Hole-in-one stories


I had been hooking my irons bad for the last few rounds. I stepped up to the tee box, I had been aiming far right so the ball would come back to the green. This time I just tee it up and swung the 7 iron, looked up, told the guys I was playing with that is the first straight iron I have hit in a while, about that time it hit the green and I thought, damn, that's close. Then the ball disappeared! Guys yelling "its in the hole!" Hit the green about 10 inches in front of the pin and just rolled in. Great feeling. Could not hit another solid shot the rest of the round! But it was fun!

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Hole in One at Rio Secco

Amazing Day! I got a hole in hole with friends I have not seen in years. We were Celebrating a new year with a round in Vegas. I hit a Pitching wedge from 136 on hole 3. It was my second hole in one but I feel the best!

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My 1st ace I said "Where the .... Did that go?"
But this one I watched a high 5 iron shot all the way!

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I was playing the Costa Rican National Junior Tournament; it was the 9th hole, I got my 6 iron at 151 yards, I hit the ball a little soft, my friend told me it was going to go in and then it bounced to the right on the green, it rolled and then it went in. The funny thing is that it was my second time making a hole-in-one in that hole. The first time was in 2013 during a National Ranking. My name is Sebastian Cordero, I am 14 year-old and that's the story of my 3rd hole-in-one. P.S. I my three holes-in-one I used Titleist balls!!

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On a beautiful day at Santa Barbara Golf Club, I got my 3rd HOLE IN ONE!I bought a Titeist SM5 M GRIND 56 DEGREE WEDGE and the first time I hit the club in play I got this HOLE IN ONE! KABOOM BABY! WOOOOHOOOOO! This is my 3rd HOLE IN ONE with a Titeist Golf Ball. I bought a set of CB 714's. Today was the first round with them. 3 birdies and the ACE! Not a bad first impression!

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