We want your feedback on Titleist.com

Posted: September 8, 2010

We've been making some changes to Titleist.com and we want to hear what you think of the updates so far. Click on the link below to launch a quick survey and we look forward to hearing your feedback.



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Ryan M

I took the survey and am a team titleist member should i be recieving golf  balls?

jimmy s

I was just wondering why its so hard for me to find titleist logo golf shirts. Every club in my bag and everything I use is titleist and I was hoping to find out how to get shirts?!? Thanks

Rod E

After completing the test on the prototype balls, I was totally impressed! Longer, with l the right amount of spin for control and soft feel on putts. I hope they go into production.

Bernie B

On September 24th I had my 1st hole in one at Madden golf Resort in Brainerd, Minnesota, using a Titleist Pro V1, I am a 10 handicaper and use only Titleist golf balls. The hole was 126 yards, used a 9 iron. I have used Titleist golf balls since taking up golf in 1989,, I am 53 years old.  Titleist is the best golf ball made and I am a big fan of the products.

Also looking to purchase new irons and will be taking a long hard look at the Titleist irons.

My hole in one ws in the St. Paul Pioneer Press on 9/26.

Bernie B.

Bob M

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the test ball.  Makes it worthwhile to be a member when you get something in return. Go Titleist  !!!

NOW...market some clothing for us to wear  !!!!!

Jason R

I played the test ball this past week and what stood out to me is the feel of the ball.  Control and spin are at a premium level.  I'm really liking this ball and can see myself buying a couple of dozen when they hit the market.

Jim N

Please send a sleeve of the proto balls I'm reading about. I will evaluate and feedback immediately since I'm retired.

Logan H

where do you get the test balls... I got fitted for the pro vx and i did not get a test ball


Enjoyed trying the test golf balls I was sent to try. I used them continously after testing them. I palyed about ten rounds with them and love them a lot. Thats the only ball I am playing now. Would like more of them. I use to hit titleist balls but they use to cut very easy. I stayed away from them until I got these test golf balls. Now I might consider playing titleist balls agin if there are as good as the test ball.

john f

I just played a round this past Sunday with a test ball sent to me. I shot one of the best rounds i've had in a while. My drives where straighter and about 5-7 yards longer. WOW!! And my aprouch shots also flew straighter and landed soft. They had a great feel chipping and putting. By far the best ball I have hit in a long time. Hats off to TEAM TITLEIST!!!!!! Now the million dollar question is: Which ball is it????

Kind regards, John W. Ferren