine. We both struggled through the first couple of holes and it was shaping up to be a long round. When we pulled up on the 13th tee box I saw that the hole was in the front off the green on the very short 100 yard par 3. I had not tried my new Gap wedge so I figured a nice easy swing should put my trusty Titleist Pro V1 up just past the hole and allow me a chance at a putt for birdie. As I struck the ball I hit it really fat and didn't think I was going to make it over the water let alone onto the green but when I finally looked up from my swing I found my ball falling from sky and realized it was going to be closer than I thought. It hit the green within a couple of feet of the hole and took two hops before it gently stroke the flag stick and then just disappeared into the cup. I looked at my son in utter disbelief of what I just saw and before I could even comprehend or even celebrate he became angry and started to rouse me because he now had to follow up that shot and this was going to be the first hole of the round that he will not be able to hit the green inside of my shot.

I have been playing golf for 25 years now and this was the first hole in one that I have ever seen in person and I still can't believe it came off of my Club!!!!

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I hit a 7 iron right on target over two bunkers on the hardest pin placement for the hole on a downslope green it landed an inch from the hole and BOUNCED IN the funny thing is a couple days before I said my first hole in one would be with a seven iron my son and I couldn't tell if the ball went in or not and when we drove the cart up we didn't see it my son ran up and said it was in the hole!!! Now I can live a happy life!

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First Hole In One

I had played Moose Ridge the week prior and was unable to play the par three 16th hole as a huge rainstorm came up at that time. The next week I played the 16th and hit a solid 8 iron into a slight breeze. The ball hit above the hole and I was about to turn around and one of my golf partners said "hey, its still moving!" I turned back and saw the ball slowly slide into the cup.

One of my partners that day were just talking about holes in one and I commented that I had hit second shots on par 4's in multiple times, and 100 yard shots into the cup on par 5's, but never a hole in one. That changed that day.

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First Hole in One

On August 16, 2014 I got my first hole in one on the Fruitport Golf Club In Muskegon, Michigan. This was a special moment in that I was playing with a group of fraternity brothers, gathered for our 50th Reunion. I was also memorable since it has been on my bucket list for some 65 years ! Now I can smell the roses !

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