Hole-in-one stories

Ace to end Cancer

My dad was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer about 1-2 weeks before my hole in one. We had gone out golfing about 2 days before his surgery was scheduled and I remember thinking that I was going to be disappointed if one of us got our first hole in one because that would be a sign that things with his cancer were not going to go well. Turns out that he came really close (buzzed the hole and was a 2 foot birdie putt). His surgery went really well and his entire Thyroid had to be removed. The surgeon's report on his surgery and follow-up was extremely encouraging and everything seemed to have gone exactly as planned. The day after his surgery I called a couple of friends from back home (Bismarck, ND) and asked if they wanted to get out for a quick 9 and they were in. On the 5th hold the tees were back and we weren't sure what stick to use. I went first and chose a 5 iron (was using a friends clubs since I was back visiting for the surgery from Denver, CO). I struck it well and my buddy said that it may be good. It took one hop and disappeared. We looked at each other with a puzzled look and I asked my buddy if it went in. He said it is either in or over. I threw my club down and started sprinting towards to hole. As I approached the front of the green I could see that nothing was on the other side and my divot was about 5 feet in front of the cup. Sure enough I had carded my first hold in one!!! I figured it was the Lords way of saying that the Cancer was a bump in the road but now it is time to move on because poppa bear was going to be just fine. Poppa was the first phone call as I walked back to the tee box to celebrate with friends. The Lord works in mysterious ways!!!!!

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Played the Trail Course at the Sun Valley, Idaho Club on July 3rd and had my 2nd career ace.

The 6th hole is 112 yards from the back T, blind shot up hill to a flat green. I hit SW and Pro V1.

You could see the top of the flag but nothing else. My playing partner saw the shot and said "that could be in the hole"

We drove up the hill and he went to the hole, and there it was! He was more excited than me because he never had one and never saw one before.

This was my 2nd ace and never saw the first one either.

Life is good.

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Hole in one

Son of a PGA Pro. Playing for over 56 years. First hole-in-one! Luckily in a Monday skins game on the 17th hole. Back right blue flag on a 3-tier green at 115 yards. Not my favorite pin location!
Crushed the edge of the hole down into the cup went pass the pin and drew back into the hole! Got off lightly with beers and tacos.

I have played the Titleist ProV1X for 10 years. Best ball in golf...

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My First One

On July 14, 2014 i was playing with my normal sunday foursome in a charity tourney, it was a overcast and very humid day, this was my 7th day of golf during my 10 day vacation and i was starting to feel the pain ! lower back hurting , elbow sore, and the humidity was not helping.
it was a shot gun start and we started on hole # 14 a par 5, followed by hole #15 a par 4 , not a great start double bogey both holes, and the greens were fast ! we get to hole # 16 a par-3 listed at 128 yards, pin in the middle and playing shorter we thought with the fast greens and a tiered green we decided to play one less club, i opted for my Png G20 Gap wedge , i was the 3rd to hit the first two hit good shots and were on the green, i was 3rd to hit, i stepped into the tee box and use the heel of my shoe to form a slight dirt mound as a tee, i took a practice swing and let it fly, it was the purest iron i have ever hit dead at the flag stick, i said thats going to be nice ! due to the tiered green we had no clear visual on the green and our balls, the last man hit and pushed his shot short and left. as we drove up to the green we saw only 2 golf balls on the green between 10-15 feet away, my friend said maybe i came up short , i said no way !!! maybe its in the cup, we both laughed and said weren't that be nice, as we walked up i said no kidding check the cup as we both bent over to look we saw a ball !!!! we identified it as my ball !!! what an amazing feeling , i have come close before hitting flag sticks , coming to rest inches away, but never a hole in one ! MY FIRST !!! god i love this game, for those that don't play they will never know the feeling of playing the greatest game ever !!!

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My first Albatross

By: reidb5

This happened 7/15/2014 at Conly's Resort in Butler PA. Hole #11 is a 90 degree dog leg left par 4. From the blue tees I cut the corner with a 3 wood. Thinking the ball was too far left I reteed with a provisional! The group ahead of us was putting out when the first the ball came boucning onto the green and rolled softly into the hole. My father was in the group ahead and recognized that it was my ball. As I drove up to the green to ask if anyone heard a ball come in, my father jokingly said "If you ever hit into us again it's coming back!" A full evening celebration ensued.

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