PGA Show: Ask Michael Breed a Question

Posted: January 27, 2011

Team Titleist is headed to Orlando, Fla., this week for the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show, and we are especially excited about the opportunity to spend some time with Titleist Advisory Staff Member Michael Breed – the Head PGA Professional at Sunningdale Country Club in Scarsdale, N.Y., host of Golf Channel's popular golf instructional show, "The Golf Fix," and one of golf's leading instructors.

Michael, a longtime Titleist Advisory Staff member who has been instrumental in Titleist's Golf Ball Education, Selection and Fitting initiative, traveled to China recently to share his ideas and teaching philosophy with 60 of the country's top golf instructors and coaches at the first-ever Titleist Golf Coaches Forum in China.

On Friday, he will take some time out from his busy schedule at the PGA Merchandise Show to answer questions submitted exclusively from members of Team Titleist.

Michael will be selecting his favorite questions to answer, so reply to this post with your best question and check back later this weekend to see if yours was picked. Thanks!

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Robert Sellman

Michael I'm practicing my swing indoors because we have 3 ft of snow on the ground in NH and I want to know how can I tell if I have my club in in the proper swing plane? Not too steep and not to flat?


Peter J

Mark A

Hi Michael

could you help me with not sliding as I start my downswing and then creating too much of an inside out swingpath?  It seems to cause hooks and thin golf shots n I'd love a drill to create the proper path.

Thanks love the show!

Mark loma Linda ca

Robert Sellman

can you give me a tip on cadding or tips so i can be better for my pro

Robert Sellman

Hello! Here's an issue...I am 53 and have played since I was 10.  I practiced high lobs before there was a name for them.  I achieved great hight, high swing speed and dead stopping action.  Now, I realize that my "magic move" was to snap the bleep out of my wrists at impact.  Problem:  I have incorporated this into my regular pitching and chipping.  I am trying to deaden my wrists and make the chips more of a stiff arm action. QUESTION:  "To wrist or not to wrist?  How and when can I use each, and how do I learn the stiff armed chip?  My lob swing works great out of the traps.



Robert Sellman

I'm a 12 handicap and can shoot an 80 or 95 depending on the day. I have a good swing but my real problem is consistant tempo and getting all the way through to my left side. What is the best drill and/or drills that will help? Mr. Frustrated!

Robert Sellman

Mr. Breed-

Last year I made the investment and was custom fitted for Titleist AP2 irons, Love them! The fitting resulted in 1/2 inch of the shaft length and 2 degrees flat lie. I then went to a PGA Pro instructor for lessons and after retooling my swing, he said that he wouldn't have shortened the shafts. Now that my swing is different (and getting better) from when I was originally fitted, would you advise going back to standard lenght shafts (Project x 5.5). I'm a 5 ft. 4 inch. male. Also, just played Bay Hill in early January...met Mr. Rosaforte and Mr. Palmer...very nice people. Thanks, Christopher

Robert Sellman

My misses are thin...Can you give me a drill to practice trapping the ball ?

Robert Sellman


Can you explain something to me. I recently received Golf Digest in the mail, and I have been going through their hot list of new clubs and sets for 2011. One thing I have noticed it that in the club sets, the loft angles vary so much. I have notice one set a PW was at 44 degrees instead of the traditional 48 degrees. Can you explain why companies are doing this?

Thank you

Robert Sellman

For a senior golfer with a slow tempo swing, what is the best choice for shafts?

Robert Sellman

When selecting a golf ball which is more important - the feel and roll off the putter or the results off the club face of your wedges?