Soren Hansen Puts the New MB and CB Irons to the Test

Posted: August 4, 2009

Titleist Brand Ambassador Søren Hansen made a brief detour as he traveled from his home in Monaco to this week's World Golf Championships - Bridgestone Invitational. Søren and Titleist Tour Leadership representative for the PGA European Tour Mattias Jelver paid a visit to Acushnet Company's World Headquarters in Fairhaven, Mass. In addition to saying hello and spreading some goodwill among Titleist and FootJoy employees, Søren and Mattias booked an appointment to visit the Acushnet Company Testing Facility where a set each of Titleist's new MB and CB irons, built to Søren's specifications, awaited him. Click the photo gallery below for an insider's look at Søren's fitting and the new MB and CB irons.

Søren Hansen tests the new MB and CB irons

Søren has played a set of 670 irons for many years and has been reluctant to switch out of the traditional blades. Søren is a wonderful iron player and he relies greatly on his ability to properly flight and work his iron shots. The feel and feedback that the muscle back 670 irons have provided is also something that Søren can't sacrifice. Mattias, however, having seen prototypes of the new MB and CB irons, knew that the time was right to get Søren back on the proving grounds.

Several players in the U.S. have already put the new irons in the bag, including Titleist Brand Ambassador Greg Chalmers, who used a full set of CB irons en route to his best performance of the season, a runner-up finish at last week's Buick Open. At the Acushnet Test Facility, Søren compared the new irons to his own and against one another, utilizing a Trackman Launch Monitor and the expertise of Acushnet U.S. Player Research representatives Karen Gray, Jeff Beyers, Alex Stimpson and James Kroeger.

At the end of his session, Søren fit beautifully into the new irons, but he was left with two difficult decisions. The first dilemma was whether to mix 3- and 4- CB irons into his set, or 3-, 4- and 5- (he hit the MB 5-iron nearly identically to the CB 5-iron, but the CB moved through the turf a little easier for him). The second (and more difficult) question in Søren's mind was whether to put the new irons straight in the bag for the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational (Mattias has promised us an update from Akron).

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Robert Sellman

Can you explain to me what "offset" is and how it works?

Robert Sellman

Are these a traditional blade like the 690MB or are they a modern blade like the ZM?  I play the 690MB and they are close to worn out and I will need to replace them soon, but I will only play a traditional blade that is as close as possible to the 690MB.  I never liked the look of the topline and larger head on the Z series.

Also will these blades be available with the 2009 grooves or will they only be available with the 2010 grooves?

Robert Sellman


Not exactly sure what you mean by "traditional blade" versus "modern blade." The new MB irons are designed to be high performance muscle back irons with improved feel, classic looks, and superior shot control for the highly skilled golfer.  The MBs feature V-grooves that will conform to the new USGA/R&A regulations, as do the vast majority of prior generation Titleist irons, including the 690MB.

Robert Sellman


Offset is the distance from the front of the club's hosel to the front of the clubface at its centerpoint.  Offset affects the moment of impact of the golf ball during the swing (i.e., a club with offset will impact the ball later than a club with no offset, other things being equal).

Robert Sellman

Will Titleist offer a 2 iron in the new 670 mb's?

Robert Sellman

By traditional I mean a small head with a very thin topline.   I'm hoping these new Titleist blades will be closer in design to the 660, 670, 681 and 690 designs of the past.

Is it possible to get a new set of 690mb heads from the custom shop?

Robert Sellman

Are you bringing out new scottys and metals anytime soon?

Robert Sellman

From the pics it looks as if the new MB set has a wider sole for better turf interaction. Is this true or is this the pics at a weird angle? The CB set looks the same. Just having a wider sole is stepping away from the traditional players set but might be a good idea to have a blade with a wider sole on the longer irons and on the shorter irons making the sole even thinner. A few companies have gone to this and it has not worked but if anyone can we know Titleist can.. I cant wait  for me CB's!!  84 DAYS 8 hours till I get my set if they come out November 1st. I have just returned from my Titleist fitting  and I have a 909D3 with a PX 7A3 shaft and 909f3 in 15º and 18º  and a 909H in 21º  and we ordered and full set of 710 CB's 4-9 and Vokey wedges 48º, 56º and 60º. All the woods and hybrids have PX Tour issue shafts and I have Tour isse DGX-100 in all my irons and S400's in my wedges. Great day today. I TITleist for life. AND a New staff bag. LOVIN IT

Robert Sellman

A prior post talked about the new irons having v grooves.  Are the current ap2's v grooves or square grooves and will they be outlawed next year with the new laws.

Robert Sellman


Can you tell me what exactly a "wedge flex" stock vokey shaft comes out to in comparison to an s300 or x100?