Hole-in-one stories


I hit a 7 iron right on target over two bunkers on the hardest pin placement for the hole on a downslope green it landed an inch from the hole and BOUNCED IN the funny thing is a couple days before I said my first hole in one would be with a seven iron my son and I couldn't tell if the ball went in or not and when we drove the cart up we didn't see it my son ran up and said it was in the hole!!! Now I can live a happy life!

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First Hole In One

I had played Moose Ridge the week prior and was unable to play the par three 16th hole as a huge rainstorm came up at that time. The next week I played the 16th and hit a solid 8 iron into a slight breeze. The ball hit above the hole and I was about to turn around and one of my golf partners said "hey, its still moving!" I turned back and saw the ball slowly slide into the cup.

One of my partners that day were just talking about holes in one and I commented that I had hit second shots on par 4's in multiple times, and 100 yard shots into the cup on par 5's, but never a hole in one. That changed that day.

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First Hole in One

On August 16, 2014 I got my first hole in one on the Fruitport Golf Club In Muskegon, Michigan. This was a special moment in that I was playing with a group of fraternity brothers, gathered for our 50th Reunion. I was also memorable since it has been on my bucket list for some 65 years ! Now I can smell the roses !

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1st hole in one

Playing in League event and 7th hole was playing 154 into a little breeze. Pin was a black/white flag tucked into back right corner of green. Pulled an 8iron and started ball in center of green with a little draw being left handed. Could see ball land on green but view was obstructed by bunker on right hand side. Our foursome walked onto the green and couldn't locate my ball. There was a divot about two inches from hole and upon looking in cup realized my ball was in it. This was my 1st hole in one.

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My first hole in one

I was playing a casual round with a friend at Conklin Players Club ( http://conklinplayers.com/ ), and we were paired with an assistant club pro from the Philadelphia area, along with the pro's 75 year old father (who had a heart attack a week earlier!).

On the signature 10th hole with an island green, which was playing 117 yards that day, I hit my pitching wedge into the hole on the fly for my first ace. At first I wasn't sure it went in, because I heard the ball hit the flagstick, and I assumed it bounced somewhere else on the green, but we found the ball in the cup, which was slightly damaged by the ball.

I was playing a Titleist Velocity ball.

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