Titleist 910 Drivers, Fairway Metals and Hybrids: Your Questions Answered

Posted: October 14, 2010

As we close in on the mid-November launch date for the new Titleist 910 drivers we have received a lot of great questions during the course of the past couple of months, so we decided to go to the experts to get the answers.  Chris McGinley, vice president of golf club marketing recently sat down to provide some more insight into the design of the new Titleist 910 family, tour-player response, features and benefits among other topics.  

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What were the overall goals Titleist wanted to achieve with the design and construction of the 910 Metals?
Our goal is to always improve the overall product performance versus the prior generation and for 910 we specifically wanted to add our SureFit Tour hosel technology to be able to more precisely fit golfers for metal woods.  With the new 910 drivers we wanted to improve speed and stability.  Speed provides greater distance potential and stability improves shot control and essentially that is what golfers want from a driver, distance and shot control.  We improved speed through a new fast face insert design and stability through weight distribution improvements made to the crown and rear bezel weight.  In combination with our new SureFit Tour technology we have created our best performing driver heads with an ability to fit them more precisely.

What do Titleist's tour players think about 910?
The tour acceptance speaks for itself.  In less than three months since the seeding process began, over 100 players across the worldwide professional tours have transitioned into the new 910 driver, and secured a combined eight victories.  It is by far our most successful and quickest conversion of players in the Titleist driver category to date, and that is due to the total performance and precision fit that the 910 drivers deliver.

Why do you think the 910 driver has been picked up so quickly on tour?
It’s the combination of the performance of the head and the ability to better fit players through our SureFit Tour hosel technology.   We call the SureFit Tour technology "tour-van-in-a-hosel" because its design was inspired by the bending, shafting and weighting of metals that used to occur only within our tour vans.  With SureFit Tour we now have the power of a tour van right at the point of fitting.  It's faster and more effective and players walk away with a better golf club. 

What are the performance differences between the D2 and D3 driver models? What kind of player will be best-suited to which club?
The base performance differences of the 910D2 and 910D3 are similar to prior models.  The 910D2 is larger at 460cc and offers more forgiveness.  The 910D3 is smaller with a deep face at 445c and offers additional shot and trajectory control.  With the powerful adjustability offered by SureFit Tour we don't really characterize one club as being better suited for a certain player type.  The best way to find the best one for you is to be custom fit.

What's the reason behind the decision not to release a 'DComp' version this time around?
The 909DComp driver used a composite crown designed to move weight lower and deeper thus improving the CG location.  The new 910 drivers use ultra-thin casting technology to create a thinner titanium crown which accomplishes the same thing in a more efficient single material construction.

What was the thinking behind the F and Fd fairways and what are the differences between them?
The new 910 fairway line comes out of direct feedback from the tour and our serious golfer target audience.  Some players want and need a versatile, all around fairway metal that performs well in a variety of different lie and turf conditions.  The new 910F is just such a club and is our best performing fairway metal to date.   Some players hit their fairway metal more from the tee than the turf which led directly to the design of the Fd.  The new 910 Fd with its larger, deeper face provides enhanced performance and stability from the tee, but also works off the deck.

How has Titleist been able to design such high-performing clubs without jeopardizing the look?
Our audience demands overall performance including ball flight, looks, feel and sound.  We pay attention to each of these areas with every club we design.

Why has it taken until now for Titleist to become involved in adjustable face/hosel technology? Why is its entry into the market different from other brands?
Our SureFit Tour hosel technology comes directly from improving the fitting processes a player goes through when being fit for a metal.  We studied these processes and how they were being done on tour first - bending, shafting and weighting - and made them more efficient and precise.  Being first to market does not mean being better.  We developed a truly better system and are now bringing it to market.

How does the SureFit Tour system work?
SureFit Tour uses what we call dual angle technology which allows loft and lie to be independently adjusted and set to optimize performance and ball flight.  We can enhance or correct left-to-right ball flight and enhance or correct launch and spin to provide the best trajectory.  The ability to do these things independently is our competitive advantage.  The SureFit Tour system features a hosel sleeve with four settings and a specially designed ring with four settings.  The combination of these two angled components produces four lie angle and four loft angle settings for a matrix of 16 unique loft and lie combinations.

How does SureFit Tour make it easier for serious golfers and pros to get clubs that are custom fit for them? How will it make a difference on tour?
SureFit Tour brings a new level of precision to metals fitting.  The system is intuitive and easy to use once properly educated.  A trained fitter can find the setting that truly optimizes ball flight.  Our tour players have commented that finding that setting gives them more confidence and our tour counts and early performance success validates that the system works.

How will people know which setting is the best for them, for example, if their swing should change?
We strongly recommend working with a trained fitter to find your best SureFit Tour hosel setting.  The power of the SureFit Tour system is that it allows for very precise changes with the option to return to the standard setting or the initial fit setting.  If a player is working on swing changes they can always go back to a trained fitter after their initial fit to try different settings under the watchful eye of an expert.

What kind of potential does the SureFit Tour system have for helping people customize their metals and can you give us any hints as to where the system might take us next?
SureFit Tour brings a new level of precision to metals fitting.  Our goal and promise is to continue to make the system more robust and effective to help serious golfers play better.  The system is intuitive and easy to use once a fitter is properly educated.  A trained fitter can find the setting that truly optimizes ball flight. 

Can you explain the bezel weight feature and what it does?
We used the bezel weight in combination with the thinner crown and lower rear crown profile to improve the weight distribution which in turn improves stability.  The added stability results in longer distance and less dispersion on off-center hits.

Can you buy bezel weights to adjust your clubs? 
We will be offering an aftermarket weight kit with 2,5,7,9, and 12g weights.  These weights can be changed by using the wrench provided with the purchase of each 910 metal.  The weights are targeted at those players that want to change the feel and/or swingweight of their club.

What can we next look forward to from Titleist?
Our goal is to continue to push the envelope when it comes to providing our players, both professionals and amateurs, with equipment that delivers total performance and a precision fit.  You can expect to continue to see metals and iron products that deliver on that message.

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I very excited about these products and as always you seem to done the home and are delivery - as always - a top quality and innovative product.  I am particularly compelled to hear more about the sure fit effect on the Fairway woods and the hybrid clubs.  I think that could really be VERY interesting.  Both types of clubs  are very important clubs and I honestly have never been fitted for those clubs - I am for Driver and Iron.  

Could you elaborate a bit more on the pros and your experience with the surefit system on the fairway woods and hybrids?

Also, regarding shafts.  Can I for example get sure fit for Attas Int shafts?  I recently changed to the ATTAS shaft for one of Titleist drivers and I love impact it have had.

Thanks - keep up for great R&D and the great communication.  

PS great online / viral launch campaign brilliant - all credits. ;-)

Richard F

I found that the information was very interesting and I am very impressed with the product line.

Chip B

I hit the 910 9.5 with a YS-6 stiff shaft at Manchester Lane golf ball testing center. Get your order in early cause Titleist has another winner. The fairways and hybrids look great too.


It sounds like another great Titleist product. Looks really good also!


I usually do not hit many fairway woods off the tee and would like to be able to get the fairway woods on a higher launch angle off the ground to gain more distance.  Of course I do not also want to add significantly more spin and cause "ballooning". Guess it sounds like I want the best of all worlds  ---  well I guess I do.  Also, recently, I saw an article which said most amateurs hit 4 woods farther off the turf than 3 woods due to higher launch and longer flight.  Again, I would like advice on the best of all worlds based on my information about getting a medium trajectory on my best and highest shots from the fairway.


I would like information on available shafts in the new drivers and fairway woods.


looking forward to giving it a try.  played today with my 909 and still really like it.  i am like most players though if there i any chance i can improve i will give it a try.  still like the 909 though.  

Jim W

Looks great, where and when will a demo day happen.

Mike M

I have played  Titleist metals and wedges for many years now, and my 909 driver and fairway metals are about my 10th generation Titileist. But in today's economy, I'm not going to order a new 910 set sight unseen. I belong to two private clubs,  MPCC and LAGCC. One does not do Titleist demo days, and the other  has none scheduled in the forseeable future. So there's no way for me to demo the Titleist clubs.

How can I hit the 910 driver and hybrid clubs? I don't need a fitting, I just need to  test the clubs before I buy. You clubmakers are leaving huge amounts of sales $ on the table by not providing demo clubs or demo days!


Why the 910 model number?  The recent naming scheme (905, 907, 909)  would suggest that 911 would be the new model?

Gary R

Can't wait to try one.