We want your feedback on Titleist.com

Posted: September 8, 2010

We've been making some changes to Titleist.com and we want to hear what you think of the updates so far. Click on the link below to launch a quick survey and we look forward to hearing your feedback.



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I think its great that you use us with new products,we are not pros but we know if it works for us.Our friends and others we play with see it too,some golfers don't care about the pros. But if i beat them they care, and want to see the ball or club you are playing!

Dan H

Test ball was very favorable to the Titliest ProV1. Dimple pattern was an obvious change and brighter cover although I don't believe the cover is as durable as the ProV1 as far as shine lasting.

michael D

Enjoyed playing prototype golf ball....this ball was a little more lively than the Provi 1 I presently play...It  was longer by 10 yards off the tee and did not bite as well as the Prov 1 on approach shots.  I prefered my Prov1 putting since I was used to the feel..the prototype was not as soft putting

sam s

 I am very excited about being a new member of team titleist.  I look forward for future updates and promo's.  I am currently using prov1X and loving it.  This year my handicap has gone from 11 to 9.  Thank you titleist for your great products.  I would be very interested  in doing any product testing for your products.

Jonathan Purcell

@Craig E

I wish that I would receive free stuff just like you friend.  What a great thing that would be, receiving something directly from Titleist.  It would go directly onto/into the bag!


Wow, Awsome, Outstanding,Wonderful, Excellent. These Are Without question.Hands. Down. The Worlds. Best. Golf Ball. By Far. Ever. 1.The feel control spin and distance. is in a class. all by. it. self. 2. from the Tee Box. from the 1st hole. All the way. To your last. Putt. On the  18th  hole. The  (  Pro - V 1   and  the  Pro - V 1x  )  Plays  Like  A  Gem. these are truly   the  finest  cut. (  Diamonds   of  the  highest  quailty. you  could  ever  want. but most of all ever find. In a golf  ball. any  where  ever. period. to all of my fellow. members. out their. all over. please,please,please  and I.mean please. take it from me. when you. want the best golf ball. 4 your. game. the (  Pro - V 1  and   Pro - V 1x  ) is the only way. to go. your golf ball. is the only peace  of  equipment. that you. use. from start to finish. on every hole.you can use different clubs. but your golf ball. stays the same. take it from me. i. know. my name is (  Mr. Darryl  A. Fleet   I. Am  A.   45 Year Old  (  Scratch   Golfer  ) I. Have been  playing. Golf. ever since I. was  2 Years  Old. thats 43  Years. By The Time I. Turned  11 Years  Old. I. Was  And  Still Is  to this  day. A  (  Scratch   Golfer  ) Ha  Ha  Ha  Once  Again. when  you. want. the worlds. best. golf ball. (  Pro - 1   and   Pro - V 1x  ) Is the only chioce.

Edward K

Just finnished playing the proto-type ball,1)a little more jump off irons 2)rolled very well on greens3) not much difference from driver I hit high bombs.  Found the cover a little more durable than PRO 1< I hit the cart path . very good ball. Thanks ED K

George S

Love the test ball. Great feel putts true great distance. Can't wait to get my hands on some more! Thanks Titleist

Hal R

I really liked the TEST balls you sent me.  When will they go to market?

andrew c

I played the test balls this week and here is my assessment.  5 yards longer off the tee. Pro V1 had more spin on approach shots 100 yards in. I didn't notice any difference in distance with iron shots. The test ball felt softer on putts.  I prefer the Pro V1 over the tset balls.  The test balls were good but not as good as Pro V1.

Thanks for letting me participate in the test.