910 Metals Introduced on Tour

Posted: June 21, 2010

How better to celebrate the first day of summer (or, more fittingly, the longest day of the year) than with an exclusive first look at the new Titleist 910 line of metal woods?

We have begun testing and seeding the 910 metal line this week at the Acushnet Oceanside Test Facility in California.  We will continue to test and fit players into the 910 metals on the PGA Tour at next week's AT&T National tournament, outside Philadelphia. 

Effective today, June 21, the 910 drivers are approved for play in competition, and we anticipate several being put in play on the PGA Tour in the coming weeks.

Click the photo below to view images of the new 910 metals from the Oceanside Test Facility.

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Robert Sellman

Once again Titleist has the competition chasin' their coat tails !! Titleist just widened the gap from the nearest competitor and set a new level in research and performance. Bravo !

Robert Sellman

I'll take a D3 910, 7.5* with a Diamana White board 73x. Thanks.

Robert Sellman

Cant believe I just bought a new 909 d2 and then see these, why didnt i just wait another couple of months!

Robert Sellman

I'm so excited ahh yeah

Robert Sellman

Titleist always make the best and nice club.....

Specialy for serious golfer


Robert Sellman

I would really like to have the privelige to test these out myself!!!!!!!!!

Jake W

These are absolutely beautiful.  I will be buying these without a doubt.  Anticipating their release.  Keep up the spectacular work Titleist!

Neil D


When will the new range be avalible to the public


Robert Sellman

hI all:    I really don't like the adjustable head.   So sad  here it goes    

Michael W

Will these be adjustable, or are these just for fitting purposes? I'm fine either way. It's probably better for me if they aren't adjustable. I'd be inclined to tinker with them too often.