Share Your Insight on Golf Ball Technology and Performance. We Want Your Feedback.

Posted: February 16, 2011

In our latest Team Titleist survey we're looking to get your thoughts and opinions on one of our favorite topics - golf balls.

This quick survey will help us better understand your thoughts and opinions when it comes to golf ball technology, performance and quality.

Sorry, this survey is no longer active.

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mike A

I just received two sleeves of balls from Titleist to test. I am looking forward to

hitting both types of the prototype sleeves and reporting back to the Titleist

Performance Institute on how the balls performed with all the different clubs.

I am excited about being a tester for Titleist and can't wait for this Chicago

metropolitan area weather to finally clear up, stop raining, and become summer.

Mike Ahern

McHenry, IL

greg s

can'tget to the web sight to answer questions about the balls Iwas sent to try out. red circles and red squares

Bert B

Played the Prototype Distance (PD)and Prototype Feel(PF)

Average Driving distance PD was 242 yards  and 240 yards PF

PD 5 iron distance 154  152 PF    per GPS tracking in the cart.

Both PD and PF felt solid  not soft off the irons

Both putted about the same   feel firm   both much like the NXT

both had about the same spin stop with pitching wedge

If i hadn't been tracking    would not know  which ball i was playing.

Jim W

Thank you for the circle and trangle golf balls.  Normally play the so-lo.  Both balls have given me more distance.  The circle balls has preformed better around the green for me.  Or perhaps I has just putting better the round with the circle ball.  

godd feel with long irons and wedges with both.  Thank again Jim

henry w

I also received the distance and feel prototype balls, but am unable to complete the survey? What is the correct web site?

Noah N

Very good ball, took me forever to get my cp going again...keep e,m coming

Stella L

I just tested 2 golf balls for you named Distance and one named Feel....I want to know what the name of the Feel ball will be when you market them for the public so I can buy them...I really liked playing with them...

Stella Lynch

Paul H

I have evaluated the two types of prototypes you sent me but cannot submit my results.

frank s

trying to complete survey on golf balls, says survey is no longer active

kenneth t

I finally shot in the 70's for the first time and my game is coming along well. On June 2, 2011 not only did I break the 80's but got a hole in one on the par three #16 hole at Bravo Field while hitting my pro-v.  I am really inpressed with hitting pro-v and I can honestly say that this ball has enhanced my game. Wow, let's go Titleist! Thanks, kt