Hole-in-one stories

King Earl

By: earla6

Former MSU Football player 1967 through 1971turned to golf as my second sport

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Hole in one

Last october 14 2014 I made à hole in one at Gombel golf course Indonesia.

That was at hole number 17 par 3 with à 9 Iron AP-2 And à Nxt golf ball.

Thank you Titleist team to make my dream Come true.

Antoine Pigeon

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Long time in the making

Long time in the making.

I started playing golf when I was ten years old and have played a lot till now. Before I was married I use to play as much as 5 times in one week or more, but being single it was a lot easier then. I must have seen a half dozen others that I had played with get their hole in ones but not me. I have had close ones many times but never did it go in. I finally got my first Hole-in-one after playing golf for 59 years. On Tuesday October 28, 2014 on a almost record day in the eighties, not a cloud in the sky type day, I use a 8 Iron on the 13 hole of 139 yards, I thought I had gone over the green but I did not find it till I checked the cup. I did use a Titleist ball but I do regret that it had a few scuff marks. I was playing for the first time a new course called Eagle Ridge Golf Course in Raleigh, NC. I did like the course layout and after today it will be always be my favorite for this great memory.

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By: tobyw1

I recently scored my 4th hole in one. But it was the first one I had actually seen go in! My first, at age 15, occurred on a day when I had lost a contact lense. Numbers 2 & 3 came along 44 and 46 years later....the same hole at the Miami Beach Golf Club, but to a slightly raised green with a dip in the middle. And then.....low and behold, this year I was able to see the ball headed to the hole, pass it ( by an inch ) and suck back in! One of my favorite golf experiences, and I have had a lot of them:-)

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3rd Hole In One

After returning from a vacation where I hit balls nearly every day, I thought that I would enjoy a pleasant Sunday watching football before returning to work.

Then my phone buzzed - my buddy texted a suggestion to play 9 holes.

Why not?
So, off we went.

Now after a week of practice, I was striking it pretty well. I've been practicing a lot. But I had no expectation other than to enjoy a fall afternoon as the weather was cool and dry.

After 7 holes, I had truly enjoyed the afternoon.

8th hole. Par 3. Playing 142 into a 10 mph wind.

Pulled my AP2 710 7 iron and teed a ProV1 #2. A good swing with a nice draw. Ball lands, one bounce, rolls about 8 feet or so and BOOM in the hole!

What a great afternoon! And thanks to my friend Randy, who has witnessed all 3 of my holes in one.

Best of luck to all of you!

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