We want your feedback on Titleist.com

Posted: September 8, 2010

We've been making some changes to Titleist.com and we want to hear what you think of the updates so far. Click on the link below to launch a quick survey and we look forward to hearing your feedback.



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Tim J

I completed the survey to test products.  Is there anything I can to at this point.  I would love to try the new prototype ball.  Naturally, I'd love to try the new 910 series clubs.  Thanks for the consideration.

Greg T

Looks great!

earl t

I  am haver a hard time finding right hand gloves in stores for me i am left hander i like the titleist soft glove. can you help me.thank you

Jim L


John O

I recently used the test balls I received from Titleist and compared them with the balls I use on a regular basis.  I found that these test balls did not vary much from others off the tee, but they were much better on approach shots from about 100 yards in.  These balls putted very well and they held the green extremely well.  I would look forward to using this ball should they come out in the future.  

Larry E

I took the test balls out for a round recently hitting the Pro-

v and than the test ball.  The more I played, the more I just used the test ball.  II seemed to have increased spin, better feel, and gave me better control of my short game.

Jacob M

I would like to be able to help in testing equipment, balls, etc.  Thanks for all you great products.

mike s

I have received a sleve of "test" balls and wish to respond to your request for the survey after usage.   For some reason i have missed pleaced the web address.   Could you please advise address so I  can comply.

Great balls.


Mike Sharpe

Dennis G

great web site

Anthony A

First let me say, I bleed Titleist black and white!!!

I have to have everything offered by Titleist!!!

I recently tried the test balls and enjoyed them very much!

They were about 8 to 10 yards longer off the driver and about 5 yards longer off the irons.

They stopped quickly on the greens, but did not spin back like my Pro V1's.

I thought they played more like a Pro V1X.

GREAT ball; it's just I won't ever give up my Pro V1's!!!!

Thanks for the oppertunity to test these balls!!

Anything else I can do to help, just holler,