Hole-in-one stories


My name is Nate, I am 33 years old, a scratch golfer, and been playing golf ever since I was 9 and before July 27 2014 I had never had a Hole in One! ACE #1 I was playing on my home course in a big 2 man event that I play in every year. I stepped up on hole 5 at Beatrice CC, it was down wind that day, playing about 138 yards, I pulled a 52 degree wedge and struck a Titleist 6 Pro V1x. I knew it was good in the air, the ball landed just left of the hole, hopped forward and spun back right in the hole. All I remember yelling was ITS IN, along with a few other words. There were about 8 witnesses and about 144 golfers on the course that day. Needless to say it was an expensive day, but I didn't care! It was the best feeling I have ever had on the golf course, and I wondered if I would ever feel that way again. ACE #2 Well... A couple months later on Sept 14 2014, I was playing in a tournament at Fairbury CC, not far from my home town. I stepped up on the 5th tee, playing about 177 yards, I pulled a 9 iron and struck a Titleist 8 Pro V1x, again I knew it was going to be close. The ball landed short of the hole, and one hopped right in the Jug! Again I was ecstatic and could not believe it! Much to my surprise... ACE #3 Just 5 days later on Sept 19 2014 I was playing with my regular Friday afternoon group at Beatrice CC. I had literally just answered questions about my second ACE that day on the first tee. We get to the 11th tee, playing about 169 yards that day, down wind, and a friend that lives on the hole was out on the tee congratulating me on my second. Just as I was taking a couple practice swings I told him, "hey better get your camera out and film this" well, he should of! I stepped up, pulled a Pitching Wedge and struck a Titleist 2 Pro V1x, as the ball was in flight I knew it was going to be close and I chuckled and said "oh just do it again!" The ball landed in an aeration hole, cause we just punched the greens that week, just passed the hole and hopped back right in the cup! Another ACE!! I shouted "Did it go in" One of the guys on the 12th tee ran down, looked in the hole and just threw his hands up!! I was in total disbelief! 3 Hole in Ones in 55 days!! The last one was especially special for me because I shared it with my Best Friend Scott that was playing with me that day. It was truly a summer of golf that I will never forget!

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First Ace

I'm 33 years old and have played golf avidly since I was 14. Last year I did my best FC impersonation and holed out for par after hitting my first shot in the water, which I took a lot of grief for from my golf buddies that have real aces. Yesterday I played in a charity scramble at IMG country club in Bradenton, FL. We came to hole 17, a 150yd par three surrounded by water on the right and in front of the green. The pin was in the back, 143 yards away, It was a very windy day and this hole was playing into a 20mph headwind. I hit a 6 Iron that bored through the wind and never left the line of the flagstick. My ProV1 looked like it was floating on its decent as it was being held up by the wind, as it dropped towards the green it hit the top of the flagstick and dropped straight in the hole! Our golfing group has a standing agreement that anyones first ace is immediately followed by that golfer taking a dive into the nearest body of water. I honored my commitment and jumped in the lake, hence the reason I am shirtless, shoeless and soaking wet in the picture as I lifted the ball from the cup.

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I just made an albatross on my local course. (The River Club in North Augusta SC) I hit a 3 wood from 210 and jarred my prov1 straight into to the hole. It hit the flag and the bottom of the cup so load we could hear it over 200 yards away. I had my best friend Gene Lott and another buddy Rex Goble witness it.

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Lucky 13

My buddy gave me a ProVX1 because it was stamped with #13 - and he thought it was unlucky! First time I hit it, it went in the hole.

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Straight as an arrow

#17, just an average 155 yard hole at Overlook Golf Club in Hollis, NH. My 6 iron would be my normal club of choice for the distance, but I decided to go with the 7 instead. When you first hit it, I thought, wow, straight as an arrow. Once it landed, all of the people with me told me it was in the hole, but I wouldn't believe it, or didn't believe it because my distance vision isn't as good as it once was. I wouldn't believe it until I saw it sitting in the hole. Sure enough, there it was!

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