PGA Show: Ask Michael Breed a Question

Posted: January 27, 2011

Team Titleist is headed to Orlando, Fla., this week for the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show, and we are especially excited about the opportunity to spend some time with Titleist Advisory Staff Member Michael Breed – the Head PGA Professional at Sunningdale Country Club in Scarsdale, N.Y., host of Golf Channel's popular golf instructional show, "The Golf Fix," and one of golf's leading instructors.

Michael, a longtime Titleist Advisory Staff member who has been instrumental in Titleist's Golf Ball Education, Selection and Fitting initiative, traveled to China recently to share his ideas and teaching philosophy with 60 of the country's top golf instructors and coaches at the first-ever Titleist Golf Coaches Forum in China.

On Friday, he will take some time out from his busy schedule at the PGA Merchandise Show to answer questions submitted exclusively from members of Team Titleist.

Michael will be selecting his favorite questions to answer, so reply to this post with your best question and check back later this weekend to see if yours was picked. Thanks!

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Robert Sellman

Explain to me why when I play well that I have a lower ball flight than when I play poorly and hit the ball much higher.  

Robert Sellman

Does the outside temp play a factor on what ball to play. I am from MN and the summer temp varies alot throughout the golf season. I play a Pro VI  and was just wondering. Thank You.

Robert Sellman

With all of the technology going into today's drivers, how does one know what the best fit is?  For example, the length of the shafts seem to be getting longer, the loft can be adjusted, the angle can be adjusted, etc, etc.  How should one go about getting fit for one? Help!

Robert Sellman

When can we expect new irons in the AP series? They came out in 2009, I know there was a slight update in 2010 but was hoping to see "AP3's" this year...

Robert Sellman

Michael, I'm playing in my first Gateway Tour event in a couple weeks. I know i have the game to compete with those guys, when i play MY GAME. So my question is do you have any advice for me to stay focused on playing MY GAME and not getting caught up and not believing in myself

Robert Sellman

Hi  Michael,

I routinely hit off of a practice mat into a net in my basement with my irons.  I feel like it has helped me make consistant contact with the ball during the winter months.  However I sometimes have a slice with my longer irons.  Because I can't tell what the ball flight would look like.  Is there anything I can do to tell if this practice is accentuating my slice.  I would hate to be contibuting to pre-exsisting bad habits.



Robert Sellman


Living in Naples, FL. and dealing with this bermuda grass, what advice do you have for chipping into the grain?



Robert Sellman

Hi Michael,

I live in Vancouver BC Canada.  I heard that the greens here are generally slower than hotter places like Florida.  Is it because of weather or just because of different type of grass? or Both?

If so, should I choose a heavier putter?  Or if the weight of the putter just a personal preference?



Michael - really like "The Golf Fix" and your insights and tips.  How do you come up with the unique ideas and use of tools (like showing the putting stroke example with the tennis racket and soccer ball)?  Those examples really help to break down and simplify the lessons.

Robert Sellman

Hi Michael,

I am a scratch golfer but I tend to struggle with sliding abit too much on the downswing and swinging abit too much from inside out causing thin or hooked shots.  Are there any drills to help correct this and promote a proper path? Thanks! Love the show

mark Abildgaard Loma linda ca