From the 2009 Buick Open – Tuesday

Posted: July 28, 2009 is on-site at Warwick Hills Golf & Country Club in Grand Blanc, Michigan for the 51st edition of the Buick Open, a tournament that dates back to 1958. The Titleist Tour Van has been buzzing with even more activity than usual, as this is the first week that it is carrying the next generation AP1, AP2, CB and MB irons that are scheduled to be introduced to the marketplace this fall.

Several players (Greg Chalmers, Derek Fathauer, Bill Haas, Stephen Leaney, Marc Leishman, Darron Stiles, Kevin Na) worked with the new irons on the range for the first time, while others, including Tom Pernice, Jr. (New AP2), Colt Knost (New CB) and Johnson Wagner (New CB) played a practice round with them and decided to put them in the bag this week.

Longtime Titleist Brand Ambassador Brad Faxon, who is also in the field this week, was actually the first to play the New AP2 irons in competition two weeks ago, when he posted his best finish of the year at the U.S. Bank Championship in Milwaukee. A set of the New AP1 irons were also played in competition for the first time in Milwaukee, and will also be in that player's bag this week in Michigan.

Improvements to the new AP2 irons have resulted in better feel as well as improved shot control and ground contact. The new AP1 irons offer better feel, more forgiveness, and an improved shape, particularly in the short irons. Look for more sets to be put into play in the coming weeks, and be sure to check back here and on for the latest information on all Titleist products.

For now, be sure to check out the slide show for more information from the Buick Open.

A lot of activity is taking place this week in the Titleist Tour Van.

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Robert Sellman

Is there going to be an AP2 2-iron in the future?

Robert Sellman


This is unlikely, as there just isn't enough demand for 2-irons anymore.

Robert Sellman

Love the look of the new CB & MB irons - would the CB be a possible replacement for my 775.CB or are they aimed at lower handicap players.

Robert Sellman

I just took a look at the new MB irons, they look terrific. I just want to know if they are more or less forgiving than prior MBs.


Robert Sellman


There is more difference between the 2009 Pro V1 and Pro V1x than there was with the prior generation (2007) models.  2009 Pro V1 is the softer of the two and Pro V1x features a higher driver trajectory.  While more players will hit longer drives with Pro V1x, they will be the most different off the tee when a player’s ball speed and spin are high. Conversely, lower speeds and spins may favor Pro V1 in this regard.

Pro V1 will spin more than Pro V1x for most shots.  Pro V1 will spin more with the driver and more with irons.  As speed decreases, the spin difference will lessen and lower speed players will experience less difference.  While iron distance will be similar, it is very dependent on a player’s launch characteristics and depending upon his or her launch conditions, a player may experience greater iron distance with either Pro V1 or Pro V1x.

Robert Sellman


Design goals for the new MB irons focused on providing improved feel, classic looks, and superior shot control for the highly skilled golfer. Forgiveness qualities should be similar to previous generation MB irons.

Robert Sellman


We recommend visiting a Titleist FittingWorks Partner and trying each of the models when they become available later this year.  While the CB irons are not meant to be a specific replacement for the 775.CB, you and your fitter may find that they work for your game.

Robert Sellman

The new irons look fantastic. Do you have any ideas on launch dates for UK? We normally have to wait around 5-6 months to get new release stuff.

The CBs look amazing, can't wait to get hold of a set (they remind me of 690s and 704s - no bad thing, I had 2 sets of 704s before switching to AP2s). Any ideas on standard shafts and lofts as yet?

Thanks in advance.

Robert Sellman


The new irons will be released on a worldwide basis later this year.  Complete product details, including stock shafts and specifications, will be available on your local market Titleist site early this fall.

Robert Sellman

Does the release of a new line of irons from Titleist mean that there will be a price drop from the previous iron sets such as the first AP2s or the combo blades?