Live Chat with Master Craftsman Bob Vokey! Your Questions Answered

Posted: November 5, 2010

Do you ever wonder what inspires Master Craftsman Bob Vokey while behind the wheel working on the perfect grind for his next wedge?

After sticking a shot close with your trusty Vokey wedge, do you ponder how all of the elements of club design worked in perfect harmony with your swing?

Do you want to know how “The Voke” comes up with his masterpieces?

Well, we’ve got some great news for you…

The one and only Bob Vokey will be answering questions during a live webcast on Tuesday, Nov. 16, at 6 p.m. EST (3 p.m. PST), with our friends over at GolfWRX. (Click here to go to GolfWRX for more details.)

And before “The Voke” goes live, we are giving members of Vokey Nation and Team Titleist the chance to have their questions answered first.  

Next week, we’ll be stopping by WedgeWorks, our high performance custom shop in Carlsbad, Calif., for a little fireside chat (minus the fire) with Bob, made up entirely of your questions and his answers.

He won’t be able to answer them all, so make sure your question is a good one – Bob is going to handpick the ones he answers.

And by the way, if your question is picked, you’ll also receive a special gift from Bob and the Vokey Wedges Team. (Hint: You can wear it on your head.)

Simply post your question in the comments section below we’ll take care of the rest.*

*Please note: The Voke has finished reading all of your questions and has chosen the ones he is going to answer. He thanks everyone for the overwhelming response and looks forward to answering more of your questions in the near future. Stay tuned for Bob's answers later this week right here on Team Titleist!


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Thomas V

Bob, First off Thanks for your creative engineering that led to most trusted wedges in golf. I was wondering what kinds of design challenges are presented when creating a wedge that meets the exacting demands of a touring pro, but has the forgiveness and playability for the weekend golfer? Are there special considerations that you have to take for the professional that you need to adapt to the amateur? I understand there are certain compromises that one must make for workability versus forgiveness, can you describe that process for me. Thank you very much!

earl t

Bob,which is better for bunker shots around the green-56 or 60 degree wedge with the grooves that you have now on your Vokey wedges?

Robert Sellman

Mr. Vokey, I love your wedges and the personalization you put into every single one. I have a one of a kind TVD and have had numerous hole outs, it is my favorite club in the bag. Im not a tour player and don't have the access they do, I was wondering if you ever thought about doing a refinish center/ customization shop kind of like scotty is doing. All I want is a clean TVD with plenty of grooves, so I can continue to get those crisp hole out shots. Thanks  


I like the feel of the AP2 irons with the low center of gravity.  I play Vokey wedges (52/56/60 degree) and I was wondering if you plan on placing weight low in the heads to simulate the feel of the irons?

Kris L

In one word (if possible) what could  summize your design philosophy?


My question to Mr. Vokey would be this. It's a multiple question but here goes: When choosing a finish for your wedges, do you consider the Sun it's blinding glare? If so why or what is the reason for even having a wedge with a shinny chrome finish? To me it just makes common sense to have a Satin,Raw, or Black colored wedge. I'd love to hear your opinion on this as we know there are lots of players playing Chrome plated wedges on tour. Aslo what is your personal favorite finish on the wedges you make for your own bag?

Thanks, Tim

PS: I also submitted this at as well.

Robert Sellman

Mr. Vokey,

I'd like to start off by saying that I'm a big fan and your wedges are a big part of my being able to break through to the other side of zero (+2.5) in handicap. My question is: What is your farvorite part of fitting a wedge or set of wedges to a player? Is it the loft combinations? Tinkering with the bounce? I'd be interested to know!

Play well,


Will Parsons

Mr. Vokey,  I have two of your wedges in my bag and really like them.  I learned to play golf before lob wedges became popular and still find it easier to use a mid loft (53 or 54 degree) wedge for many shots around the green. With a mid-loft wedge I can open the face different amounts for different shots.  If I try to use a lob wedge instead, I tend to leave the ball short of the hole.  Can you give any advice on how I can use a lob wedge more effectively for many of these same shots?  

Stuart M

With all of the different wedges on the market what is your goal for making your Titleist  wedges better  than all the competitors?


First of all the Vokey wedges are fantanbulous! My only complaint is that I notice dents & nockes on the grooves. I also notice a little rusting on the grooves.  I only get to play once ( rarely twice) per week. I'm sure that this should not happen being that I bought the 50/56/60 degree wedges just 6 months ago. What can I do to protect the clubs from this continuing to happen?