Hole-in-one stories

My mind stood still. I thought it could be in the hole, but when we got to the green, there it was, partially stuck in the hole.
As we began approaching the green, we saw it fall, all the way in!
It was like on TV.
What a kick!!

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Slam Dunk

It was a crisp fall day. I was playing my second round of the day with a good friend. The signature 8th hole plays from an elevated tee 143 yards to the green. I pulled PW, the same club I hit during my morning round. The second it left the club, it looked good. My playing partner and I heard a crack and saw the flag stick shake. I knew it had to either slam dunk or ricochet off the green. When I got to the green I saw that I damaged the hole when as the ball flew directly in the cup for an ace. What a feeling.

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My first ace

11-16-14 at Falconhead in Lakeway, TX in a 4 man scramble, I hit my first hole in one! 146 yard 9 iron on #8. You can't see the surface of the green from the tee box so we didn't see it go in...made it kind of anticlimactic.
I'm 38 and have been playing since I was 22. I play a couple times a week and just figured I'd be one of those golf fiends that never gets his ace. Had 4 witnesses, so it made it pretty sweet.
Hit a Titleist 2 Velocity.

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Saving The Best For Last

Steve, Dick and Curt and I were on the 18th tee on October 6 with the pin back it was 172. It's a beautiful finishing hole with water front, back and right. The peninsula does provide a bailout let, but you're looking at 4. This is a solid 6 or easy 5 iron for me, but the wind was blowing at least 1 club so I pulled from my png G15 complete set (Anser Putter)the 7 iron and kept saying to myself, just hit it solid and the wind will get you close. Hit it straight. The ball never left the flag.

It was close alright. It went in the hole. What a great day with great friends. It's only my second hole in one and I believe I'm enjoying it more. As I was placing the ball in a my Png Carry Bag compartment I laughed to my friends about it being October 6 and the PROV1X was a 6

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An incredible experience

By: jank10

Well, this story is kind of crazy, but it was the best moment in my golf life! It was a PAR 4 here in Czech republic, it standardly has around 240m but the tee box was under reconstruction so it had around 210m at the moment. There were some people behind us but I planned to play cca 10m behind green so I took my 5 Iron (Titleist AP2) and didn't wait. It was the most beautiful shot I've ever made, straight, long. I mean really long so I skreamed FORE to people on the green. The ball landed maybe 2m before green and I didn't see anything. Those people started to scream and I was afraid I hit somebody. Than they scream that my ball is in the hole! They said it was an incredible experience so I was also happy for them! :-)

My gear: 5 Iron Titleist AP2 712, Project X 6.0 shaft, Pro V1 ball

Thank you! :-)

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