PGA Show: Ask Michael Breed a Question

Posted: January 27, 2011

Team Titleist is headed to Orlando, Fla., this week for the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show, and we are especially excited about the opportunity to spend some time with Titleist Advisory Staff Member Michael Breed – the Head PGA Professional at Sunningdale Country Club in Scarsdale, N.Y., host of Golf Channel's popular golf instructional show, "The Golf Fix," and one of golf's leading instructors.

Michael, a longtime Titleist Advisory Staff member who has been instrumental in Titleist's Golf Ball Education, Selection and Fitting initiative, traveled to China recently to share his ideas and teaching philosophy with 60 of the country's top golf instructors and coaches at the first-ever Titleist Golf Coaches Forum in China.

On Friday, he will take some time out from his busy schedule at the PGA Merchandise Show to answer questions submitted exclusively from members of Team Titleist.

Michael will be selecting his favorite questions to answer, so reply to this post with your best question and check back later this weekend to see if yours was picked. Thanks!

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Robert Sellman

Hi Michael,

Is the down swing initiated with the lower body and do the arms, hands, and club just go along for the ride?


Robert Sellman

Michael....I'm wondering if you or any of your clients have ever dealt with Tendinitis (tennis elbow) and if so, what you've done or would suggest doing to cure this irritating/painful ailment. I'm a low single digit handicap golfer and although we're mid winter here in the North East, golf season is right around the corner and I want to be able to play & practice pain free. Thanks in advance for your input.

Robert Sellman

Mickael, I am a 4.8 index handicap, my problem is hitting greens consitantly.  When I practice I seem to be able to get the ball on my target line, however, when on the course my tendency is to either over cut or draw the ball. Usually just enough to miss by only a few yards.  Do you have a drill of swing thought to stay focused on the ball and the swing rather than the results/target.  Thanks, James Long 817-573-9411  Granbury Texas, Nutcracker Golf Club

Robert Sellman

Mike - Why so much controversy surrounding the "Stack & Tilt" method?  Doesn't it make sense that less upper body motion equals a better chance for more consistent ball contact?

Robert Sellman

Love watching you on the Golf Channel, and love my Titleist equipment, 909s and AP2s.  

I have a perpetual problem with coming over the top with my downswing, creating a slice, some days worse than others, some days I am hitting it straight, never a draw.  

What is the best drill to cure this.  

PS-I am having all my clubs "Pured" to eliminate that excuse.

Robert Sellman


I have always wondered how do you teach someone to keep their front foot planted on the back swing?   i.e........Freddy Couples, not like say a Jack Nicklaus swing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Jay Lavigne



Robert Sellman

how can you bring your practice swing from the driving range to the course

Robert Sellman

Do you have a good practise drill for the short 20-30yard chip shots to a green?

Robert Sellman

Mike, i am a right handed golfer, I had my right knee replaced last year. what can I do to forget about it during my swing to help me regain some distance that I have lsot?

Robert Sellman

I enjoy your show on Golf Channel.  I am a fair golfer 7.7 index golfer.  I find my biggest problem is I wrap the club instead of stopping when I turn.  Chipping and putting save my game.  I have a hard time with my irons.

Thanks for your help