Hole-in-one stories

Christmas comes a day late

I was playing the par 3, fourth hole at the Links with my wife the day after Christmas. After hitting the ball the trajectory was a straight line drive at the flag. I started yelling for the ball to hit the flagstick, so the ball did not run off the back of the green. The ball landed on the green, took one hop, hit the flagstick and dropped into the bottom of the cup. My wife asked "Did that just go in?" All I could say was "yes."

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Hole in One

You won't believe it until you walk up to the hole.

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First Ace

118 yards, 9 iron, two hops and in

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First hole in One

I recorded my first ace 1/2/2015 on a par 3 148 yard hole at my club. The really great thing about it was it was a "real" golf shot! Not a bounce off a rake, tree, skull. As soon as I hit it i mumbled to myself that is the best 8-iron I have ever hit. We could not see it go in the hole but it hit once and went in the jar based upon the ball mark.

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My first hole in one

After 40 years of playing golf, I got my first hole in one on January 10, 2014. Granted, I only played once or twice a month when my children were growing up, but in the last three years I have averaged over 50 rounds a year. It was a 132 yards and I hit my Pro V1 with an 8 iron. It hit a foot from the cut and spun in. What a rush. I was playing with my regular golf group which made it even more special.

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