Hole-in-one stories

Bounced twice and rolled into the hole

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Second Ace

Second Hole-in-One, over forty years since my first one.

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Scott Belander

Beautiful day as usual in sunny San Diego. Having my best round ever, I end up double bogey, bogey on 15, 16. I step up to the long par 3 204 yard 17th at Steele Canyon Golf Club Ranch course, on a hole that has always given me trouble. With the elevated green, and slight wind, I decide to hit my 4i. I hit a clean slight draw from right to left. My buddy mentions that it was a nice shot. We drive up to the green, and figure it must have rolled off the back. No ball in sight my friend chuckles and says to not get my hopes up. I head toward the cup and sure enough there it was. My first hole in one! Next hole I tee it up, still shaking from the fact i got my ace, and pipe one down the middle. I end up bogeying the Par 5 18th, and shoot my career best 75 on one of the, if not the hardest courses I've played. All in all I was on cloud nine after that round. This is why I keep playing this wonderful game!

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There I was

Playing a par three course at night in Las Vegas. Wind in my face, small slopping elevated green, I selected a nine iron, aimed slightly right of target and with a held off 3/4 swing made solid contact. Walked on the green with my foursome and there were no balls on the green. I walked over to check the cup and low and behold my ball was in the bottom of the cup. Cheers and a pat on the back was the final piece of celebration.

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The craziest day of my golf career

By: jons31

When we decided to play a warm up nine at Oakway golf club, I had to rethink playing the other nine after making my 6th career hole in one on the 138yard ninth and getting to 6 under for nine holes. But after purchasing all the drinks I owed we headed out to play Tokatee golf club. As we reached the 11th hole, the 187 yarder I decided to hit a hard 6 iron that would ride to wind from right to left. It headed just right of the flag and started blowing back towards it. It landed on the front edge and was headed right for the hole. "Go ahead and do it again" I said. And to my amazement the ball disappeared for the second time that day. It was unbelievable! Even now I laugh when I think about it. I trusted my titleist prov1x for both of my hole in ones that day!

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