Hole-in-one stories

My fourth Titleist hole in one

By: bobr79

Playing at Lakewood CC in Naples Florida on the 16th hole using an eight iron I aced the 126 yard hole using the Titleist NXT-S ball. this is my fourth Hole-in-One and all of them were made using a Titleist ball!

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Second Ace

By: zackf3

During one of my recent high school golf matches at got my second hole-in-one at St. James Plantation on The Founders Course, number 5. It was a 173 yard par 3 with a tree directly in front of the middle of the green. I hit a fade around the tree with a 5 iron and luckily it went in! I heard the ball hit the pin but did not see it drop in the cup. It was definitely an exciting moment and one I will remember forever. It was an amazing highlight to my senior year. Thanks to Titleist for providing the best balls on the market and for allowing me this opportunity!

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Sawgrass Miracle

July 22nd 2013, Took son and best friend to play TPC Sawgrass and I got my first hole-n-1 on the famous 17th from the pro tee and Sunday pin position.

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Cameron gets a Hole in One

Yesterday was a great day for me! I am a golf coach in Price Utah, and we were playing before the kids started their round of play. We got to hole 13 and I got my pitching wedge out of my bag. It was a par three hole and I really wanted a good shot, I did not think it would be as great of a shot as it was. I hit the ball and it bounced on the green it rolled for about ten feet and then it disappeared into the cup. It was one of the greatest feelings of my life!

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First Hole In One

The Par 3 is 90 yards over water. I used an old Titleist DT Solo expecting to donate it to the water. I had taken lessons from my Pro the day before and was hitting the ball better than usual. I have little confidence when I hit my irons but decided to try my 5 iron for curiosity. My partner was busy digging his ball from the water that he had dribbled in when I hit. I watched in dismay as it not only hit the green but took one bounce and into the hole it went. I said," Bubba, I think it went in". We went around to the green and there it was, in the hole. What a feeling.

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