Hole-in-one stories

Over the years, I have told my wife that "When my time is up," I would like to get my first hole-in-one and die of the excitement. So it has been our routine for her to say to me before I head out for the golf course, "Don't get a hole-in-one today." So on June 6, 2014, at the age of 71, when I scored my first hole-in-one, I waited until I got back home, after buying the traditional round of drinks, to tell my wife, "I did it. I got my hole-in-one today!" She was relieved that I lived to tell the story.

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Hole in one

7th hole on Bethpage Red a 8 iron from 148. Wind was at my face it hit softly and rolled into the cup. My first one ever,

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Today I hit my first hole in one ever at Ridgefield Golf Course in Connecticut. It was on the 17th hole, 138 yards up hill and I hit a pitching wedge. It landed three feet to the right of the pin, spun left and rolled it.

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My 2nd Hole in One in 2 months

I am a current student at the Golf Academy of America and I was at the Legacy Club of Alaqua Lakes for a 4 man net best ball tournament. I had been playing pretty solid for the majority of the day but it changed for the better on Hole 6 which was my 3rd to last hole and I had started on Hole 9. I had came to the tee and took out my rangefinder to find I had 176 yards to a back left pin over water. The hole did not suit my eye as I naturally play a draw. I took out a 5-iron and took a nice easy swing trying to play a cut shot and it came off the clubface so pure and it was tracking at the hole. I could not see the bottom of the flagstick as it was tucked over a ridge and when it hit the green I bent over to grab my tee and thats when the guys in my group started yelling and celebrating because where they were standing they were able to see the ball go in the hole. I was so happy and very shocked that I got my 2nd Hole in One in 2 months after waiting 31 years for my first. I love this game.

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The shot of a lifetime

By: cyl1

I was playing a round of 9 at the golf course I work at with one of my co-workers and a couple other players on July 21, 2014. We approached the seventh hole. I was up to the tee. I addressed the ball, aligned my shot, and let the 7 iron do it's work. The hole was playing around 143 yards that day. As I watche the ball fly through the air I thought it was going to be too long of a shot. As I said that my co-worker said "No, your going to be good. Don't worry about it." The ball was begging to come down towards the hole. I hear the sound of the ball hitting the pin. My heart and club dropped. I was convinced it went in. The anticipation sank in. The other players hit. Then our group decided to let the twosome behind us play through. The anticipation got worse. The group that played through looked in the hole, and the gentleman gave me the thumbs up. I absolutly lost it. I had finally done it. After 5 years of playing golf I had finally done it.

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