Hole-in-one stories

Jesse Plasencia

it was a windy day with at least a two club wind so I decided to hit an 8 iron with the ball landing softly about 3 feet from the pin and we watched it disappear.there was a moment of silence until we all realized the ball was in the hole.

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Bruce Creech

Hit a solid 7 iron into the wind on a 145 yd par 3. Number 18 at my course. I knew it was close, but when we got to the green, the ball was leaning against the pin. As we exited the cart, the ball fell in. Totally awesome.

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El Camaleon Mayakoba

I had back fusion surgery in February 2014 and had not played golf until late May, when my Dr. released me. I had played 4 times since them. We went to Playa del Carmen in Mexico on vacation. We scheduled a tee time at El Camaleon at Mayakoba on Sunday, July 20th. I had been playing another brand of club, which I was given as a gift. I had decided to get my DCI Titleist clubs back out and play them. Just didn't like how the other clubs felt. We finished the front 9, and I didn't score really well, but liked the way I was striking the ball. We came to Hole Number 10. I took my 7 iron and hit a knockdown shot at the flag. The pin was down behind a rise on the green. I thought the shot had a chance to be good, if the green held it. One of the other guys said, "That looks really good...I think you'll like it." The other said, "check the hole." I figured it might be close or off the back of the green. When I got to the green...I walked toward the back and didn't see it. So I thought, "what the heck"...and walked to the hole. I peeked down and there was my Titleist Pro V1x smiling at me from the bottom of the cup. So excited to have recorded my 3rd career ace on a course like El Camaleon, such an incredible golf course. And...I never play any golf ball but Titleist...and I'll never play any clubs but my Titleist clubs. All three aces have been with Titleists....hopefully a few more to come.

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Sun Valley Trail Course
Championship T, 112 yds up hill to a blind pin- #6 hole

Hit SW and partner said he thought it was in the hole but how could you tell from the bottom of the hill?

Got up to the hole and did not see my ball. My partner rushed to the hole and went crazy. He said he never saw an ace before. I was very happy and sent a fist to the sky but this my 2nd ace and did not see either one!

Life is good with Titliest Pro V1!!

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First One

52 years old and have been playing for about 40 yrs. First hole in one! Playing on a work league for the past 15 yrs. 90 yard par three...took out the 60 degree log wedge...hit it about 6 inches short of the hole, one bounce past the hole and spun it back. Three other witnesses actually saw it drop!

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