Hole-in-one stories

Five aces

My first ace came on a practice round for a corporate tournament.The next day the prize was Ford Explorer.It occurred at Royal oaks in Georgia.The second one was Meadowbrook Golf Course in Rutherford County.Hole 2 I hit it past the hole and it slowly rolled back into the hole.My third ace was at Village Greens hole 6 where my playing partners and I were not sure it was in the hole until we rode up to the green. My fourth ace was at Links O Tryon hole 4 where we could not see it going in the hole,but a group heading to an adjoining hole saw it go in and hollered out to us.My fifth ace was at Village Greens hole 9 where my group stood and watched the ball roll until it disappeared. I was disappointed in that I never won any big prize with any of these aces. I was with a golfing partner who had his first and only ace and won 12 dozen golf balls.

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Brother In Law envy

My Brother-in-law and two Canadian friends gather every year for our annual Ryder Cup style golf trip. They fly to Las Vegas (my home), we play The Legacy then head to my vacation home in St. George, UT. (I always get "hell you live in LV and you vacation in St. George") We play four days of all-out golf. While playing Sunbrook Golf Club, #3 of the Blackrodk 9 on day two, I hit a nice 167 yard 6 iron draw for a my first and only Hole In One! Our home is pin high on #6 of the same 9 so I ride by #3 all the time, Double sweet because my BnL is always on me with digs. He still is hole-less for the HiO honor. SWEET!!!

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Hole in one

I've been golfing for a long time and have two holes in one. The uniqueness about them is they came 48 hours apart. My first one was on my dad''s birthday February 18th and the other was on February 20th. Same golf course, different holes.

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4th hole in one

got my four hole in one laberday 2014 with titleist test ball

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Bill Shrader

July 22, 1992. Waikapu CC, Maui. #10 (then, think it may be #1 now) 220 yards with a 4 iron playing a Titlest 384 Tour 100, #4. 6 hole carryover in skins game. Sweet.

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