Hole-in-one stories

My name is Dennis Walker been playing the game for over 40 years. Just made my second hole in one. Playing in a Pro Am Tournament at Rio Hondo Country Club in Downey California on October 8th. Par 3 17th hole was playing about 145 yards hit a 9 iron at the pin. Ball disappeared over a front bunker. I knew it was close. when we arrived at the green only the pro from our team was on the green. I told the guys if we can't see it it must be in the hole and it was. Using Pro V1X. Really like the feel of that ball. I am 60 years old and was 30 when I got my first hole in one.

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First Hole in One

What a fun day. First, I was not planning on golfing this day because friends and relatives were in town visiting. When asked to join friends Bill F. Tommy F. and Tony F. for a round and getting a hall pass from my lovely wife, I went out for a round. Remembering the date is not something I need to do, because I share it with my sister-in-laws sister Ann C. - yes a bit confusing. I just sent her a text to get the exact date for this story since my scorecard was not handy. Anyway the facts. On 8/10/14 at 10:53 at Bayside Resort Golf Club in zip 19975, I hit a Titleist ball with a Titleist 755 6 iron, 165 yards on par 3 number 3 for a ONE! Photo was taken by golfing buddy 10 year old Tommy F. on an iPhone 4s. The only number intentionally left out was my final score!

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2nd ACE

I was on the 7th hole on the Blue Crs at the Air Force Academy. I was joking with a friend about getting a hole-in-one. I was the last one to tee off. Based upon the yardage (125) and conditions I elected to hit a PW. I hit a high shot which landed a few yards beyond the pin. The ball had just enough backspin on it to cause the ball to roll back toward the hole and drop in for the Ace. It was a good day.


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Fifteen Years in the Making

My first hole in one was fifteen years in the making. It was even sweeter because it came on the first day of the Geezer Cup at the Club at Pradera in Parker, Colorado on October 7, 2014. Earlier this year I purchased personalized Titleist ProV1 balls numbered "33" and emblazoned with "HAS ANYONE SEEN MY BALL?". That might give you the sense that I am not a low handicapper. The pin was up front. We were facing a little wind in our faces, so I clubbed up to a 6 iron and let it rip. The flight was beautiful--a subtle draw that landed a foot short of the green and curled right up into the hole. It was awesome to be in a position where we could all watch it disappear into the hole. When we arrived on the green we took a few pictures. My favorite was kissing my Titleist ProV1. Ahhh, memories....

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1st Hole in One

Recorded my first hole in one at San Dimas Canyon Gc on 10-13-14. Got to share the experience with my dad who taught me the game of golf.

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