Hole-in-one stories

First witnessed Hole in One

107 yards straight uphill into the setting sun - Eric his 2nd but no one could see his ball land as the sun was behind the green. After the other 3 golfers locate their ball we begin to search for Eric's ball as it looked to be the best shot off of the Tee. Justin then pulled the flag and asked Eric what ball was he playing he Identified it as a Titleist with a 3 and a General Electric Logo -
Hole in One Yes!!!

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My father in law got me into golf and gave me my first set of clubs, which were his hand me downs. He was a great golfer and passed away suddenly. I instantly thought of him when I saw the ball roll in the hole. Thanks Brad, for getting me involved with this great game.

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Hole In One Number 2

Ace #2 just a great as the first one. Short par 3 at Golf Club South River #5 playing 110 yards. Hit a high wedge landed a foot past the hole, bounced a couple times and spun back into the hole. Went on to birdie the next hole and shoot a 74. Great day!

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Close but only a cigar

By: nickc5

1 shot back in a 2 man best ball tournament, I stand on 15th tee- a 171 yrd par 3. Wind was slightly into us but I liked the pin location. It was in a swale on the left of the green and I just had a feeling about that day. The tournament wide skins were tied on saturday so they carried over to sunday. $3600 were up for grabs. I hit my seven iron "get up a little" I said, the ball hit just before the dip in the green and rolled down out of sight. There was a bit of a crowd around this green, as it is near the clubhouse, clapping and whistling ensued. "Did that go in?!" i exclaimed. A cart came racing toward our tee box spinning their towels. I lost control, expletives were flying and my feet weren't touching the ground.
We finished our round, felt good about our score, and headed to the pro shop to submit the official card. "Did you hear about the hole in one on 15?" the pro asked, "yea, that was me!" "....no, did you hear about the other one?" ----- There was a hole in one, on the same hole, on the same day, just 2 hours earlier. I tied him for the skins and it was a wash, neither of us got paid. We did however win our flight.

I went to the bar and immediately lit my cigar "unbelievable"

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First One

First ace ever recorded in the Wandering Gang league at Salt River Golf Course, what a rush. Trust Titleist equipment!!

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