Hole-in-one stories

First ever hole in one

I was playing a shot par 3 course with a friend. Third hole in I was not playing well, 2 over. I knew the shot was hit perfectly and had just the right amount of spin dropped about 2 feet from the cup and rolled right in. The total yardage was only about 90 yards, nevertheless a great feeling. Hope I will some day have another.

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First Hole in One

By: carlm4

I am 74 years old and I just made my first hole in one. I was playing with my regular group at Shoal Creek Golf Course in Kansas City, Mo. and we were discussing about not having ever had a hole in one. At that point it became my turn to tee off (I was using a Titleist Pro V1); a few seconds later I watched as my tee shot landed took one bounce and rolled in the hole. After all these years I almost couldn't believe what I had just seen.

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Hole in one on my birthday

Hit my first hole in one today on my 47th birthday while playing with my 15 year old son. Couldn't have asked for a better birthday present.

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First Ace

I've been playing golf for about 15 years. Played in High School and in college. I've came real close to making a couple but never had it happen.

July 18th went out to a local course that has a 4 man scramble every Thursday night during the Spring and Summer. Got to #3, a little 110 yard par 3 and hit a little knock down 54* Vokey SW. It bounced once and went into the hole. I was playing with a group of 8 so needless to say we were really loud. It was the first most of them had ever seen.

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Hole in 1

bad year of golf great day made it better... playing for 35 yrs and a hole in 1 made it all better.. been playing dci irons 16 yrs and always loved them..

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