Hole-in-one stories

My Second ACE

Got my second ace yesterday morning on Summer Grove Golf Club's hole #4 in Newnan, Ga. I was using a #8 Titlest Pro VI.
My first was on March 12, 2006 on Heron Bay #12 in McDonough, Ga. I was using a #1 Titlest Pro VI ball then.

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My Second Hole In One

I got my second hole-in-one yesterday (10-26-14). My first one was in September 2011 at Valley Gardens GC in Scotts Valley, CA.
This time it was on the 9th hole (same course). A 118 yard Par 3. I hit a nine iron. It was dead straight, never left the pin. It landed about 12 feet short of the hole and rolled straight in.
Naturally, the ball I hit was a Titliest Pro v1x. I wouldn't play anything else!

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Cobblestone Hole In One

It's fall in Georgia and a beautiful day at the Cobblestone Golf Course in Acworth Georgia on the 13th hole where I hit a beautiful shot through the air watching the ball land with a bounce then roll into the hole. My friends were announcing the shot like a TV announcer and then fainted when the ProV1x rolled in the hole. A Hole In One which is my first and I bought drinks for everyone in the club. What a day. I will never forget this moment. Thanks Titleist.
Julian Phelps

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3rd Hole In One Finally Stayed In Hole

By: donl12

Several years ago when a member at AP's White Eagle GC, Naperville,Illinois. Ironically,like Arnie back to back hole in ones in 2 days it happened to me as well,twice, but a week apart on the same hole (16th), same time (1:30 pm) , same yardage (204 yards), same Titleist designed Cbra II golf club (4 Iron),same Pro V 1 golf ball. Yes, but I was with a different foursome each time.

1st Saturday: In the air and into the cup,bounced out 2'-3'and putted the Pro V 1 in for birdie.

Next Saturday: Same everything - go figure? In the air, into the cup but this time it bounced out of the cup about 12' - 15' away and missed the birdie.

A month later my "Mother IN Law" called me and asked "Don have you ever had a hole in one - caught me flat footed and stated Well, Yes & No. Well, you know how mother in laws are so she said which is yes or no? I had to say no and they with great humor she said she made one today. Good for her. Finally, in September of this year still playing the same Titleist clubs hit a 6 iron uphill into a 2 club wind so figured playing yardage at 172 yards with a slight draw allowing 1 soft bounce into the cup. Yes,I was playing with a foursome / Moose Club Outing & grounds keepers also present. It was great because several witnesses had never seen a hole in one before. Don

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Hole in One
Sat. October 25, 2014.

Melody Wise

The Villages Havana Golf Club.
Kilimanjaro hole #6.
Ball - Titleist Pro V1 (#4).
Club - Cbra 7 Iron.
It was a thing of beauty and a feeling that you can never imagine. And I saw it all. It only took me 30 years. Got to share it with the best of friends.

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