Hole-in-one stories

Unseen hole in one

Sept 7 2104 I decided to play a round with one of my customers. I got a tee time at Bittersweet golf course in Gurnee Illinois. We were paired up with a father and daughter. Daughter was on the varsity team and was playing the course to get ready for an upcoming tournament at the course. First two holes were ho hum. Third hole was a 163 yard par 3. The sun was blinding, I was the first to hit. I took out a 6 iron which I normally hit around 165 yards. I hit it well, sure that I was on the green. I didn't see it in the air and didn't see it land. I just assumed I was on the green and would have a putt for birdie. The rest of the group hit their shots and we hopped in our cart and headed towards the green. I grabbed my putter and walked onto the green. Everyone went to their balls and I asked is that a titleist? The girl said yes but she was playing a titleist as well. I looked around and saw a ball mark about 6 feet from the hole. Joking around I said maybe it's in the hole. I slowly walked towards the pin peeking down and to my surprise the ball was in the hole. I was in shock that I had a hole in one. High fives all around. I was on a high the rest of the round. After the round was over I brought my scorecard into the clubhouse, they had me sign the card along with a witness and they are putting my name on a hole in one plaque.

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Blind Ace

On Wednesday Oct 1,2014 I was playing in my league's 4 club tournament. On the 115 yard 16th hole at Ridgewood golf course I used my 7iron (only iron I was carrying) and a Titleist NXT tour ball to hit onto the elevated green. Only seeing the top of the flag I made a good swing sending the ball just left of the flag fading back towards it. When I got to the green I was told to look in the cup where I found my ball.

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Hole in one

Today I got a hole in one. I have been golfing since May 2014 so a very new and lucky golfer. Love this game!! ⛳

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Found Ball provides the magic

I was playing in our Thursday Night League and had just completed a par 5 where I found a Pro V1x laying in the rough, just right of the greenside bunker. I typically play NXT as they are less expensive and I am not inclined to spin the ball too much. Even though the Pro V I found was blemished and marked with someone else's purple dot, I decided to use it on the upcoming par 3, number 2. The pin was located center left playing at about 142 yards into the wind. I normally would hit a 3/4 8-iron but opted to use my nine and go after it a bit. It is great when a plan works. I hit a towering fade just left of the pin and watched as it carried and landed approximately 18" past the hole. When I struck the ball my partner started yelling go in immediately. Normally this is the kiss of death, but in this case my ball landed and spun back right into the cup. For the briefest of moments we were all dumb-struck and then I found myself dancing wildly with arms akimbo. The group ahead of us at the next tee box were waving and yelling as well. They heard the ball hit and clatter against the flag stick as it when in. It goes to show you, you don't have to be a pro to hit a shot like one every once in a while. I can tell you, the next balls I buy, will be Pro V1x. Thank You Titleist

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Hole In One

Got my Titleist White Box Test balls in the mail. Decided to use one. Decided on trying out the X model. Loved the feel and spin they have.

Second round with it, came to the #12 hole, 191 yards at Mountain Woods Golf Club in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Standing over the ball, had a 5-iron in my hand. Wind picks up and decided to drop down to a 6-iron. Tight draw off the greenside bunker, ball lands, two hops, rolls out like a putt, NOTHING BUT HOLE!!

Thanks Titleist.

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