Hole-in-one stories

Charity Hole in One

By: shawa1

Playing golf 30+ years and never had a hole in one. Traveled with my dad, brother (1 cap), uncle to Ireland, England, Scotland for golf and none of us ever had a hole in one before.
155 yard 7 iron @ Sandridge Golf Club in Chardon Ohio. Won some great prizes and was able to donate $5k to the North Coast Community Housing providing housing and services for the mentally retarded to live in comfort of a home.

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1st Ace

On Friday, June 27, got invited to play Medinah #3 with a member and his son. Weather was terrific, but little did I know it turn even better. The second hole was playing 172 yards. I placed my Pro V1 on the tee. Took my Titleist AP2 4 iron and hit a good shot over the water and onto the green. I thought at least I'm dancing. The pin was in the back of the green, and only saw the ball roll towards the back. We got to the green and no ball was on the green. I thought then it went into the rough. Looked around and could not find a ball. The forecaddie then said " I think it's in the hole". I said " get out of here, no way". We looked, and it was in the hole. Turned out to an outstanding day.

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Over the years, I have told my wife that "When my time is up," I would like to get my first hole-in-one and die of the excitement. So it has been our routine for her to say to me before I head out for the golf course, "Don't get a hole-in-one today." So on June 6, 2014, at the age of 71, when I scored my first hole-in-one, I waited until I got back home, after buying the traditional round of drinks, to tell my wife, "I did it. I got my hole-in-one today!" She was relieved that I lived to tell the story.

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Hole in one

7th hole on Bethpage Red a 8 iron from 148. Wind was at my face it hit softly and rolled into the cup. My first one ever,

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Today I hit my first hole in one ever at Ridgefield Golf Course in Connecticut. It was on the 17th hole, 138 yards up hill and I hit a pitching wedge. It landed three feet to the right of the pin, spun left and rolled it.

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