Hole-in-one stories

Record setting hole in one

I made my second hole-in-one earlier this summer while playing with my sister and my father. The funny part is that I made my hole-in-one on the second hole of my home course, the same exact hole (and almost the same pin!) as my first hole-in-one! The buzz around the club the days following was that I am the only player, male or female, to have two holes-in-one on the second hole.

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My First Ace

I have been playing golf for 55 years and have been a single-digit handicap for most of that time. I had never had a hole-in-one and had about given up. On July 9, 2014 playing with the Senior Men's Group at Autumn Ridge Country Club in Fort Wayne, Indiana it happened on the 11th hole. It was playing 150 yards and I hit a 7 iron. I hit it really well and it started on line, but with the glare of the sun, we could not see it land. As we were driving up to the green I could not see it on the green, and thought that as solid as I hit it, maybe it went over the green. As we got closer, I saw a ball mark about 6 feet short of the pin and knew that if it was mine, I was in the hole. It was!

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Off the Bucket List Now

I recorded my first hole in one on 7/7/14 while playing in the Innsbrook Monday Morning League with my three friends, John Hachtel, Don Mrkacek, and Ken Winn (all of us residents of Innsbrook, Missouri).

Playing the 8th hole, a par three, from the white tees on an elevated tee box, the flag was positioned in the middle of the green and to the right. The sun was directly behind the green with a slight wind in our face. The distance on the card is 138 yards. I hit an eight iron solidly and the ball traveled directly at the pin. We all lost sight of the ball in the sun, but assumed it was on the green. As we headed toward the green there was no ball on the green so we agreed that it had rolled off the back. Much to my amazement, we found it in the hole. My partners all removed their hats and I received hand-shakes (no informal fist-bumps here). What a great day!

Tom Stevener

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First swing of the Day

We started on # 7, and I was the first up. I've played this course a few times and have had some close calls. Actually the last few time I went out I came close to my first ever hole in one multiple times, so I had a feeling it was going to happen one of these days.
I was just hoping to get it close as the pin location was perfect for my normal shot, away I swung and there it went just where I was aiming. It looked good in the air, at least a good birdie putt, I thought. The pro we were playing with made a comment that I'd be buying drinks as the ball was still in the air and he was right. The ball landed a few feet from the pin and slowly rolled in until we all saw it disappear.

What a great way to start a round of golf. I'll never forget my first and hopefully not the last.

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My first hole in one

By: jeriw2

I have played golf for over 30 years and am in my 70's. I can't tell you how thrilling this event was. My husband and I celebrated until late in the evening. Needless to say, I paid the price the next morning but it was definitely worth it.

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