Hole-in-one stories

Hole In One

Got my Titleist White Box Test balls in the mail. Decided to use one. Decided on trying out the X model. Loved the feel and spin they have.

Second round with it, came to the #12 hole, 191 yards at Mountain Woods Golf Club in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Standing over the ball, had a 5-iron in my hand. Wind picks up and decided to drop down to a 6-iron. Tight draw off the greenside bunker, ball lands, two hops, rolls out like a putt, NOTHING BUT HOLE!!

Thanks Titleist.

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ProV1x gets close but test balls go IN

Been playing for 30 years and never had a hole in one. Then I got a little white box in the mail from TT.

Second round with the test balls found me standing on the tee box on a 159 yd par 3. Pin back left with a bunker short left. I hit a stellar 8i towards the right center with about a 6 or 7 yd draw around and over the bunker.

Ball landed about 10' short of the pin, skip, check and trickled, diving right in the hole. We actually thought it might have gone off the back of the green. When pulling up green side and seeing nothing, I walked straight to the hole to confirm my lifetime first ACE,

I have been playing ProV1x's exclusively for many years and been all around the hole at one time or another. Second trip out with the new test balls and BOOM! So it appears to me that while ProV1x's get close these new balls go IN!!!!

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Hole In One

While using the new Titleist test golf ball I was sent to demo I made a Hole In One. Ball felt good during the round, as close to the Pro V 1x I normally use. It traveled the normal distances, nothing exceptionally long or short of normal distance than the Pro V1 x.
It went right about the yardage I expected and in the Hole it went !!
128 yards..........Pitching Wedge.
Love that little "White Box" !!
Thanks Titleist !
Mike M.
Fort Wayne, IN.

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Blake K

My first hole in one on the oldest public course west of the Mississippi (Normandie Golf Club). A perfect 5 iron into the wind with my 981 DCI's. One bounce and into the hole. I love Pro V1's.

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Best 8 iron ever

Avalon Country Club, 9/30/14 hole number 3 , 160 yard 8 iron, landed just beyond the pin, and spun back into to hole. We didn't know it went in until we checked the hole and saw the ball mark!

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