Hole-in-one stories

Look what I found

My name is Darris Schomaker and I just made my second hole in one! I was playing at Ken McDonald Golf Course in Tempe, Az and I hit a 6 iron from 187 yards right at the pin. I was using a Titleist Velocity ball. It was a great thrill as my brother, Dave, was there to witness the shot. The shot cost me $25 as I bought some drinks from Ashley, the cart girl:)It was the best $25 I ever spent!

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My Hole

By: Mike R

Made my third hole in one on the same hole from 3 different tees. Must be my favorite hole!!

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The hole in one that almost was not

The pin was towards the back of the green and our lead off player, Lou, landed on the green in line with the hole. I joked with him that he should mark his ball and we all laughed. Then I proceeded to hit my ball on the green and it tracked towards the hole. It seemed to disappear as it neared the flag and we all thought it went in the hole.

When we approached the green, Lou got there first and said he saw the ball. He was still a distance away but it seemed to be hanging on the lip when all of a sudden he saw it drop into the hole!

Lou was the only one to see it because the rest of us were too far away yet. We figured the ball went around the back of the hole and we could not see it from the tee. But it must have been on the edge of the hole and just fallen in. It was ironic since I had jokingly told Lou to mark his ball and he is the one who saw the ball drop in the hole.

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Hole In One

Playing an uphill 145 yd. par 3 with my regular group. We all hit the green, but when we got to the top of the hill only three balls were seen. One of my playing partners looked in the hole and there it was. My second Ace in almost 50 years of playing. It was a great day!

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Joe Roberts

September 19 at Chattachoochee Golf Club in Gainesville, Georgia, Titleist Team member 80 year old Joe Roberts used AP2 irons and ProV1 golf balls in recording eight birdies in route to first round 69. Roberts won the 2014 Gainesville City Super Senior City Championship. He currently holds the same title at Chicopee Woods golf club also in Gainesville.

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