Hole-in-one stories

1st hole in one

I returned to golf after about a 10 year stint of cycling and tennis. So, of course I had to update all of equipment. My bag is now all titleist from my 913 D2 to my Scotty Cameron putter. At 50+ years of age I got my first ace. It happened in our monthly club tournament. It was on a 115 yd par 3. Used my 50 degree sm4 and a ProV 1x. I got to see it hit, roll back and drop out of sight. It is a very cool feeling.

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Windy day

By: tomj79

Jacksonville Golf & C.C. Jacksonville, Fl. sunny windy day, hole #17 168 yds. across the pond I tee up my #2 Prov1x two bounces 4th hole in one. You just have to LOVE those TITLEST GOLF BALLS. THANKS TITLEST.

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Hole in One followed by champagne

Playing at Willow Oaks Country Club with friends Jo and Tish, whose Irish roots must have brought me some luck! On 105-yard hole no. 2 hit an 8-iron. We knew it hit the green but could not see it over the hump. We looked a bit, then I said jokingly, "We'll, there's only one other place it could be..." I stepped up to the flag and there it was! What a thrill! Congrats to all of you other recent hole-in-one-ers, too!!!!!!!!

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My first Hole in One

Though it didn't happen at Augusta...
Playing at Willow Oaks Country Club April 10 with friends Jo and Tish, whose Irish roots must have brought me some luck! 105-yard hole #2 with an 8-iron. We could not see it land over the hump on the green and we looked a bit before I declared, jokingly, "We'll, there's only one other place it could be..." Stepped up to the hole and there it was, my new BFF, Titleist 2 Velocity!

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My First Hole in One - 63501

On a blustery day at Rock Hill Country Club in Manorville, NY while playing in the first PBQ Golf Club (http://www.pbqgolfclub.com) outing of the season on April 9th, 2014, our foursome stepped up to the 4th hole, a 160 yard par 3. I pulled a 4 Iron with the wind in our face teed up my high number (6) Titleist PRO V1x ball and made good contact. My foursome (Mike Engel, Mark Schraml, Mark Hoppe) watched the ball sail onto the green and after a moment Mark Schraml turned to me and said I don’t see that ball any more. Figuring that the ball had rolled over the green the remaining players all took our tee shots and Mark Hoppe and I took our cart and drove up to the green to find out where the ball had come to rest. We searched the back of the green and the small hill behind the green and could not locate it, at which time Mark Hoppe looked in the cup and proclaimed you’re not going to believe this… you got a HOLE IN ONE! Then turning to the other cart he yelled HE GOT IT IN ONE, HE GOT IT IN ONE! Mike Engel was kind enough to document the occasion taking a picture of me next to the 4th hole flag, and we went on to play our remaining holes still in shock from the fact that I had made my first ever hole in one.

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