Do you have a 910 fairway or hybrid question? Ask Team Titleist.

Posted: February 14, 2011

With the recent release of the Titleist 910F, 910Fd and 910H, serious golfers everywhere are experiencing the Total Performance and Precision Fit of the complete line of 910 metals as we take long game performance and fitting to a new level. 

The revolutionary 910 fairway metals and hybrids feature the fastest, most stable head designs Titleist has ever created, as well as the new SureFit Tour (SFT) dual-angle hosel.  SFT is innovative, patented technology that allows the loft and lie to be independently adjusted and set to provide golfers an unrivalled level of fitting precision previously available only on the major professional tours.

We will be sitting down with the team of product experts at our golf club facility in Carlsbad, California later this week to pick their brains about these revolutionary new clubs and ask them a few questions from Team Titleist members. 

Send in your questions by submitting a comment below and make it a good one.  The club team will be selecting a few of their favorites to answer, so check back soon to see if your question is answered.

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Robert Sellman

Why can't a find a 910 5 wood?

Robert Sellman

Why are u not putting x flex in stock hybrid?  Fitting carts don't have X flex shafts in them. Why?_

Robert Sellman

I'm switching to 910s throughout the bag. I'm getting the 10.5 910D2 & 910F and already have AP2s up to 4i. Which hybrid combo do you recommend? If I go for 19/21 and only have 2 degrees gap in loft is there a way the SFT can be set up to ensure you feel there is a discernible difference? Or go for the 17/21 and set up the SFT to soften the 17 to not overlap with the 3W? Help!

Brent W

I am going to purchase a Hybrid and would like to hear why I should go with the 910 and not the Pro Black.

Brent W

I have a Titleist 5 wood 18* it is my 225 to 245 club. What loft Hybrid would I use for a 205 to 220 yard shot

Edward C

@edcolemangolf I came across the new true loft of the 910's once adjusted. Is it on the site, thanks.

Robert Sellman

Why is the SFT wrench not included in the fairway woods?  Also, are the stock Diamana shafts "Made For Titleist" or are they the actual model?  Lastly, is the stock Project X shaft a good choice for mid-launch, low spin shots?

Robert Sellman

Will adjusting the loft via SFT affect turf interaction in any way?  If so, how?  Thanks!

Andy J

I ordered a 910D3 at a green-grass fitting in November and specified 45" length and D4 swingweight (RIP 60 shaft, and Golf Pride Decade MC grip, which usually makes the swingweight higher actually ).  The club I received is the correct length but the swingweight is only D1.5.  How can I get the correct weight screw (and what gram weight would it be) to bring the swingweight to the desired target?  

Robert Sellman

I know this will sound elementary, but how do I equate the lofts on the new 910 hybrids with my current 2, 3 and 4 irons?