Hole-in-one stories

I Finally Got My Hole in One

We were playing the 12th hole par three at Packsaddle Golf Club. It was a blind up hill shot with only three fourths of the pin visible, and a bunker guarding the front of the green. I had just announced I was putting a new Titleist Pro V1 ball into play. I hit a 121 yard shot that never left the pin. When we reached the height of the putting surface we did not see my ball until we looked in the hole. SWEET! My first hole in one.

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2nd Hole In One

August 1st was a hot day, playing Catawba Creek with my brother, Mickey Ledford. We were both playing a little agitated, because they failed to tell us the greens were plugged and sanded. Trucking along enjoying the fellowship and conversation, THEN IT HAPPENED!! Hole #16 was playing about 147 yards carry, and 152 to the pin with a little wind in out face. I was up first, so I though a firm 8 iron should get me close. I knew when it left the club, it felt really sweet. Then BOOM, she bounced once and found the bottom of the cup. I had a hole in one a few years ago when i played the Titleist ProV1 balls, and i switched up this year to the Titleist Velocity balls... this is proof that both balls can get you in the hole!

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First Hole in One

Got My first hole in one on Saturday. 132 yards used a wedge and Pro V1x ball. Saw the ball bounce at 120 and roll down a ridge into cup.

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First hole in one. Hole 3,132 yards

By: edt37

132 yard easy 8 iron. Hit a very high shot right at the hole. I saw the ball take one small bounce but did not see going in the hole due to the green being higher than the tee. One of my friends another golfer said the ball disappeared. He said it might be in the hole. When I went up to the hole and looked in, there it was, incredible. Upon looking, there was the ball mark about a foot to the right of the hole. We figured it went in on the single bounce.

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Weekend Aces

During a 2 day Member - Member @ Fairview Farms Golf Course in Harwinton CT.
Day 1 - my brother (and partner) made a hole in one on the 7th hole, AP1 - 7 iron, 155 yards
Day 2 - I made a hole in one on the 4th hole, AP1 - 9 iron, 151 yards and Pro- V1x golf ball

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