Hole-in-one stories

1st Ace

It has been about 11 months since my complete golf set was stolen from my she'd, I never thought I would get use to a new set. I've struggled for distance control all season, until 09/11/14. I was playing a difficult round when I reached the 5th hole 145 yard par 3. Wind was left to right and drizzle, decided to club down to a 7 iron and take a gentle swing. As you would know, my NXT tour S two hopped, hit the pin and drop. This is one day that I remember for ever and hope to one day accomplish again if I'm ever so lucky.

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First Hole in One

I am happy to say after 32 years of playing this GAME I finally have my first Hole in One. Saturday 10/06 at my home course it happened. Hole number 7 playing 161 yards with a 7 iron and my Titleist number 1 ball. The course name Forest Hills. What a great feeling that was and still is.I will say it was a tournament day and my bar bill was over 300.00 but well worth it.I am hoping the next one will not take as long however i'm sure it will be with a Titleist Ball.

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I Have been playing golf for 30 years and hit my first hole in one. #3 Riverbend 136 yards slight breeze head on, 9 Iron TM RAC and a ProV1 #1. Ball bounced 8" behind the hole and one hopped back into the cup. My friends all watched and were going crazy. It was AWESOME!

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My first Hole in One at age 69

Today was a sunny, little wind type of day in north Texas. Plano, Tx to be exact.

It was a 156 yard par 5, the third par three of the day. I was the first to tee up and I hit an 8 iron to about 4 ft short of the pin. From that point on we couldn't see the ball because the cup was in a swale below our line of site from the tee. I thought it might have gone in because had it rolled past the pin we would have seen it then.

My heart pumping with excitement as we drove up to the green. I expected disappointment but when we could see the entire green my ball wasn't in sight. I asked one of my playing partners to check the cup because I didn't want to be accused of dropping a ball in the cup. My playing partners are that kind of guys :-)

Sure enough my Velocity ball was in the cup. Woo Hoo !!

Good News, Bad News. The good news is I got my first and maybe last hole in one. The bad news is, it cost me $32.65 cents for refresments. They never drink that much except when I buy for holing it out :-)

Any way, a fun day at Los Rios C.C. in Plano, Tx.

Bruce Bickhaus

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Hole in one

I am 81 years old. I was playing with my son, hit a 7 iron, it bounced once up on to the green and rolled from right to left and went into the hole. This is my 2nd hole in one in over 45 years of playing golf.

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