Hole-in-one stories

My First Hole in One

So i have only been playing for a few years, off in on.Me and some colleagues decided to go play. Three of us. One decided to stay behind due to work. Me and the other guy made it to hole 5 when i seen my brother driving buy it distracted me a bit and took my mind off the game for a bit.Then we pulled up to hole 6 and i nonchalantly walked up to the box , sized up the yardage and windage and went full swing with my 9 iron without anybody watching thats why i was probably so relaxed and sure enough it landed a couple of inches in front of the whole then "DROPPED" in. i yeld hole in one by that time my brother had just walked up, no one believed me so i made them go first to see if it was in sure enough hole in one. 135 yards no wind. I believe i play better without family trying to instruct......

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Down wind, down hill from an elevated green. So happy to have had my 3 good friends there to see it with me.

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Hole In One

First hole of the day I had a 6 iron on the tee box and i hit a bit of a draw.

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Mr Calvin Harper HIO

At the invitation of a co-worker, I went to the Stone Mountain Golf Course for my first ever shot at playing golf. I enjoyed it immensely. I'm now addicted to the game. I have only been playing for the last 6 months, and received several compliments from friends and other golf players I met on different local courses. On Sunday, November 30th, while playing with one of the locals, I got my first HIO on the 12th. After playing cricket for more than 40 years, I'm glad I found a new sport I enjoy playing.

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Back to basics

I was playing in the second round of the Elks Lodge Club Championship and had just parred the first two holes. I was using a Titliest Velocity golf ball and was having problems holding the greens. I decided I would go back to my Pro v1X to help me hold the greens better. My first shot with this ball on the par 3 went in. I saved that Pro v1x but finished the round with another Pro V1x and shot a respectable 78 which is not bad for a 67 year old 11 handicap. I moved up to second place from fifth and almost won. Thanks to my Titliest Pro V1x and the confidence it gave me.

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