Hole-in-one stories

It took 40 years

I took me 40 years and 3 marriages The day I go married to my wife I had it

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First Ever

125 over a lake, took an easy swing with a pitching wedge, the ball bounced once and went it. There was even a guy who was driving by the course who saw it go in, and stopped his car to congratulate me. I shot a 40 on the front nine (good for me). Back nine not so good. But what the heck! I had a hole in one.

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My first hole in one

Number 16b at the Raven Sandestin. 157 yards to the pin. Had a 6 iron but a pretty good wind in our face caused me to go with the 5. Felt like a good shot drawing in to the flag but with the sun in my face and shadows on the green I couldn't see it land. When we got to the green I didn't see it so I got my lob wedge, pitching wedge and putter as I thought it may have gone in the bunker right behind the pin. One of my partners was walking ahead of me and said there was a pitch mark in front of and to the right of the pin so I asked him to look in the hole. When he did he yelled "here it is"!
Very exciting as it was my first hole in one.

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2nd Hole in One

December 4, 2014 at about 7:30 am I was playing at the Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes Country Club in Lake Mary, Florida. I was on the number 2 hole which is a par 3 and 159 yards in heavy fog. I hit a 7 Iron, hit it well and figured it was somewhere on the green but I couldn't see it because of the fog. When I got on the green and couldn't find the ball. My 10 year old son looked in the hole and found my Titleist ProV 1x in the hole. The best part was that my father and my son were there to witness it.

P.S. This was my 2nd Hole in One.

Lance Sawyer

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My First Hole in One

So i have only been playing for a few years, off in on.Me and some colleagues decided to go play. Three of us. One decided to stay behind due to work. Me and the other guy made it to hole 5 when i seen my brother driving buy it distracted me a bit and took my mind off the game for a bit.Then we pulled up to hole 6 and i nonchalantly walked up to the box , sized up the yardage and windage and went full swing with my 9 iron without anybody watching thats why i was probably so relaxed and sure enough it landed a couple of inches in front of the whole then "DROPPED" in. i yeld hole in one by that time my brother had just walked up, no one believed me so i made them go first to see if it was in sure enough hole in one. 135 yards no wind. I believe i play better without family trying to instruct......

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