Hole-in-one stories


By: tobyw1

I recently scored my 4th hole in one. But it was the first one I had actually seen go in! My first, at age 15, occurred on a day when I had lost a contact lense. Numbers 2 & 3 came along 44 and 46 years later....the same hole at the Miami Beach Golf Club, but to a slightly raised green with a dip in the middle. And then.....low and behold, this year I was able to see the ball headed to the hole, pass it ( by an inch ) and suck back in! One of my favorite golf experiences, and I have had a lot of them:-)

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3rd Hole In One

After returning from a vacation where I hit balls nearly every day, I thought that I would enjoy a pleasant Sunday watching football before returning to work.

Then my phone buzzed - my buddy texted a suggestion to play 9 holes.

Why not?
So, off we went.

Now after a week of practice, I was striking it pretty well. I've been practicing a lot. But I had no expectation other than to enjoy a fall afternoon as the weather was cool and dry.

After 7 holes, I had truly enjoyed the afternoon.

8th hole. Par 3. Playing 142 into a 10 mph wind.

Pulled my AP2 710 7 iron and teed a ProV1 #2. A good swing with a nice draw. Ball lands, one bounce, rolls about 8 feet or so and BOOM in the hole!

What a great afternoon! And thanks to my friend Randy, who has witnessed all 3 of my holes in one.

Best of luck to all of you!

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Mike Dowd

i have played this wonderful, exhilarating and at times frustrating game since the age of fourteen I.e. 56 years! I am eight years into my retirement and have gotten my handicap to single digits.

However, poor shots, mediocre shots, decent shots and excellent shots on countless par threes have resulted in balls: rolling up to the hole, along side of it, curling around it, stopping short of it and of course I have suffered the ultimate indignity of having some bounce off the stick too...but none went in until I flew one into the hole on a 141 yard hole with an eight iron on Oct. 29, 2014.

Let's see if it takes another 56 years to get another one that would make me 126 years old. When it happens I hope I am playing with someone that has a camera because I may not remember the happy event...and when I drive home and tell my wife it's for sure she will never believe me without proof.

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Fourth hole in one

I have played golf for 58 years and have had four hole in ones. This hole in one was into a wind over water, but into the sun. Naturally I saw the ball heading towards the pin but lost it in the sun. I was playing with four other players and two of the guys thought it was very close but couldn't see for sure. Once we got to the green they realized what they thought was my ball very close to the pin was intact the ball mark. I had two guys check the hole for me and there was my ball. 10 guys in the skin game. The eagle was worth 3 skins and closet to the pin for a fourth skin! A happy day for me

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Morning Dew Ace

Very cold morning but sunny. 125 yds to the hole with a helping wind. Hit my Titleist 710CB 9 iron and caught it right in the middle of the club. Flew up to the green and pitched 10-12 feet short of the hole and took one hop. Rolled out and took the left break that this green has and rolled in the front of the hole dead centre. The greens at our course are not being cut now that the season is almost done and they are covered with dew in the morning. It was really cool to see the ball track through the morning dew on the green to the hole.

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