Live Chat with Master Craftsman Bob Vokey! Your Questions Answered

Posted: November 5, 2010

Do you ever wonder what inspires Master Craftsman Bob Vokey while behind the wheel working on the perfect grind for his next wedge?

After sticking a shot close with your trusty Vokey wedge, do you ponder how all of the elements of club design worked in perfect harmony with your swing?

Do you want to know how “The Voke” comes up with his masterpieces?

Well, we’ve got some great news for you…

The one and only Bob Vokey will be answering questions during a live webcast on Tuesday, Nov. 16, at 6 p.m. EST (3 p.m. PST), with our friends over at GolfWRX. (Click here to go to GolfWRX for more details.)

And before “The Voke” goes live, we are giving members of Vokey Nation and Team Titleist the chance to have their questions answered first.  

Next week, we’ll be stopping by WedgeWorks, our high performance custom shop in Carlsbad, Calif., for a little fireside chat (minus the fire) with Bob, made up entirely of your questions and his answers.

He won’t be able to answer them all, so make sure your question is a good one – Bob is going to handpick the ones he answers.

And by the way, if your question is picked, you’ll also receive a special gift from Bob and the Vokey Wedges Team. (Hint: You can wear it on your head.)

Simply post your question in the comments section below we’ll take care of the rest.*

*Please note: The Voke has finished reading all of your questions and has chosen the ones he is going to answer. He thanks everyone for the overwhelming response and looks forward to answering more of your questions in the near future. Stay tuned for Bob's answers later this week right here on Team Titleist!


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Todd S

The best wedges I've played was a set of Vokey 200 Series. 254.10 & 260.06 in the Raw Finish from a few years ago.

My question is why that Raw Finish was removed from the Vokey lineup, and whether it will ever come back to the marketplace (specifically for Left Handers!), since it appears from the photos on GolfWRX that a lot (if not most) of the PGA Tour players still play the Raw Finish. Thank you.

Todd Sturgis.

Larry M


     I've gamed your wedges in Tour Chrome, Black Nickle & Oil can.  I really like the Black Nickle!

 Will we see that finish in the wedge works?  & Do you have any plans on doing a Copper plated series? I'd love to watch the shiny copper develop to a rich patina on my Voke's

Hope to hear from you!


Scott P

Do all tour pro's carry a Lob Wedge and should I have one in my bag? I'm a 3 handicap.

A.J. B

In your opinion when it comes to choosing/playing wedges, which is more important, the bounce or the grind of the wedge? Also, does this change if wedges are added subtracted from your bag? (i.e. 2,3, or 4 wedges)  

Greg C

We know club fitting is important. But when it comes to wedges that can be utilized in many different ways are there any different or additional aspects that should be consider than just loft, lie, length and bounce?

Kevin C

I have a question of a very technical nature.

Mr Vokey, you have always been one of the good guys out there, and a wonderful gentleman. You have always had time for the little guy like me, and I really appreciate it. My question: How are you? How are you feeling? You look great!


Bob H

Will adding additional legal groves on the face of the wedge increase the spin of the ball?

andrew w

Dear Mr Vokey, When designing a wedge what do you feel is more important in the design phase; the face and grove layout or the bottom edge/back cavity.

Club Champion


Mr Vokey.

With the way clubs are changing these days to match the ever increasing talents of the  younger players. How do you keep up with picking the right technologies to match the players? (New metals, grinds, etc.)

Kevin N


Some teachers promote hitting bunker shots with the sandwedge face open. More recently, I have seen many teachers recommend that the wedge be played square. Both theories argue that it is the way the bounce on the wedge was meant to be used. Any thoughts you have might help me at least stick to one method.