Hole-in-one stories

My First Hole In One

By: melc10

Playing skins game with my regular foursome at Virginia Beach National, Virginia Beach, VA on the 3rd of April 2014 when we finally reached Hole #13, a 141 yards 3 on the white tee box, although that morning the pin was tacked in at the back with the breeze coming to us and we measured it at about 154 yards. I teed up my PROV1 and used a 4 iron and what a shot it was. It landed about 7 yards in front of the hole and rolled in.

Finally all that waiting (20 yrs) for the HOLE-IN-ONE has ended.

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2nd Ace

By: joee45

My 4-some was playing behind another group, who let us play through when we caught them on the tee of the fifth hole at Olympia Hills G&CC. The other members of my group missed the green, so, to uphold the "honor" of the group. I hit a 5-hybrid to within 2 feet of the hole and watched it roll in for my second career ace, using a Pro V-1.

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1st Hole in One

My buddy and I were on an Arizona weekend golf trip. On the last day the twelfth hole I hit a pitching wedge right on line. I said "Oh be the club" we saw it bounce once then disappear. What a memorable trip!

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First Hole In One

On Monday March 31st 2014, my father and I played a friendly round of golf. #3 at Bel Meadow Golf Club was playing 141yrds into a gentle breeze. I used a 9iron and a ProV1 and hit the greatest shot of a lifetime. Was able to watch it the entire way, landed about 5ft behind the pin and sucked right back in! Witnessed by Randy Hess

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What a thrill

With my usual foursome.  We didn't see it go in but I had a feeling, get to the hole and total euphoria. Cost me a boat load of money too.

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