Hole-in-one stories

Finally got my first ace

Been playing for 30+ years, got serious about the game about 4 years ago. Currently playing to about a 9 handicap. I work from home so most weekday mornings I go off at 6:15AM by myself at my home club, Tijeras Creek in Rancho Santa Margarita and play 18 holes in about 2 hours.

This Monday morning started like any other, hitting the ball pretty well. I play a Titleist ProV1x. 3 over front nine, 1 over back nine as I stepped on to the tee #14, a downhill 165 yard par 3. Blind tee shot as the pin is tucked right so I can't see it clearly from the tee. Hit a solid 6 iron that felt very good off the face, say to myself "that could be good" as I'm watching the ball flight with a slight cut towards the pin.

Get down to the green and from the cart I don't see the ball but I do see a pitch mark about 18 inches in front of the cup. Nothing behind the green so I assume it hit the pin and shot left or right into one of the surrounding bunkers. Walking up the left bunker is empty, so as I'm walking to the right side bunker I glance in the hole as I go by and there sits my Titleist 2. I'm stunned.

As karma would have it, I didn't see it drop and there were no witnesses. At least I have the picture and a great story. End up tying my best round ever with a 76.

Played a lot of different balls but nothing matches the feel of a well hit ProV.

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My first hole in one

By: iras7

I was able to get away from work early on Friday July 11 and it was a perfect day for golf - sunny, warm but not too hot and a nice breeze. I was able to get on as a single at Station Creek North Course in Gormley, ON Canada. I play from the white tees and the 17th hole is a par 3 which was set at 148 yards from tee to flag that day.

I took out my 8 iron but with the breeze in my face, decided an easy 7 was the smarter move - I am so glad that I did because the pic says it all. The shot was so perfect, even the ball landed just the right way.

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It was June 14th, 2014. I was actually not planning on playing in my High Schools Athletic Fundraiser. I got a call around 11:30 that morning from a good friend and he said they really needed one more player to fill out the team. I had already passed on a few groups because I had work. Well I went and on 5th to last hole for us was the #2 Par 3. It was playing at 168. I pulled out my 8 iron initially, but there was a decent amount of wind, so I backed down to a 7 and figured I would hit it just easy. I couldn't have struck the ball any better it had a nice little draw going at the front right pin. I knew if I landed it just short of the green it was going to be a brilliant shot. It took 2 hops and started rolling towards the pin. I was actually walking away from the tee box because I just figured we were going to have a birdie chance, but of course I kept watching. It trickled up, hit the pin and disappeared. I couldn't believe it. On top of it all the witness's were some of my old high school teachers. One of them shouted at me "Mike you won the car!". That's when I went nuts. I absolutely lost my mind. Yesterday July 12th I finally received that car. I couldn't believe it happened. I'd like to thank Titleist I was playing a #2 Pro V1x. I've always played their balls and I will continue to.

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Playing in the PGA Junior Series Tournament at Taconic Golf Club in Williamstown MA, Justin Theilig aced the Par 3 14th hole 7/10/14. Coincidentally, 58 years ago in the 1956 USGA Junior Amateur on the same hole, 16 year old JN scored a 1 on the same hole. Nice to be in such fine company!

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My First Hole In one

I was able to get out of work a little early Friday. I got home and my 20 year old son was going out to play. Well, i wasn't going to pass up the chance so i said i'd join him. We didn't have much time because he had to work. We got to the first hole and were paired of with a nice couple from out of town. Play was slow so we we were going to leave after the third hole. A 160 yard par 3 near the clubhouse. The wind was a little in my face and right to left so i chose my Titleist 7 iron. Trusted and true most of the last 5 years I've played them. Well, i hit it pure and with a little draw the ball landed on the front right of the green, i yelled release. It did and rolled about 20 feet to the back pin and in the hole. It was my first hole and one and i was able to hit it with my 20 year old son. I think he enjoyed it more than i did. Well, we obviously had to finish the round and unfortunately he didn't play so well but i finished one over. turned in my score in the clubhouse and will be playing Titleist for life. I will say i am playing irons only but will try to upgrade to the driver as well to see if i can improve the distance of my drives now. Thanks Titleist for the great irons.


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