Team Titleist Content and Features Survey

Posted: July 28, 2010

We want to hear your feedback on Team Titleist. We're interested in learning more about the type of content and features you would like to see as we continue to enhance the Team Titleist experience. Click on the link below to launch the survey.

Remember, the more you participate the better your chances are at opening the doors to exclusive Team Titleist rewards including the opportunity to participate in product testing panels.

Sorry, this survey is no longer active. Check back soon for a new survey. 

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Mario Alfredo R

Fantastic Site!!! I am a United States Golf Teaching Federation Golf Teaching Professional.  I firmly believe that Titleist Golf Equipment and Gear are Number 1 in Golf.  I always plug your equipment when I am giving lessons.

Dameon E

Well I just finished my survey and as a new member, I am defintely looking forward to being a part of Team Titleist. I'm very excited!


Took both surveys and found them to be very complete. Questions were to thepoint and still left open ideas for improvement

Bruce R

I have tried to sign up for the test panel as the e mail said but I habe been unsuccesful.

mark t

Im glad to be a part of the testing,just finished testing the the Ball.

William B

Just tested the Proto-Type Ball and found it very comparable to the Pro-V1, and would use  without hesitation, I still think the Pro-V1 ball is the best golf made and will stay with it but the Proto type measured up real well against Pro-V1 but really surpassed all other golf balls especially Calloway, and Bridgestone. In doing the test I had my brother tee up the balls so I did not know which I was hitting, and therefore my swing was not influence one way or other


I received a sleeve of titleist golf balls to test and complete a survey when done. I can't seem to find the survey, can someone help me???

John P

Good features without marketing overkill

Rudy E

I played in a golf tournament 9/25/10 and used the titleist test balls.    I played with one of

the golf pros and we both drove the ball a greater distance,  my drives added 10-15 yards more

and our pros was  15-20 yards more.   We both increast our iron distance some what.

It was difficult to tell differance putting.

rc c

just got on the first time.  i was watching performance institute stuff on line for the first time